Google Penalty Recovery Services

Has your website disappeared from Google search? Have your web rankings taken a downward turn and web traffic plummeted to zero? The answer is simple — Google penalized your site.

Google’s unwavering commitment is to ensure website compliance rules, with strict adherence to ethical SEO guidelines included. There is a protocol in place to penalize the website owners who break the rules. If a site fails to follow webmaster guidelines, whether intentionally or not, it could lead to Google’s algorithmic penalties or manual sanctions.

For sites that rely on web traffic for revenue, a Google penalty might be a biggest downfall. Luckily, SEOTM can guide you through the recovery process and help you start over.

We will identify what filters were used to block access to your site.

Every third site that we manage for SEO has been either blocked by a filter or penalized by search engines. Business owners are generally unaware of the fact that their website has been penalized.

Let's get it done.

Our experts will identify why your site was hit by a Google penalty. We will detect and remove any issues and help recover your website asap. Your site will resurface in search engine results and restore its previous rankings.

How to Avoid Google Penalties?

To prevent the Google penalty, play by the rules: Use white hat SEO tactics only, improve user experience on your website, and make it SEO-friendly. If Google has already issued a penalty, uncover and remove the issues that triggered the penalty.

We will help you lift and recover from both algorithmic and manual penalties, including:

  • Google Penguin penalties
  • Google manual sanctions for unnatural links
  • Google Panda penalties
  • Website hacks and virus infections.

We Will Remove Penalties From Your Website and Return It in Good Books With Google.

Here are some steps we follow to help your site recover from the Google penalty:

  1. 1
    We develop a well-rounded SEO strategy to fix your score, determine the steps required to recover the site from Google penalties and explain what to do to correct all the errors. As an example, when analyzing the link mass, we will look at any kind of link exchanges used to acquire links and recommend removing spammy links.
  2. 2
    We run an SEO audit. We determine exactly what penalties have been applied to your website. It is important for us to look back at the entire history of SEO operations on your site: We need to have access to your website analytics to find out what caused such a severe downturn.
  3. 3
    We fix errors.
    We will evaluate and improve the site structure, correct or modify the content, eliminate technical errors, and improve usability.
  4. 4
    We provide a comprehensive work report and give suggestions
    on how to optimize your website for future success.

How to Recover From Google Penalty?

Examples of how a Google Penalty impacts organic traffic and visitors, 1 - Google Penalty, 2 - Penalty Recovery (Ahrefs screen).

google penalty recovery service

Examples of how a Google Penalty impacts organic keywords, 1 - Google Penalty, 2 - Penalty Recovery (Ahrefs screen).

How to Recover From Google Penalty?

At the beginning of 2020, a client asked for help from our agency. His website had problems in search results: positions and traffic were lost. The alleged reason was a penalty from the Google filter. Our SEO specialists have developed a long-term strategy to get the website out of the filter. We have completely fixed all technical problems and improved natural behavioral indicators.

Process of Google Penalty Recovery:

Check ranking positions 15
Check Google Search Console and Analytics 30
Investigate history of the latest Google algorithm changes 40
SEO audit 55
Content audit 70
Backlink profile audit 80
Fix SEO errors 100

What to Do to Remove the Google Penalty From Your Website?

Google penalty means your website is either no longer listed on search results, or that your ranking for your target keywords has decreased. For example, the website has been moved from the first to the second page on the search results page. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to determine how, when, and why your site has been penalized. Getting back to a pre-penalty standing is extremely difficult, but it is possible with SEOTM.

The key to lifting any Google penalty is to identify what caused it, take actions to remove the issues, and undo the damage. Our team will run an audit of your website and assess the severity of the situation. If our experts confirm that you have been hit by a Google penalty, we will strongly advise changing your domain name.

Google can hand down different types of penalties. We advise you to seek professional assistance from an SEO agency since the in-house SEO usually takes a while. One important thing to remember when dealing with a Google penalty is to avoid getting hit by another one.

Entrust the professional SEO team with the advanced expertise of the latest SEO trends if you want to avoid a Google penalty, remove it, and effectively rank your website in search engines.

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