Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is not restricted to classic SEO-promotion. This is a comprehensive service with a number of online activities in marketing and advertising. Marketing services of this kind are aimed at attracting the target audience (TA) from search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex) and other channels. Target audience means all users interested in the offered services or products at the definite period.

Traffic growth by its target audience is the main task to be solved by SEM.


SEM (search engine marketing) services by SEOTM offer a set of tools and technologies:

  • analysis of a niche and commercial indicators; 

  • website technical audit;

  • internal content marketing;

  • SEO (search engine optimization) and search promotion;

  • PPC (contextual advertising);

  • external content marketing;

  • project constant development. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is aimed at improving website internal factors, like listing position growth, website TOP rank in search results. Website search engine optimization works (SEO) are performed aiming at conversions growth, increasing the traffic from search engines, attracting new target users. 

There are various factors influencing effectiveness of online marketing, including search engine promotion. It may become one of the most reliable tools of Internet marketing. More than 80% of website visitors are obtained from search engines. In case the website position in the search results is higher, it will attract and more unique targeted users. When searching in engines, 100% of users click on the first three web page links, 20-50% go up to the tenth link, only 10-20% get to the second page.

Efficient search engine marketing strategies include contextual ad tools (PPC), focused respectfully on attracting only targeted audiences. 

Our approach in search engine marketing is flexible. Our methods are comprehensive. We make use of every opportunity for promotion acting within online promotional strategy framework. This leads to the synergy effect and allows achieving greater results and efficiency. 

We have diverse competencies, resources and a 10-year experience in Internet marketing as well as a strong technical expertise. This allows us to coordinate and perform the scope of works in a variety of areas.

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Project Team

Our team works within well-coordinated processes for high effectiveness and good results. Our core specialists ensure professionalism performing the following functions: 

  • Project Manager (organizes the work on the project)

  • Semantics (selects search queries)

  • Copywriter (prepares text content)

  • SEO-expert (provides website optimization and promotion works)

  • SEO-curator of the project (develops a promotion strategy)

  • Programmer (conducts technical works on the site)

  • PPC specialist (ensures contextual advertising campaigns)

  • Analyst (analyzes promotion work results).


We start the procedure with the works brief, collecting and discussing project details, customer’s tasks and goals. To identify more precisely guidelines, strategies and tools, we dive into the client’s activity. Our specialists prepare a cost calculation and a quotation with a 3-months work plan within 1-3 working days. 

Request your free consultation by filling out the special form and our SEOTM team will prepare the offer of your marketing strategy and cost calculation at short notice. 

  1. 1
    Request. Tasks and Goals
  2. 2
    Diving into business. Analysis
  3. 3
    Strategy and tools
  4. 4
    Semantics. Cost calculation
  5. 5
    Planning and work launching 

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Values %
Application. Targets and goals 10
Diving into Business. Analysys 30
Strategy and tools 50
Semantics. Costing 80
Planning and launch of works 90