International SEO Services for Global Customers

SEOTM is a tech-savvy international SEO company with extensive experience in optimizing multilingual websites. We provide our global clients with web marketing, web analytics, full SEO audit, basic optimization, usability improvement, development of international SEO strategy, content strategy planning, link building, and keyword placement. The process of international SEO includes about 200 different services and activities. Our company’s main goal is not just crafting the right international strategy and writing quality content, but guaranteeing a high return on your investment (ROI) in multilingual SEO and contextual advertising. SEOTM is perfect for businesses with global ambitions: We will evaluate your global growth plans, then develop and implement an effective international SEO strategy that will be unique to your brand.

SEOTM will help your brand to get international clients, primarily in EU/DACH countries: Germany, Switzerland, and Austria; North America: the United States and Canada, and in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and so forth. We will optimize your website so that it appears in the international search results: We will do internal and external optimization, gradually enhancing link mass, and creating—with the help of a native speaker—content tailored to the specifics of a target country. While Google is a major search engine, our team will also work to promote your performance on Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, if required.

We specialize in effective SEO of German- and English-language sites.

Take your business around the globe. Our top-notch international SEO services are for international companies willing to improve their presence in the markets of the DACH countries (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) as well as increase their search results visibility which will lead to better web traffic and more conversions into sales.

What do you gain?

Your Google-friendly website will be a highly competitive tool on the global market.
Conversion of organic traffic into quality leads will increase as a result of international searches.

What is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO refers to a set of practices to optimize websites for multiple languages for your site to rank higher in SERPs of foreign markets. Our multilingual SEO services will help you unlock new markets, enabling you to target consumers globally through better organic search visibility.

We provide a range of multilingual SEO services to benefit you and your customers: finding the most relevant foreign keywords, creating relevant content, localizing it for different markets, providing multilingual PPC, and doing massive research to rewrite your titles and meta tags. Our multilingual SEO involves incorporating localized keywords in your translated content to ensure it can be found by users in their native language. We provide a full range of multilingual SEO services in more than 10 languages, including German, English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Turkish.

International SEO Consultancy

Reach new audiences, engage fans, and attract new customers across the globe. SEOTM’s international consultants will give you access to insights, solutions, and partners that can help your brand thrive on a global scale. Our team of consultants specializes on digital marketing, strategy development, and user behavior analytics. These cover a wide variety of services such as market research and competitive analysis, content promotion, building a diverse link profile, multilingual SEO, consulting your staff to better understand SEO practices, and helping you shine in whichever market you chose.

International SEO Strategy

International SEO strategy is a combination of policies, analytics, procedures, techniques, and available resources that your business employs to optimize search content for international markets. An effective SEO strategy combines linguistic and geographic data to create SEO plans that generate trustworthy ROI. A successful international SEO strategy will expand your business's market reach and boost profits.

Typically, when developing an international SEO strategy, our experts suggest placing greater focus on the creation of engaging content that will be valuable to your target foreign market. Your customers will find value in content that addresses their concerns, offers the information they can use, and educate them so they become better at what they do. Following the content development strategy, we create terms of reference for native English/German content writers to prepare SEO articles or blog posts for your site. At the same time, our webmasters onboard will be working continuously to handle all the site needs, monitoring constantly the health of your site, and creating a link profile by using outreach for link building.

SEOTM’s Comprehensive Approach

When we take on a new SEO project, we will kick it off without delay. We deep-dive into specifics of every customer’s business, leading it to success that lasts by finding your target audience, improving the conversion rate for your landing pages, and performing sales call analytics. That is why businesses have put their trust in us for so long.

Our international SEO approach is simple and effective:

  1. 1
    We conduct a business needs analysis to get a complete understanding of your online presence in foreign markets and determine the best solutions to resolve issues.
  2. 2
    Conversion of organic traffic into quality leads will increase as a result of international searches.
  3. 3
    We craft a robust result-driven international SEO strategy for you.
  4. 4
    If necessary, we offer to use pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising, which is an affordable way to advertise your brand and ensure your ads reach users.

Several factors determine our international SEO pricing, including

Country of our international SEO efforts
Site age and health
Size of the semantic core
Specific business niches of the client
Number of working hours to optimize the site
Mobile responsiveness
Customer reviews.

SEO in Germany

Your website must be localized and optimized with the German market in mind if you are trying to reach the German market or want Germans to find your website. Germany is a country with a very developed and highly competitive market for SEO services. Google, with over 94% of all searches and its local version,, is the leading search engine used in Germany. Sites registered in the .de domain zone receive an advantage in ranking. The main search language is German. To create high-quality content, we hire native German content writers.

