SEO at the stage of development is a strategic step: thoroughly elaborated optimization in search engines has a serious project potential implemented before site launch.

The main tasks of SEO at the stage of website development: 

  1. 1
    saving customers money and time;
  2. 2
    preparing a web-resource for quick promotion;
  3. 3
    getting good conversion rates just after website launch;
  4. 4
    meeting search engines requirements for the technical side of the website implementing them in the project;
  5. 5
    attractive for search engines and convenient for users web-portal usability.



When elaborating a site, owners consider that a nice web page with correct texts and images will be enough for customers’ attraction. However, this is not so. 

It is important to have an attractive website for search engines as well. Investments in SEO are vital. One of the way to save money is providing a text and image content on your own. Nevertheless, this may be ineffective. There is a risk to ignore an important semantic core and key words thus making a website “invisible” for search engines.

It is also important to evaluate a number of other factors in advance, like project perspective, ROI, seasonality etc. 

Therefore, by making the mentioned above mistakes now, there is a danger to have low traffic in future. Attracting new professionals, changing the existent site structure and correcting technical errors means wasting additional time and money.

On the contrary, developing your web site with SEO at the initial stage allows you to save your finances. You won’t waste months for optimization of the ready-made web resource, its promotion to obtain traffic and appear in the TOP of search engines listing.



Web site architecture

Like construction drawings in house building, the web site information structure is important from the very beginning. A house will not be durable and sturdy in case the works have been done roughly at random. It will turn out that there is lack of rooms or walls are loose.

Web site architecture means its prototype elaborating, technical component drafting (software and web pages structure), user functionality developing, and providing opportunity for further project expansion.

Competitors and niches analysis

As the proverb goes, look before you leap. To enter the online market successfully, one must have deep understanding of the niche and his competitors. Our company offers SEO services including market segment deep analysis, goods and services seasonality check and further development plan. Our experts will provide possible traffic forecast taking into consideration various factors.

Semantic core

Semantic core is a lexical skeleton of the web site. It is made by a set of keywords and phrases, which your target visitors use in search engines. Users enter words, which are logical and understandable into the search line. 

When working with semantics, it is important not only to compose a core, but also to group keywords according to different pages. In such a way the content will correspond to the search requests.

Internal optimization

Internal optimization is a wide range of works aimed at easy website promotion. It includes checking the following components:

  • robot.txt, the pages marking which is either necessary to index or not necessary;

  • web site map (sitemap.xml), which helps robots in web pages browsing, bypassing unnecessary ones, finding content and getting any metadata;

  • 404 errors, non-existent ghost pages must meet certain requirements and do not annoy robots and users;

  • 301 redirect, search engines do not enjoy sites with duplicate content. The optimizer limits access to one page from different urls, attaches mirrors;

  • layout, its compliance with standards;

  • server errors when working with user requests;

  • visual adaptation for smartphones, tablets, to make convenient web-site browsing from any device.

Internal resource optimization includes other stages necessary for the successful web site development: checking for broken links, tags, meta tags, correct opening from various browsers, installing analytical counters, working with text and media content.



The cost of website development with SEO before launch is calculated individually. The price for each project is influenced by a structure of the project, its volume, niches, competition level.

Find out the cost of your website ready to compete in the Internet market, including search engines optimization, target audience and niche correspondence. 

SEOTM prices for website marketing and promotion:

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Simultaneous work of SEO-specialists and web-developers in our company results in the perfect web resource, which comply with its niche by 100%. Web site structure covers all groups of key queries, focusing on the semantics familiar to the target audience.

Your project with the SEOTM team has great perspective. You can always expand a web site, increase its functionality, add new categories. Search engines are sure to enjoy your web resource, as it is created taking into account engines’ technical requirements. We bear in mind usability, contemporary trends and design, so a web resource will be definitely visible and web site target users will appreciate it.


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SEO on the stage of development

Customer’s vision is the most frequent base for website creation. Designers create a picture, developers work out a technical part, project managers keep to terms and budgets, providing needed web-resource functionality. However, there are cases when a convenient online project being visually attractive, does comply with search engines demands. It results in staying outside the first pages of the search results and low rank.

To avoid this scenario SEO at the website development stage is used.


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