Web development based on Yii-framework

Development of complex projects (portals, information portals, news resources, etc. projects) Team of web developers in SEOTM carries out on the Yii PHP Framework platform ("Yes It Is!").

  Why we use Yii-framework

Yii-framework is effective for web development because of


  • Speed (fast apps)
  • High speed of development
  • Usage of design templates
  • Support of different languages
  • Support of diverse databases, has convenient work interfaces
  • Presence of flexible caching tools
  • Convenient authentication and management of accesses on the basis of roles
  • Testing (more than 80% of a code is covered with tests
  • High scalability (opportunity to expand abilities of the project with time without changing a platform)
  • Easily integrates third-party expansions
  • Has huge base of expansions, full integration with Jquery UI "from the box"
  • Allows to divide the appendix into parts client and server and even to carry them on different servers
  • Open source is used by developers in projects worldwide
  • Supports return compatibility between versions
  • Frequent release update
  • Constant updates

Some opportunities of framework

  • Very high performance in comparison with other frameworks and CMS systems
  • MVC paradigm (model-view-controller)
  • Caching pages/sections, separate fragments
  • Interception and error handling, automatic testing
  • Input and form validation
  • Connection of external libraries, use of AJAX and integration with jQuery

Technologies and Yii standards

technologies and standards of yii-framework development

Comparison of Yii with other platforms

Testing results showed the best productivity in comparison with other frameworks and CMS systems.

    Besides it, such tendencies are traced:
  • Yii-framework quickly develops
  • Relative ease of studying, high speed of receiving results
  • High stability and safety

Benefits from cooperation with us

It is necessary to provide the specifications for obtaining the preliminary calculation of cost of the project in advance. To order development of the web project on Yii PHP Framework, previously having contacted our managers in only two steps:

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