Google Display Ads

The Google Display Network includes over two million websites and covers over 90% of Internet users. Advertisements are integrated into partner sites. Banner advertising on the Internet enhances awareness, generates demand, and quickly informs a wide audience about the company's activities. Banners are placed on platforms with high-coverage and are on the top 100 most popular sites list. Banner ads are also placed on branch industry mass media and thematic information resources.

The Google Display Network allows you to reach out to potential customers while they are browsing some websites, watching videos on YouTube, checking their Gmail accounts, or using mobile sites, and apps.

Google Display Ads Formats

  1. 1

    Responsive Ads. These are the ads that automatically adjust to the characteristics of the device and the free space on the site. Responsive ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces.

  2. 2

    Graphic Banners. This type of ad resembles regular teasers. You can use a wide range of image formats, including not only static images but dynamic ones as well. Dynamic images like animated images and even flash make the ads a little bit smarter and more interesting.

  3. 3

    Video Ads. Besides the possibility to show video ads on YouTube, they can also be placed on almost any website of the Display Network.

  4. 4

    App Promotion Ads. Once a user clicks on such an ad, he will be redirected to the store, where he can find out the details concerning the product and download the app that is being promoted.

  5. 5

    Text Ads. Traditional text ads can also be used on the Display Network.

SEOTM specialists will draw up a media plan, prepare advertising materials and launch an advertising campaign that will have a wide coverage. Our team will also foresee media indicators including impressions, CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click) and CPT (cost per thousand contacts). In the course of the advertising campaign, we will regularly analyze its outcomes and persistently increase its effectiveness.

While conducting an advertising campaign we will do the following:

Increase brand awareness

We will find the target audience and reach out to it, setting up targeting taking into consideration such factors as location, age, interests and user behavior. We will select large popular online platforms and will place banners there, ensuring a large coverage for your advertising campaign.

Help you make a strong entry to the market

Using banners of various formats namely full-screen and interactive banners, banners with active elements and animation, we will tell the prospective clients about your brand. We will use the materials provided by you or create them ourselves in exact accordance with the brief and the requirements of the sites.

Generate or increase demand

We will add banners to large portals, place them on online media, as well as on the specialized and thematic resources that are part of the Google Display Network. We will find people interested in the product, tell them about your company and attract potential buyers.

Google Display Advertising Process includes the following stages:

  • Developing an advertising strategy and choosing the ad formats
  • Selecting the most effective sites regarding our previous experience
  • Crafting and agreeing on the overall concept of banners
  • Setting up and launching an advertising campaign
  • Monitoring the campaign progress, collecting the detailed statistics data, adjusting the settings, and optimizing the bids
  • Ensuring a personal manager submits the reports on the results of banner ads that have been already placed.
Developing an advertising strategy %
Selecting the most effective sites 10
Crafting and agreeing on the overall banners 20
Setting up and launching an ads campaign 40
Monitoring the campaign progress 60
Campaign automation 70
Structuring and optimizing advertising campaign 80
Ensuring a personal manager submits the reports on the results 90

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