SEO in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Are you looking for a digital marketing or SEO agency in Germany you can hire to support your business in every way when running your next winning smart SEO and PPC campaigns? If so, look no further. Outsource your digital services to us.

SEO in Germany is a complex but very rewarding endeavor, with a lot of specifics related to a very diversified market and unique culture, traditions, and consumer behavior. We have the expertise to help our global clients grow their businesses in Germany, expand their reach, and make contact with a much wider target audience through effective search engine marketing products, such as SEO and Google Ads.

Digital Marketing and SEO in Germany: Characteristics and Requirements for Success

Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
SEO Germany
International SEO Services
We work with businesses that are currently operating in Germany and other DACH countries, as well as those that want to establish an online presence in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.
We offer SEO services for websites in German, English, Ukrainian, Russian, and other languages.
Our knowledge of the unique characteristics of the region and our experience help shape the marketing strategy for our clients in the following ways
  • We analyze and do due diligence on our customer’s business.
  • Our emphasis is on in-depth analysis of the niche.
  • We believe that high-quality content is the foundation of your website.
  • We understand well the DACH countries’ cultural forces and societal norms.
  • Projects are implemented by native German-speaking professionals.
  • We build high-quality backlinks.
  • We will give a competitive edge to your website by localizing it for the German market.
  • We use tools built specifically for a particular market.

German Audience in Terms of SEO

Germany has a large paying audience of online shoppers: 89.8% of the country's population has Internet access. SEO is all about improving the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines. It is a powerful marketing tool that will drive the traffic you need to sell products and services to your target audience.
Due to the massive use of PPC advertising in Germany and, as a result, high competition, high cost per click (CPC) and lead (CPL), SEO will be the most viable, rewarding, and cost-effective way to attract visitors to your sales page.
Of Germany’s population is a paying audience that prefers to shop online

SEO vs PPC: Which strategy brings the maximum effect?


Due to differences in culture, mentality, and market conditions, German websites have unique sets of distinct features.
Key advantages of SEO:
  • Greater credibility compared to other marketing channels
  • Helps attract high-quality traffic to your website
  • Cost-effective way to attract potential customers.
Google Ads *
Being a powerful tool for businesses looking to succeed in the competitive German market, Google Ads offers an array of advanced features and targeting options.
Key advantages of Google Ads:
  • Provides accurate location targeting
  • Provides accurate and measured ad results
  • A relatively cost-effective way to attract potential customers.

German SEO will be targeting the German market, as well as other German-speaking markets. Like with all SEO in other countries, the goal is to ensure that your website ranks in the top results of Google. Entering the German market without a solid SEO strategy is like taking a road trip to an unknown area without GPS. Content translation is only one aspect of German SEO; another is thorough German keyword research and competitor analysis.

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform that allows businesses to place their ads on Google search results pages and partner websites. It is one of the most useful tools for businesses looking to improve their online presence, drive traffic to their website, and convert leads into actual customers. With demographic and contextual keyword targeting in Google Ads, businesses can efficiently personalize their ads to reach the target audience. High purchasing power in Germany means a better reach and revenue with PPC.

Characteristics of SEO in Germany


Order an SEO audit for your website, which includes:

  • SEO audit of the current website for the specifics of the German market
  • SEO at the stage of website development for the specifics of the German market
Order an SEO Audit

Language is the key to the German SEO

German is a complex language. A lack of German language proficiency can severely hurt your SEO efforts. Highly skilled professional copywriters with expertise in the subject matter must create the website content and add authentic German flair to your SEO strategy.

Challenges of external linking

There are several link exchanges in Germany, but the quality of links the donors provide is usually poor. We prefer to get links directly from website owners. Our team of link-quality enthusiasts offers premium link-building services to secure backlinks.

The main search engine is Google

With over 94% of searches, Google is the most widely used search engine in Germany. Bing, used by 2.79% of users, comes in second, and Yahoo, with less than 1% of all searches, placed third.

Benefits of having a country-specific domain

In Germany, ".de" domains lead the way as the most popular extension. The German online shoppers prefer websites with ".de" domains when making purchases. We recommend including a German address and a phone number in your website contact information to display geolocation.

Other Specifics of Websites in Germany

When considering an SEO strategy in Germany, you have to know the visual preferences of German users. When shopping online, Germans favor detailed descriptions: Good product descriptions will help you build trust and potentially influence your German customers to purchase products or services.

Building a Successful Google Ads Strategy in Germany

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. Google Ads enables businesses to place bids on keywords so that their ads appear in Google search results. You only have to pay for Google Ads when a user clicks through to your website or gives your company a call.
Google Ads is especially important for Germany, a country with one of the highest rates of Internet users. If you run your Google Ads campaign effectively, you will reach a wider audience and attract new clients. Google Ads is a powerful tool for businesses operating in the dynamic German market since it gives business owners a unique opportunity to convert their websites’ visitors into business leads and customers.


Account audit

  • We will analyze your current and past PPC campaigns and identify new opportunities.
  • We can predict the success of your next PPC campaign based on your budget and the specific customer segments you are targeting.
Order Audit

Keyword search

Keyword search is the cornerstone of a successful Google Ads campaign. When building your keyword list for the German market, consider language characteristics and language variations since linguistic efforts shape consumer behavior.

Creating an ad for Google Ads

The importance of persuasive ad text and effective graphic design in building trust in your brand with your target audience cannot be overstated. In Germany, where the quality of products and services has been top of mind for consumers, carefully crafted and error-free text ad increases the chance that people will click on it.

Landing page optimization

The landing page is used to convert visitors into leads. Landing page optimization can help you attract more customers and maximize the value of your ad. In Germany, where consumers are very selective, uncompromising, and loyal to familiar brands, a bad landing page or slow page load time will jeopardize your conversion rate.

