Google Ads Management Services

Google Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign is a fast solution that will bring higher revenues for your company within a short period. Its effectiveness derives from the possibility to send the ads directly to prospective clients who are sure to purchase products or services from your company.

PPC Management

If you partner with SEOTM, you do not need to worry and make a fuss about your rankings and client pool. Our specialists will develop and launch an advertising campaign that will drive qualified traffic to your landing page. PPC management services at our agency embrace keyword research and analysis, development of channel strategy, PPC campaign launch, A/B testing, and monitoring PPC ads.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Our digital marketing agency has a strong team of top notch PPC specialists who can conduct thorough keyword research, create catchy headlines, write engaging content, and put clear and captivating CTAs on the landing pages. We strongly believe that the integration of SEO with the best PPC techniques may urge the users to perform the required action. This is how we will enhance the quantity and quality of your leads.

Types of PPC Ads

Google Search Ads

Search Ads are staples of modern digital marketing used to boost the sales funnel of the company. Such advertisements target Internet users who are looking for products similar or identical to those you sell. These prospective customers may feel reluctant to purchase what you offer but they may be pushed to do so thanks to Google Search Ads appearing every time a person types a certain query in a search engine. Our company finds search ads very effective for any type of business, as well as a short sales cycle and a single promotion campaign.

Google Display Ads

Enormous potential to reach more than 90% of online users accounts for the effectiveness of Display ads. These advertisements appear both on Google and its partner websites engaging new people and those who have already visited industry-related websites. Appealing formats of display ads with catchy images and texts persuade users to take action. SEOTM specialists can tailor display advertisements for businesses that have long sales cycles and niche customers.

Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is a very powerful part of any advertising campaign. The main idea of remarketing lies in finding users that have already got interested in your products and compelling them to return to your website and convert. Remarketing ads are not so costly as search ones as competition is lower and customer segments are highly targeted. Our PPC marketing professionals apply engaging ad formats that ensure significant results and bigger turnovers.

Google Shopping Ads

This is the right type of ad for a website that has a huge amount of products. Google Shopping Ads is the best way to increase sales and bring in new customers to your E-commerce company. When a person is looking for a product in Google, these ads are presented within a search query usually above major search results.

Google Shopping Ads enable potential buyers to see the goods and prices before clicking on a particular ad. Therefore, your company has a bigger chance to get more conversions. We believe that with Google Shopping Ads you will receive greater visibility for your products, higher advertising ROI, wider reach for the ads, and more qualified leads.

Stages of Google Ads Campaign

Choosing the Optimal Strategy %
Choosing the Optimal Strategy 10
Determining KPI 20
Creating and Customizing the Ads 40
Setting up Analytics 60
Campaign Automation 70
Structuring and Optimizing Your Advertising Campaign 80
Assessing the Effectiveness 90
  1. 1

    Choosing the Optimal Strategy
    We analyze the activity of your competitors and conduct keywords research. We draw up a media plan regarding industry peculiarities.

  2. 2

    Determining KPI
    We agree on such crucial indicators as CTR, cost per click, conversion, bounce rate, number of visitors, orders, calls, and requests coming from the website.

  3. 3

    Creating and Customizing the Ads
    We tailor ads that sell, add negative keywords, set up targeting in your Google Ads account, and launch the advertisements.

  4. 4

    Setting up Analytics
    We set up Google Analytics and configure Google Tag Manager, and track all key indicators.

  5. 5

    Campaign Automation
    We integrate Marketing Automation with Call Tracking to enhance campaign efficiency and make the whole process easier.

  6. 6

    Structuring and Optimizing Your Advertising Campaign
    We monitor the campaign performance regularly, conduct a post-click analysis, and adjust the budget and rates to the current needs.

  7. 7

    Assessing the Effectiveness
    At the end of each month, we submit a detailed report on our work and budget expenditures. We also draft recommendations and a media plan for the next period.

SEOTM Sticks to The Following Principles of Work

  • image-1
    Persistent Work on Your Project
  • image-2
    Compelling and Effective Ad Copies
  • image-3
    Increasing Targeted Traffic to the Website
  • image-4
    Absolute Transparency and Detailed Monthly Reports
  • Persistent work on your project
    Having launched an advertising campaign, we monitor the overall process and optimize settings.
  • Compelling and Effective Ad Copies
    We create appealing and comprehensible ads meeting the needs of users.
  • Targeted traffic
    We ensure targeted traffic to the website by finding, analyzing, and utilizing certain negative keywords and platforms.
  • Absolute transparency
    We provide access to a Google Ads Account and submit a report on money spent.

Why SEOTM PPC Services Are Better Than the Rest

SEOTM is a recognized marketing firm that offers excellent PPC services, which guarantee immediate success for your company. Our staff has years of expertise and valuable industry experience to implement the best PPC practices and achieve the desired results when working on advertising campaigns. SEOTM experienced strategists will help you earn bigger revenues from PPC ads.

Comprehensive PPC Audit

SEOTM specialists analyze the PPC program to know how it can be optimized so your company gets a better ROI. Our team makes sure all the aspects of the promotion campaign comply with your business aims and meet industry regulations. We can carry out a comprehensive audit that will cover the main networks and platforms used for advertising.

Detailed Reporting

SEOTM does its best to be transparent in the work with the clients. While working on your project we will provide you with detailed reports on campaign progress. Our custom campaign reports will cover Google Analytics results, keyword rankings, and the overall efficiency of the campaign. Such reports inform you on whether your ads are driving more conversions.

Google Partner

SEOTM is proud to be on the prestigious Google Partners list. Our agency has a great team of certified PPC specialists specializing in Google Ads. They gained valuable experience while working in marketing for many years. As a Google Partner, we have access to specialized trainings, certifications, and events that help us stand out from the competition and develop a results-oriented PPC campaign to grow your business.

Customer-Focused PPC Company

SEOTM always puts customers' needs first. We foster PPC practices that enhance customer satisfaction and build strong relationships with our clients. During a consultation stage, we analyze your marketing objectives and the effectiveness of the current campaign to offer you some data-driven recommendations. We hold meetings every month to discuss PPC strategy, campaign progress and decide on introducing changes if needed.

Multi-Location PPC

If your company is already serving multiple locations or planning to widen its geographic scope, our team will work out an effective PPC strategy allowing you to target a new pool of customers across the country and abroad. We fully comprehend that a personalized approach is crucial as each market is unique and requires certain solutions. Multi-Location PPC campaign will raise your brand awareness driving more traffic.

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