A Chatbot Development Services

The world is gradually moving from social networks to instant messengers (2 billion users). And the question to the nowadays business is: will you start using chatbots now or catch up with your competitors later?

Chatbot is a software, also called virtual digital assistant, that sends automatic replies to users on social networks, messengers and websites. Chatbots improve communication with customers using artificial intelligence algorithms that simulate a dialogue with a living person.

At the moment bots are actively used in ordering food or taxi, booking tickets and buying clothes or electronics. The user just writes in a messenger and there is no need to spend time on mobile application installation. This is the maximum convenience in making an order for the client. Furthermore, it is an easy way to establish contacts, collect data and communicate with the client around the clock.

We specialize in chatbot development for business-processes optimization. Our solutions save company resources, improve communication and are considered to be an effective marketing tool.

Chatbots have a number of talkable advantages:

  • The price for chatbots development is lower compared to mobile applications;
  • They can be easily integrated with CRM/ERP/PIM systems.
  • It is a simple, convenient and effective way of communication with a client through familiar instant messengers.
  • Chatbots can be simply transformed according to business needs.
  • They are not demanding on Internet speed or smartphone functionality.
  • With chatbots the communication process becomes as simple and productive as possible.

    Why us?

    We have gained more than 3 years of experience in chatbot development and improvement, and more than 10 years of expertise in developing solutions for business automation and e-commerce development.
    • An experienced team of professionals. We do not work with template designers, we develop full-featured business solutions.
    • Our first chatbot development project for automating the correspondence with a client, collecting applications and transferring them to the CRM, was actualized in 2016, before this idea became mainstream.
    • More than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and business automating. We have a huge experience in complex systems development and effective business-solutions implementation expertise.
    • We will help you to promote your chatbot attracting the target audience.

    What Can Our Chatbot Development Solutions Do?

    Get new clients

    Sales funnels in chatbots are the rational solution for increasing the number of transactions. The chatbot functionality enables it to receive necessary information from the client, automatically accept the order, import it to the CRM-system for further processing.

    Retain and return clients

    By sending out personalized offers, gamification, bonuses, event reminders and other important messages, you can effectively keep in touch with current and renew with old customers.

    Automate service and reduce personnel load

    The chatbot allows you to reduce the human factor and personnel costs by taking on some of their functionality: providing advice, answering frequently asked questions, checking order statuses, sending invoices, etc.

    Automate template business-processes

    Such as forming and sending reports, invoices, purchase certificates and other documents. The rate at which employees submit reports, register events, receive all notifications, add photos, send their geolocation, and so on will increase as well. It will provide a complex data integration with your business information systems.

    Sales autofunnels

    A chatbot is indispensable in the field of tourism, especially in the process of selecting a tour based on the data that can be collected as a result of a survey: the date and period of departure, the number of people and the client's budget. For a real estate agency, a chatbot can conduct a survey of a client and, based on the answers, form a personal offer.

    Chatbots possibilities

    There is no limit - even the most difficult functional can be developed. Access to the base of clients who are subscribed to the chatbot You will get detailed information about subscribers: their history, messages and actions.

    CRM-system, services and programs through the API integration

    A service or resource, communication with which is carried out through the API, can be integrated with a bot.

    Connecting the online-payment functional

    Chatbot includes the ability to send a message or a link for online payment, so orders can be taken directly from the bot.

    Subscriber data storage and applying

    All the data about the user that the chatbot receives is stored in the database. There is a possibility to send messages to each client.

    Bot efficiency analysis

    You can unload all statistics on subscribers and sales for any period of time.

    Types of chatbots

    By the types of tasks that can be automated right now:

    • Support service
    • Delivery service
    • Working with personnel
    • Conferences, forums
    • Booking, buying tickets
    • Travel bots
    • Services sector
    • Financial institutions and banks
    • Personalized solutions. We will develop a bot with any functionality adapted to your tasks.

      Chatbot Development Process

      Custom scripts designing %
      Custom scripts designing 5
      Site preparation on the server 10
      API development 15
      Bot development, custom script realization 60
      Functional testing 70
      Official bot launch 80
      Support, maintenance and development of the bot 90
      Promotion of the chatbot 100
      • Interface designing
      • Site preparation on the server
      • API development for integration and interaction with chatbot
      • Bot development, custom script realization
      • Chatbot functional testing
      • Official bot launch
      • Support, maintenance and development of the bot. Advertising and promotion
      Our team of professionals will help you to develop and set up the chatbot paying attention to your specific business requirements. We will also help you in promotion and the target audience attraction. At the end of the work you will get an individual chatbot that meets your and your customers’ needs.