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Portal – is a resource with deep and branched structure including thousands of text pages, photo and video content.  Main task of the portal is to ensure best advantages of informational content, special services, information flow archives.

We start our work from getting acquainted with a Customer, thorough research of his/her business, market and competition analysis and once we get all the data we approve strategy of portal development.

Classification of web-portals by information categorization:

  • Horizontal or universal – all-purpose portals oriented to various topics and mainstream audience.
  • Vertical – narrow focus portals containing specific information on different topics.  Branch or regional portals can serve as model.

Classification of web-portals by focus:

  • Corporate resources.  Created for company employees and contain various types of information about the company or organization.
  • Public resources.  Designed for wide audience, available and understandable for visitors of different professions, educational background and incomes.


Our clients

Development of high load portals and sites, solving uncommon problems, creation of high traffic sites – is our everyday work.


Objectives and tasks of portal:

  • Creation of popular mass media (central, regional, agency-level or local).
  • Effective promotion of the group of products or brand.
  • Public opinion formation.
  • Providing full information about specific branch.

Portal development requires certain resources and in power of a professional team of developers only.

Contact us! Team of web-studio SEOTM will be happy to create a portal that would become an effective tool for your business.

Our advantages:

  • We use fast PHP framework YII.
  • We apply HTML5 nd AJAX.
  • We create pages prototypes.
  • We can hold high traffic portals exceeding 100 thousand.

Creation of news portals (mass media)

If you need an effective solution for mass media – search no further!  We deal with creation of news portals aimed at high traffic.

Development of theme-based and branch portals.

We develop theme-based and branch portals that can take heavy loads and improve with each new project.

Creation of corporate portals

Corporate portal that we will develop for you will promote effectiveness of your company, help to reduce costs, structure information, offers quick access to required items, enable discussions of important issues on forum and interaction of company employees.

Main services of corporate portals:

  • Structuring, categorization, convenient data storage and search.
  • Integration with other systems (ERP, CRM).
  • News, announcements and other information mails.
  • Surveys, discussions on forum.

Development of web portal comprises the following stages:

  1. Writing Technical specifications. Compilation of the document that will determine the procedure of portal development.  It contains details of project-related works and is initially approved by the customer.
  2. Working on portal design. Designers draw portal structure, create convenient, user friendly and at the same time easily recognizable interface.
  3. Web pages layout. This stage presupposes “gluing” portal prototype.  It is when final project design is realized.
  4. Programming, connection, management system setup and testing. At this stage we develop main and additional services of the portal, test it for correctness, introduce functional corrections, complete technical works and shift to administration.
  5. Filling with content. Final stage of portal building includes text and graphic design of its pages – final appearance of portal that users will see.
  6. Portal launching. Portal is ready to work and it means that there are several things left to do:  purchase hosting service, register domain, download portal for hosting and, launching, itself.
  7. Support. SEOTM web-studio provides 6-month warranty for its works! It means that our experts will provide technical support for your portal and search engine optimization.

Programmers, designers and managers of SEOTM web-studio support successful functioning of a number of Ukrainian and foreign, informational and tourism, media and regional, state and branch portals.

Cost of internet-portal development, as well as web store cost, depends on type, load and functionality.

  • Functionality. Portals and services differ significantly even though they may have similar topics. In this case there is no universal and typical decision – each project has its additional functions and “tricks”.
  • Complexity of design and graphics. Uniqueness and creative input that gives the best showing to your portal also have its price.

Total cost of internet-portal or services includes all stages:  prototype drawing, technical development, design, testing and search engine optimization. Final cost of your project can be estimated only when we prepare technical specifications or you fill out our brief.

We will prepare detailed cost sheet in response to your inquiry and provide you our commercial offer. You can send your request by filling out a contact form (go to “Contacts”) and we also suggest to download and fill out a brief.

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Web Portal Development

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