The development of mobile IOS applications

In favor of the creation of mobile-apps for iOS Apple says the impressive dynamics of sales devices. Each member of mobile development department of SEOTM has at least one Apple device, which is used on a daily basis. It is necessary to admit how pleasant to use it either for pleasure or for work and develop on this platform. We are well aware of the key principles of the operating system, possess a sound knowledge of development for iOS and experience in the design of interfaces. We create native mobile applications, guided by the recommendations of Apple and using the latest features and technologies of the platform.

1. Analysis of the target audience and market. The formalization and development of TRS.

Before the work on application begins, our experts are studying the business and market competition, current trends and interesting cases. On the basis of the information gathered, we are preparing the Technical Requirements Specification (TRS).

 2. Design. The design and architecture of the application.

In the design and in the development of iOS-applications, we are guided by the principles of usability convenience, we focus on the user-friendly structure and attractive interface for maximum ease of use by users.

3. Development and the technical part.

At this stage of development of iOS-application, our specialists combine technological and visual components into a single, complete, holistic functionally rich product.

4. Control of the quality and testing.

We pay special attention to product quality, testing the developed application to various errors: software, technology, visual, interface errors etc. Responsible and mandatory part of the process of creating an application.

Getting started with the formalization of requirements and the creation of technical specifications. Having studied the requirements and objectives of the project, we prioritize and plan work to create both a decisive business task of mobile applications and meets the needs of users.

Before the stage of development of iOS-applications, analysts examined the business market and competition, target audience and current trends. After the main goals and tasks of applications have deen  defined, we form the development strategy of the project. Creating an application is based on the already developed Technical Requirements Specifications.


Attentive and quality elaboration and implementation of all stages of application development is the key to the future success of the created product.

Design IOS-applications include the works related to the structure planning, navigation, and functionality. At the end of the design phase the development of application prototyping is followed and development of the visual part - interface design, which allows multiple iterations to refine IOS-interface applications to perfection.

The perfect IOS-application, according to the Apple, that one is considered, which includes the following components: an interface that helps users; text, easy to read; simple icons; information visually divided; a design that is functional in nature.

At the design stage it is important to realize the IOS-App so that everything that was planned in the design phase and design, to work stable. Programming for iOS has its own characteristics, Apple puts forward a series of demands that we take into account when developing the functional for IOS-application.

The importance of the testing process is difficult to overestimate, bugs and unstable operation of the application will cost a loss of users. So we pay to this process a special attention and allocate the necessary resources: testing expert is involved in the process since the programmers transfer navigation scheme and design screen layouts.

At application launch, we test for the presence of technical and visual errors (bugs), make the necessary changes, bring the application to full readiness, and then publish the finished product in the App Store.

Upon completion of the work on the development of applications, we help with the correct publication of the application and with the preparation of high-quality descriptions for better ranking in the App Store.

After the launch, placing in the application store, we monitor the performance and reliability of the mobile application.

We guarantee each customer a high quality development of iOS applications and help with its promotion! Years of experience, a close-knit teamwork and ownership of all technical and marketing competency allow us to create professional, competitive iOS-applications.

Architecture. Construction of the project is based on the best available technologies and approaches to developing applications for IOS. We follow the latest innovations in software development for iOS, we prefer Swift programming language. The main components of the architecture of the project are MVP + RxSwift, which are used as a recognized standard for the moment. MVP approach allows the project to divide the structure into individual, independent of each other levels. Construction of the project architecture is one of the most important stages in the development process.

Used libraries. A well-chosen library has a positive impact on the convenience and speed of development. We use only tested by us and time frameworks.

Basic libraries and frameworks:

  • RestKit to work with network requests;
  • RxSwift responds to a reactive approach (flow control);
  • Kingfisher - downloads and caches the image.

The cost of creating a native iOS application ranges from $ 1,500, in the formation of prices are taken into account the features and complexity of the project. The minimum term of the development of a native iOS app is 1 month.

What are the basic steps for creating the iOS app?

  • Detailed analysis of the niche of the target audience for your business.
  • Expertise. Development of technical specifications.
  • Design. Application structure.
  • Developing iOS-app based on the data obtained.
  • Testing, making edits.
  • Placement of the finished product in the App Store, marketing and promotion.
Meaning %
Expertise. TRS Development 10
Design 20
App Development 60
Control, Launch 80
App Store Publication. Promotion 90

Order a development of a native IOS application and stand out of your competitors.

Today we can say with confidence that the IOS operating system is one of the most stable and popular gadgets on the market. Typically, users choose it for reliability, intuitive interface, high speed, practicality and welfare. That is why the creation of applications for iOS - it is the right step to increase the coverage of the audience and achieve higher conversion and customer loyalty.

The benefit of investment in mobile development:

  • The rapid development of the mobile market.
  • The growth of the total number of purchases via mobile devices.
  • The possibility of operational purchases (mobile devices are always on hand), purchase processes are automated.
  • Communication, communication with the client via mobile application is cheaper than through the web.

The benefits of application development for iOS:

  • Competitiveness. You are one step ahead of their competitors.
  • Trust and loyalty. Users have more confidence.
  • Sales and profits. The most solvent audience.

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