Website Promotion Goals for Businesses

The primary goal of search engine promotion is to boost your presence in online search results, so you can generate more leads, sales, and revenues. In other words, the endgame of SEO for any website with entrepreneurship motives is to grow business online and attract new clients. Is your SEO strategy efficient? There are many metrics to track but focus on a few to start. Calculate an intermediate result by evaluating the following indicators:

  1. 1
    A number of calls and visits
  2. 2
    Organic search traffic vs paid traffic
  3. 3
    Current keyword ranking in search engines

These three variables are connected and must be actively monitored at all times. Even if the SEO efforts were a success, there's a risk of rolling back to previous positions. Due to heavy competition and competitors' ongoing efforts, you might suddenly lose your Google’s first-page ranking in a very short time.

The market leaders showing the best traffic metrics usually rank higher in any search engine. Various channels of promotion, direct conversions, advertising leads, promotion through email and on social networks — all of these contribute to their higher rankings and traffic growth.

SEOTM is a team of professionals that uses a holistic approach to bolster your online business presence. We optimize websites for Google and other search engines, as well as social media. Each area of optimization has its specifics, which we take into close consideration when developing an SEO strategy.

Search Engine Promotion is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to enhance a company's sales volume, traffic, brand recognition, and other metrics.

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The Main Stages of Website Promotion Services

Search Engine Promotion progresses through a series of stages that must be followed through:

Name %
Market, competitor, website analysis 10
Building and enhancing web structure 20
On-Page optimization 30
Creating a semantic core 40
Ongoing content optimization 50
Off-Page optimization 60
Technical onsite SEO 70
Usability check 80
External optimization of commercial resources 90

Website Promotion Tools

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E-commerce Website Optimization for Google

E-commerce giants have rightly gained and continuously maintain their strong visibility in Google’s organic rankings. What positions an online business on top of Google's organic search and makes it an authority in your industry? We have answers for you.

E-commerce businesses with a wide range of products are the winners.
Website’s high-quality content with a unique semantic core has the potential to yield tremendous results.
The more links you have and the higher their quality, the higher your link mass is.

Your e-commerce website’s usability and search engine rankings are closely intertwined. Focus on optimizing 4 major key usability components to boost your rankings: site navigation, site speed, mobile friendliness, content quality. Other factors to consider to improve your online business's rankings include:

  • Conveniently displayed prices.
  • Secure and fast checkout.
  • Quick order buttons.
  • Detailed product cards and captivating high-resolution images.
  • Special offers.
  • Feedback option.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Return policy.
  • Warranty information.

Why Choose Us?

Ever since starting up in 2006, SEOTM has been an active player in the Ukrainian internet and digital technologies industry. We have been effectively promoting businesses over the Internet and propelling companies to new heights. In a span of 16 years, our team has acquired extensive experience and produced the best results implementing nearly 800 projects in 20 countries.

Benefits of working with us:

  1. 1
    SEOTM is a specialized agency with many years of experience in Search Engine Promotion. Trusted by companies.
  2. 2
    We will provide SEO services for you to ride to the top of the SERP ranking. With SEO, you will attract visitors and convert them into leads and customers.
  3. 3
    A comprehensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for your website, starting with a thorough SEO audit.
  4. 4
    A holistic SEO approach. We will maximize your website performance by improving the site's technical aspects and optimizing it for advertising. We will build keyword-driven content as Google updates place a lot of emphasis on a unique, high-quality content.
  5. 5
    Effective SEO strategies yield good results. Our team of experts has been constantly trained on the newest SEO technologies, trends, and opportunities, as well as continuously changing search engine algorithms.
  6. 6
    Affordable and reasonable prices, custom cost calculation.
  7. 7
    Our managed SEO comes with complete transparency over your project’s progress: You will have access to all the reports.
  8. 8
    Best results for all types of websites — guaranteed.
SEOTM: Best SEO Practices, Custom Strategies and Packages for Different Businesses, Effective Website SEO, the Best SEO Tools Available, Affordable Prices
Integrated SEO: Best Practices for Holistic Search Engine Optimization

Our company offers a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. Bring your website to the much-desired #1 ranking in Google with SEOTM’s all-encompassing SEO strategy. We will help you bolster every aspect of your website to attain 100% growth at a minimum time frame.

SEOTM performs:

  • Initial website analysis and audit.
  • Technical SEO optimization.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • SEO copywriting.
  • SMM and promotion on social media.
  • Online reputation management.
  • Measurement & reporting.

We track multiple traffic sources at the same time, increasing the number of searches and reducing one customer acquisition cost.

We use powerful SEO tools to evaluate, monitor, and improve your website. It’s impossible to analyze competitors, do keyword research, track rankings, monitor both traffic and conversion trends, locate technical problems, and implement effective content marketing without the proper tools. We have all of them available and are highly proficient in using them.

Effective Website Promotion

SEO entails more than just conducting research and following instructions. For a professional team, this is an entirely creative process.

Because the market and demand are so dynamic, there is no general recipe for efficient SEO. The mood and requirements of the target audience vary frequently.

Internet marketers and SEO experts are e-commerce artists that use a variety of approaches and techniques to implement successful projects. So is the SEOTM team.

We present case studies describing our methods and customer results.

Website SEO Pricing: How Much Does Comprehensive SEO Cost?

There is no standardized cost for SEO services: SEO pricing is determined based on the package of services required and depends on your current position in search, amount of content needed, the complexity of the keywords, geographic location, campaign expectations, and projections for business growth.

SEOTM’s pricing policy is transparent and fair. In the invoice, we will itemize the cost of each service included in the package.

SEO is an endeavor where consistency is key. And the project doesn’t end even when you get to the top. The services that SEOTM provides deliver real value beyond just moving search results up and down the SERP. We track your site's progress and help you level up your search presence — and your bottom line.

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