We offer German SEO services to export-oriented businesses since Germany is one of SEOTM’s key markets. These involve conducting keyword research, choosing and inserting keywords into the metadata and blogs/posts/articles of the German site. Technical adjustments required for better search visibility in Germany are also part of our German SEO services.

German SEO services are something that SEOTM can help you with. Either by handling it for you or working with one of your team members to establish a link-building and off-page SEO strategy that you and your staff can put into practice.

SEO in Austria

Are you contemplating selling your products in Austria? Austria is a promising market for many investors and e-Commerce businesses across Europe. Standard German is the official language in Austria, with multiple dialects that make the country a unique linguistic situation. The E-commerce market in Austria develops rapidly. 95% of all Austrians use the Internet. The most popular search engine is Google. Sites registered in the .at domain zone get a ranking advantage.

SEOTM offers effective SEO services in Austria as a way to successfully advertise your business in this specific market. We will improve your Austrian site using the expertise of our web designers, and will work constantly to place your pages at the top of results for specific keywords.

SEO in Switzerland

German, French, Italian, and Romansch are the four official languages of Switzerland. German is the main language of more than 60% of the population of Switzerland. They don't speak Standard German, but a variety of Alemannic dialects referred to as Swiss German.

SEO in Switzerland is comparable to SEO aimed at English- and German-speaking countries. To effectively optimize a website for search engines in Switzerland, it is crucial to consider the language used in the canton that the campaign targets. In terms of SEO, the Swiss Top Level Domain (.ch) leads undeniably.

Specifics of International SEO Services

International SEO follows the same basic principles of local SEO. To get a top Google ranking for your website, you may need to fix all underlying technical issues, add high-quality content, and improve usability. There are though some specifics you have to consider in order to effectively localize your websites, such as a .com domain or regional domain extensions, regional hosting, backlinks from the target country, content tailored to the target country, and other characteristics. We use the Search Analytics Lab to track Google's algorithms and incorporate local factors while building a strategy.

What is our Primary Focus?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Traffic from other search engines, like Bing or Yahoo, is insignificant, so the competition on Google is much higher. We focus primarily on Google search algorithms taking into consideration specifics of local markets.

Content Marketing

Business blogs often appear at the top of the international business reading lists.

We will create unique content for your website with an original infographic that directly speaks to your target audience. The content that we generate with the help of native speakers is tailored to the specifics of a target country. SEOTM is an international SEO company, we specialize in promoting websites in English, German, and Russian languages.

Website Usability

We work hard to convert your organic traffic into qualified leads. We perform a usability audit and make recommendations on what to add to your website to make it better. We design an SEO-optimized structure, incorporate certain website functionalities that increase sales and make the interface more user-friendly. We pay great attention to the site loading speed.

Voice Search

Voice assistants are definitely on the rise. We perform voice search optimization by writing concise phrases, using conversational language, incorporating long-tail keywords, and determining key questions to optimize for. We structure FAQ pages and try to get into the answer blog.

Mobile Search

The percentage of global mobile traffic increases year to year. The number of mobile-only users has already surpassed the desktop population in the western world. Google has long considered website mobile usability as a ranking criterion and has already transitioned to a mobile-first indexing strategy. Therefore, we pay great attention to the adaptive design of your mobile site. We optimize images and improve content to make the reading comfortable on any device. To improve page loading speed and reduce cellular data consumption, we create AMP pages.

Link Building: Building a Healthy Link Profile With SEOTM

Link building is the global SEO’s 101. We smoothly build up a natural link mass for you by preparing press releases, using crowd marketing and outreach SEO. We place links in articles published on authoritative websites of your target country/region. We use our knowledge, expertise, and skills to extract links in the German, English, and Russian languages.

Do not Ignore the Following Top Ranking Factors:

  • Experience of an international SEO consultant
  • Backlink quality, which is arguably the most important ranking factor
  • Content credibility and usefulness
  • Page loading speed and website adaptation for mobile devices
  • Technical SEO
  • No malware or unwanted software.

Stages of International SEO Services

How to do international SEO:

Competition analysis 15
Collection of the semantic core of the site 30
Semantic keyword clustering 40
Development of an international SEO strategy 55
Website technical audit 65
Content creation and optimization 75
External search engine optimization 90
International linkbuilding 100
  • Market and niche analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Collection of the semantic core of the site
  • Semantic keyword clustering
  • Development of an international SEO strategy
  • Website technical audit
  • Content creation and optimization
  • External optimization.

How to rank higher Internationally in DACH or any other country?