Google Ads performance monitoring and optimization

You must regularly monitor and track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Continuously track key metrics, analyze the data to identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement, and make incremental changes, if necessary. Our flexible SEOTM model allows you to optimize your Google Ads campaign for maximum success.


We design advertising campaigns and set up remarketing to drive traffic back to your pages and increase sales with your website. With retargeting campaigns, your previous visitors will browse the web and see your targeted ads. It will help bring them back to your website and possibly make a purchase.

German SEO and PPC: Main Stages

SEO in Germany–like in any other country–is a continuous process with ever-growing popularity: consumers’ demands are constantly changing, and your SEO efforts should evolve right along with your audience.

Below are the main stages of German SEO:

Значения %
Conduct a market analysis 5
Design a website 20
Prepare unique content 50
Launch your website 60
Do SEO to improve your website’s visibility 70
Create and launch successful PPC campaigns 80
Track, measure, and analyze the marketing campaign results 90
Improve your website and identify areas for improvement in your advertising campaigns. 100

For a successful SEO campaign in Germany, do a competitive analysis and market research, choose a reliable marketing and SEO partner, develop a sound strategy, create a website with a quality content in German, attract local customers using local SEO strategies and geo-targeted online advertising, maintain good relationships with your customers through regular communication, expand and diversify the network of your contacts, constantly monitor regulations in the SEO industry, do social media SEO and adjust swiftly to the latest SEO trends.



How Much Do the SEO and PPC Services Cost?

Typically, hourly rates or project fees serve as the foundation for SEO pricing packages in Germany. Hourly prices range from €100 to €200, but the average project would cost between €2,501 to €5,000. Retainer fees often range from €1,000 to €2,000 per month.

Several factors influence the cost of SEO services in the German digital market, such as:


  • Your company’s needs and goals
  • Niche specifics
  • The size of your website
  • Web content length and density
  • Channels used to acquire web traffic
  • Required tools and software


Get a preview of our SEO plans

  • SEO

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    950€ / month

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  • PPC

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    650€ / month

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    1500€ / month

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How to get quick SEO wins in the DACH market?

The DACH region ranks among the most developed in the world. High standards of living and a strong economy are reflected in the DACH eCommerce. Several critical elements must come together to achieve fast SEO results in the German, Austrian, or Swiss markets.

Security, trust, and quality must be the three main concepts of your SEO strategy in the DACH. Your brand needs to possess the renowned "German, Swiss, or Austrian quality" to succeed in the DACH region: Include certifications, endorsements, and badges to attract customers.

Develop an effective SEO strategy for your SEO campaigns in the DACH. SEO and PPC together can improve your brand's online presence in the long run in the DACH countries.

Continuously track your SEO performance and drive better results for your SEO efforts in the DACH region.

Use localized domains (.de,.ch, and. at). The quality of the website content in German must be impeccable: German is the preferred language in the DACH region, even though the countries are classified as "highly proficient" in English.

Employing a native-speaking in-market digital professional or a global digital marketing agency is the solution to all of these questions.

from 6 months
from 1 month

You will get:

Improved search engine rankings for your website
Your target audience in the DACH region
More targeted website traffic and purchase orders

The tools we use to promote websites in Germany

Our well-trained and well-equipped team of top professionals delivers unparalleled SEO and PPC services for your business benefit within the shortest turnaround time.

We use a variety of the latest SEO tools and techniques to improve our websites and make them more efficient and visible in Germany. Some of our favorites are Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, and others. Besides, there is Sistrix Toolbox (Visibility Index), an SEO software used heavily within the German-speaking Internet world.


screaming frog
google analуtics
looker studio


How Can SEOTM Assist in Optimizing Your Website for the German Market?
Your website must be localized and optimized with the German market in mind if you are trying to reach the German market or want Germans to find your website. Germany is a country with a very developed and highly competitive market for SEO services. Google, with over 94% of all searches and its local version,, is the leading search engine used in Germany. Sites registered in the .de domain zone receive an advantage in ranking. The main search language is German. To create high-quality content, we hire native German content writers.

We offer German SEO services to export-oriented businesses since Germany is one of SEOTM’s key markets. These involve conducting keyword research, choosing and inserting keywords into the metadata and blogs/posts/articles of the German site. Technical adjustments required for better search visibility in Germany are also part of our German SEO services.

German SEO services are something that SEOTM can help you with. Either by handling it for you or working with one of your team members to establish a link-building and off-page SEO strategy that you and your staff can put into practice.

How Can SEOTM Help You Reach Your Audience in Austria?
Are you contemplating selling your products in Austria? Austria is a promising market for many investors and e-Commerce businesses across Europe. Standard German is the official language in Austria, with multiple dialects that make the country a unique linguistic situation. The E-commerce market in Austria develops rapidly. 95% of all Austrians use the Internet. The most popular search engine is Google. Sites registered in the .at domain zone get a ranking advantage.

SEOTM offers effective SEO services in Austria as a way to successfully advertise your business in this specific market. We will improve your Austrian site using the expertise of our web designers, and will work constantly to place your pages at the top of results for specific keywords.

What Are the Key Considerations for SEO in Switzerland?
German, French, Italian, and Romansch are the four official languages of Switzerland. German is the main language of more than 60% of the population of Switzerland. They don't speak Standard German, but a variety of Alemannic dialects referred to as Swiss German.

SEO in Switzerland is comparable to SEO aimed at English- and German-speaking countries. To effectively optimize a website for search engines in Switzerland, it is crucial to consider the language used in the canton that the campaign targets. In terms of SEO, the Swiss Top Level Domain (.ch) leads undeniably.

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