Custom Website Development From Scratch

Web design is a part of our agency’s core competency. We provide custom eCommerce website development services that include building complex websites with personal user accounts and setting up backend APIs services for your mobile apps. We create and develop high-converting websites that give your business an edge and get them to the top of Google.

We can either fully manage your project or offer technical support to the client-side team.

An Integrated Approach to Website Development

It takes 10 seconds for a user to determine whether he will stay on the site or leave it. That is why we create websites with a clear value proposition, paying attention to both visual appeal and usability. We will tailor our custom website development services to your needs by setting up your servers, using the caching functionality, optimizing the page loading speed and testing it with Google PageSpeed Insights, generating unique and valuable web content, and building linear and simple structures for website organization.

  1. 1
    Professional web development
    Turnkey project implementation from the ground up. Integration with third-party services. Reliable and modern technologies.
  2. 2
    Modern design
    Unique web design that integrates the latest trends and proven solutions. Logo design. UX/UI design.
  3. 3
    Effective marketing
    SEO at the website development stage with fine-tuning of analytical systems. We provide comprehensive SEO and PPC services, backed by continuous technical support to your project.

With SEOTM, you'll stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind final product. There is no one-size-fits-all solution: We create and implement original projects with novel designs, user-friendly interfaces, and logical organizational structure. Not only do we bring a strong digital presence and brand recognition to your website, but we help you to increase conversion rates. We offer unique, custom web solutions to help grow your business.

Main Stages of Website Development

Business analysis - Market and competitor analysis. SEO structure development. 15
Building a website prototype - Developing a website mockup as a simulation of your final product. 30
Web page design - Creating unique graphics and structure. 45
Website layout design. Web development. Backend development. 60
Cross-browser testing: testing the functionality of your website when accessed through different browsers. 80
Website launch - Uploading website files to a web server. Setting your website live on time. 100

Characteristics of Large-Scale Project Development

When building a corporate website, we will offer custom web solutions that start with a rigorous analysis of your project's goals and business strategies. For our team to lead with confidence, we will do research on your company's business profile with your help. Then after, we will incorporate operational processes relevant to your business into the project to better inform the audience about your company and consequently boost sales.

We will streamline online business processes for you, including the integration of your website with accounting software and the performance of the intranet operating model. We will recommend the best online payment solutions and subsequent payment systems for your eCommerce site. We will give you tips on how to improve website content, and much more.

When creating a website, its mobile version should be considered as the first step in developing a mobile web presence: We will ensure ease of accessibility for all of the website's implemented functions and features on mobile devices without sacrificing download speed or usability for your mobile users.

Website Development Packages and Pricing

  • Landing page

    $2 000

    cost of a custom solution

  • Corporate Website

    $5 000

    cost of a custom solution

  • E-Commerce

    $10 000

    cost of a custom solution

  • Custom Web Application

    $15 000

    cost of a custom solution

  • Laravel PHP developer


    web developer hourly rate

  • WordPress PHP Developer


    web developer hourly rate

  • React Developer


    web developer hourly rate



    web developer hourly rate


Custom Web Development Technologies

SEOTM Digital Agency uses advanced technologies to deliver excellent website development services. The main technologies we use for the website development are:

  • Laravel Framework

    Yii2 Framework


  • React.js



  • MySQL



  • HTML




We work with the following CMS:

Contact us now if you want to:

Create a high-quality website
Benefit from an all-encompassing web design approach
Focus on expanding your online business
Save your time and efforts by benefiting from a dedicated team of 5 assigned for your project.

With SEOTM, your completed website will be set for success!