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“Yes, It Is! — Yii2 represents the newest generation of the Yii web application framework that adopted high performance, the latest technologies, recent protocols, and maximum reusability. Both Yii and Laravel feature powerful toolsets and capabilities, which makes them the two most popular PHP frameworks for web development in Europe. Yii and Laravel always pose a dilemma for PHP developers - whether to pick Yii, if the higher performance is needed, or Laravel, if exceptional functionality, enhanced traffic management, and multiple libraries are required.

Yii2 is currently considered the fastest PHP framework in terms of the shortened development cycle, enabling web developers to rapidly construct trending sites and apps and cover every aspect of the web design process.

Yii2 is a pure OOP (object-oriented programming), open-source PHP framework, designed on the MVC paradigm. It is an efficient, fast, and secure solution to building modern sites. Out-of-the-box software. Perfect for extensive, non-standard projects with complex functionality that need secure and stable work.

Yii2 is mostly used to swiftly build large-scale robust sites and high-traffic applications such as content management systems (CMS), eCommerce projects, portals, or forums. The Yii environment offers exceptional flexibility and the best practices for reusing code in multiple projects.

Yii2 is widely accepted and adopted because of its reliability, simplicity, and security, which make it stand out among other frameworks for web development.

Key Features of Yii2. Why Yii2 is the Best PHP Framework

Yii2 is a full-stack web application framework that offers a number of time-proven key features, including:

  • Innovative database management tools.
  • Internationalization — A set of available tools to develop multilingual apps.
  • Full page and fragment caching.
  • Project work authorization.
  • Yii2 allows the use of third-parties popular libraries.
  • Easy form validation and CRUD feature.
  • Rapid prototyping and production.
  • Yii2 uses an Active Record Pattern to access the data stored in a relational database.
  • Highly extensible. Every component on Yii could be tailored as per the user’s needs.
  • Built-in data display widgets.
  • Simple installation and configuration process.
  • Comfortable debug system.

Let us look at some of the main advantages offered by Yii2:

  • The top advantage of Yii is its component architecture and advanced caching service.
  • Shortened development cycle.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Flexibility.
  • Scalability.
  • High security — Yii2 offers various advanced security features.
  • Huge community support.

The disadvantages of Yii2 PHP Framework are:

  • Slow development of new versions, rare updates.
  • Yii2 has too strong backend-frontend interconnection.
  • It does not support building up multiple relations or running AR queries.
  • No route grouping, which reduces the flexibility of the routing system.
  • Yii requires prior programming experience with PHP and other add-ons. Working on Yii can be challenging for novice programmers.

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Why Use PHP Framework

Yii2 PHP Framework makes it easy to swiftly build effective and modern web apps.

By doing a lot of the labor-intensive work for you, it encourages its users to build secure and testable sites. Most of its features are simple to use as they are, but you can also change any of them to meet specific requirements.

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