In a nutshell, presented below are the top Google ranking factors:

  1. 1
    High-quality content.
    Quality content has always been a Google priority. Publishing content that offers value and distinctive insights not seen on any other website will boost your ratings.
  2. 2
    E-A-T concept. For any country, DACH including, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, abbreviated as E-A-T, remains the core concept defining content quality. Google uses the E-A-T characteristic to determine if readers will find your content valuable. It's Google’s way to protect users from poor content. E-A-T is incorporated into Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines and its algorithm.
  3. 3
    The abbreviation YMYL, which stands for "Your Money or Your Life," describes a certain type of content. As the term implies, YMYL refers to information that could significantly impact an individual’s financial or personal decisions. This type of content is held to a higher degree of quality since it is regarded as more vital than other types of information.
  4. 4
    A link profile is an important ranking factor. The backlinks pointing to your website and the quality of those links make up your site's link profile. Links should be incorporated into your website's structure as deeply as possible.
  5. 5
    Placement of keywords.
    Once you've decided on the keywords you want to rank for, it's critical to position them in strategic places across your pages.
  6. 6
    Optimization of images.
    This is significant, particularly for mobile devices, not only because of Google Image Search but also because regular search results are becoming more and more visual.
  7. 7
    High download speed is important, especially on mobile devices (mobile-first indexing). Google is more likely to lower your results if your site is too slow to load or interact with, especially if your competition websites load fast and have excellent content.
  8. 8
    Off-page Google ranking factors.
    This group of factors deals with entities outside of your website, like social media platforms, influencers, and other websites.


Why invest in an international SEO service?

Untrained non-specialists may struggle to perform international SEO. If you don't have the necessary knowledge and skills, navigating a variety of advanced web tools and focusing on the right keywords is difficult. Investing in international SEO for the DACH countries yields numerous advantages and could be your leg-up in these countries’ markets.

What is international SEO consultancy with SEOTM?

SEOTM’s international SEO consultant will first assist your company to decide which country you would like to expand or make improvements to. Once you determine this, the SEOTM’s consultant will make a map of the website and determine if it is technically sound and healthy. Our consultant will then include the most recently added region to the Google search console. Next, consultants will test links to make sure they are relevant in different languages. SEOTM will further determine who your competitors are in various regions and identify a starting point to compete in these new markets.

Can I combine PPC and SEO?

Yes. If your company’s marketing budget allows it, a balanced mix of PPC and SEO can often bring great results.

PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) is a digital marketing model in which an advertiser pays every time a user clicks on one of the ads. PPC is an effective way to get users to your website quickly and can work well with SEO. Our agency is a certified partner of Google Ads, we will set up international advertising campaigns in English and German in combination with our SEO efforts.

Should I change the design of the site when entering a new market?

The sites at the top of search results for the same topic can differ greatly in various regions or countries in terms of design, structure, and content quality. The markets of DACH countries are no exception. We will conduct a comprehensive technical SEO with usability testing to identify tech issues, perform competitor website analysis to study your competition's online presence, determine areas of opportunity for your business, and prepare a list of recommendations for design change.

In most cases, it is enough to make certain adjustments to the design of your current site, but sometimes we recommend changing the template and the structure. We will present our recommendations for design changes to your web designer or development team. Alternatively, SEOTM’s web development team can do the complete site redesign for you.

My company is in a very specific niche, can you help?

We take great pride in working with businesses in various niches across numerous GEOs. Our ability to identify your target audience before developing SEO plans has produced exceptional results. We will assist you in determining the SEO potential of your niche in the regions and countries where you plan to market.

What determines the global SEO cost?

Competition in your specific niche market, your site’s current technical state, as well as the complexity of the required actions determine the pricing of global SEO services.

What is a realistic timeline for global SEO implementation?

There is no one-size-fits-all response to this question, but typically 3 months is a good time frame to see the initial growth dynamics. During the 6-to-12-month time frame, you will see the first notable gains from SEO. Some major factors determine the global SEO implementation timeline for better or for worse: location of the website, competitiveness of search queries, and domain age.

How much should a client be involved in the global SEO process?

The client’s active involvement is required to achieve final results. The client and the contractor are one team working toward a common goal. The client must provide actionable feedback, as well as demonstrate a willingness to implement an SEO strategy. Besides, the client is responsible for coordinating and producing materials representing the business as any delays will affect the project timeline.


Incorporating SEO into your business strategy will allow you to build a strong brand position in addition to helping you outpace the competition. However, bear in mind that only a thorough, long-term-oriented international SEO may produce high search result rankings, improving your company's position in the DACH countries' market.

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