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In today’s digital world, online shopping is no longer a marketing tool, but a condition of life. There has never been a better time to do eCommerce.

At SEOTM, you will receive a full range of eCommerce development services to launch your eCommerce business and find success by selling products or services online. We will help you produce a perfect error-free website starting from the early stages of online store development with wire framing, live designing, usability, and integration of back-office automation tools all the way to post-launch marketing, tech support, and SEO options. The development of a turnkey responsive online store is a service we provide to manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and distributors. We develop unique, custom eCommerce platforms from the ground up to meet your specific expectations and help you achieve your particular business goals. Alternatively, we can get into the act of building an online store for you at any stage.

There is no universal recipe of online store creation for all businesses because of the multiple variables involved, so our choice of software, design, and content will always be different. The golden rule we follow is to understand our client’s business needs and make sure the solution you go with is a good fit.

Stages in eCommerce Development

The eCommerce development project generally includes: concept creation, layout design, development of the project architecture, development of the structure and definition of the functionality needs for your website, the actual online store development and implementation, creation of the initial content, integration of the third-party solutions on your website, and comprehensive website QA testing.

Points %
Getting started: submit a request for proposal and our team will contact you 15
Information collection: gathering quantitative and qualitative information and coordinating the general concept of the project 35
Website development: planning, design, programming, content writing and assembly, testing, review, and launch 60
Project delivery: final overview, approval, and training for your staff on a new product 80
Maintenance and support: technical support, advertising, and online shop promotion 100

A dedicated team led by an executive manager will do the work on your project. Once the objectives and expectations for the future online store are defined, we send the project technical assignment to our web design team to create page layouts. As soon as the page layouts are approved, we will transfer them to our layout designers and programmers. After the programming and layout are completed, we will test the finished product according to an efficiency checklist of 60+ parameters. If you validate the finished product, we will migrate your online store to web hosting.

If working with SEOTM, you will receive an effective commerce channel of seamless functionality and attractive design, followed by a dedicated technical support service.

Your company's management usually determines the size of the investment that should be made on the custom eCommerce development based on the complexity of the project and desired functionality.

Why is it Difficult to Estimate the Cost of Developing an eCommerce Project?

Assume you are building a house and are wondering how much construction costs. The cost of the house depends on many aspects like its location (premier or not so), the building company, the quality of materials, house size, its type (single-family, condo, or duplex), interior design, and so much more. This is a list that has seen no end.

The same goes for developing an online store. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to building an eCommerce website. It is impossible to give precise time and estimate without knowing the goals and objectives of your business, and the requirements for the design and functionality. An average eCommerce website has a complex structure and consists of many elements: the size of your business, your e-store functionalities, design complexity, and vendor type, among others.

For large-scale non-standard projects, we implement Time & Material plans that define the project scope but are open-ended. T&M plans set out hourly rates for labor and prices for materials, and the client is billed at those rates for hours required to complete the project.

SEO for eCommerce Website

ECommerce SEO is the art of getting your website prepared to rank high in a search via search engines. We conduct powerful competitive analyses. We create your landing pages to showcase your store beautifully. We find traffic-driving keywords for you. This is the foundation we lay to move your eCommerce business forward. If you do not have an effective SEO plan before starting an online store, your website will rank poorly.

There are opinions that first launch your an online store, and then solidify it for better SEO. This kind of mindset leads to a website not getting properly indexed: junk pages get into the index, but the good content does not. As a result, the search engines might be getting stuck while crawling your eCommerce website. Pre-launch SEO will help you put your best foot forward if you want to create and launch a profitable eCommerce website. Start your online store SEO sooner than later.

Discover with us how to set up an outstanding store using the best SEO tips and start selling services or products:

Do a competitive analysis of your top 10
Address top ranking factors. Consider how to optimize for them properly
Create a solid website structure
Collect a site’s semantics

ECommerce SEO usually involves:

  • Configuration of the SEO parameters
  • Improvement of the page loading speed (PageSpeed​​)
  • Page layout following the best SEO practices
  • SEO section templates
  • SEO product templates
  • Sitemap generator module
  • Robots.txt file generator
  • HTTPS module
  • Configuration of the redirect module
  • Micro-markup
  • Micro-markup Open Graph
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Adding site to Google Search Console
  • Setting up the internal link structure
  • Setting up goal sets in analytics.

Custom eCommerce Website Design

Before you get too far down the development road, it would be good to first validate the idea of your future store, get its physical representation, uncover any potential problems and find solutions. We will create an online store prototype for you, aligned with your brand. A prototype comes as simple sketches or as a functionally working website. The larger the project, the more attention will be given to the prototype. Designing a prototype helps to plan everything down to the smallest detail, pivot, and readjust the store functionality and design before writing a code.

The prototype is visualized and adjusted to the brand book at the design stage. We develop layouts using both responsive and adaptive designs to make your website optimized multiple devices.

A web designer creates 2 or 3 versions of the main page. The client picks one and makes adjustments if any. Next, the web designer proceeds to creating additional web pages. The project manager ensures that the design layout follows the technical assignment and the prototype.

Technology Stack for the eCommerce Project Development

We start with a detailed design of your online store, then proceed to the layout and programming, following closely the technical assignment.

WordPress and OpenCart are the best solutions to build basic stores with up to 100 items. For online stores with more than 1,000 items, we recommend custom eCommerce development with the use of the Laravel framework. We use Shopify as one of the best eCommerce cloud software.

The main technologies we use for the eCommerce project development are:

  • Laravel Framework



  • React.js



  • MySQL



  • HTML




We work with the following platforms:

Why choose SEOTM?

  1. 1
    Expertise. Delivering premier web design and development services since 2006, we have successfully completed more than 100 eCommerce web development projects. We sustain high-performance work teams well-versed in every programming language and application. We don’t just create pretty web presences, we deliver custom eCommerce development with cohesive strategies. You share your vision. We’ll provide the skills.
  2. 2
    Maintaining project transparency. We grant access to a personal cabinet for each of our clients. They receive a progress report on their accounts, detailing the tasks, deadlines, and progress our team is making towards completing a project.
  3. 3
    Delivering real value and results.
    We combine efforts to execute with purpose and focus on measurable, actionable final results.
  4. 4
    Dedicated account managers. You will receive updates to your project 24/7 via our agency’s representative/account manager assigned to your project, We created a highly motivated workplace, where employees show great levels of productivity and dedication geared toward project completion and a new web launch.

We will be happy to pave the way to eCommerce for you and empower you in creating a successful online business. Every website we produce is error-free, stable, and streamlined.

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