The aims of website promotion in search engines

Getting profit is the primary goal of the website promotion. Increase of sales and attraction of new customers are the main tasks of any commercial web-resource. Is your promotion strategy effective or not? Evaluate the following indicators and thus get an intermediate result:

  1. 1
    Number of calls and visits
  2. 2
    Traffic generated from the search engines
  3. 3
    Ranking, first page or position on the internet search engine query

These indicators are closely connected and must be constantly monitored. Even if the promotion campaign was a success, there is a risk of returning to previous positions. Top positions may be lost within some period due to high competition and competitors’ websites optimization.

The leaders having better traffic indicators usually are in the top rank in any search system. Attracting more visitors means obtaining better position. This indicator growth is achieved by promotion in other channels, direct conversions, advertising leads, email and social networks. All of them constitute traffic increase and position strengthening of the website.

SEOTM is a professional team with an integrated approach to commercial web-resources promotion. We optimize websites and promote them on Google and other search engines, on social networks. Each direction has its own features, which we take into consideration while working out the strategy.

Website promotion is one of the most effective and the least costly tools to increase company’s sales volume, traffic, brand recognition, etc. These works allow you to occupy high positions in Google search engine results.



Google website promotion

Most of the leading positions go to large e-commerce companies. Marketer aggregators are not so important for Google. Top positions in Google search engine go to:

  • Wide product range (regardless of the number of brands represented)
  • High weight of links
  • Easy to read (“written for people”) texts and contents with distinctive semantic core

The projects with good usability are highlighted in all search systems. Here are the factors of successful ranking:

  • Noticeable prices
  • Quick to order buttons
  • Product detailed descriptions and photos
  • Feedback option
  • Various payment methods
  • Warranty information

Social networks promotion

Most of the top-ranking websites have popular pages and groups in social networks. Therefore, our team provides social networks and video channel promotion. This is a different activity focused at content development for socially active part of the target audience.

Winning TOP lines is a long process. SEO promotion is not a magic with instant results. Do not believe unscrupulous specialists, who promise website take-off within one month.


More or less tangible results of SEO promotion are noticeable after 3-6 months from the start. It takes almost a year to get stable positions. Important factors of the best result achievement are:

  • The niche and its competitors
  • Demand in the direction and its relevance
  • The willingness of a business owner to provide changes on the website, content and form of information presentation

Why work with us

Since 2006, SEOTM Company has been represented in the Ukrainian internet and digital technologies market. During 13 years, our team accumulated experience and achieved best results for more than 800 successfully implemented projects in 20 countries.

Advantages of working with us:

  1. 1
    A website complete analysis, revealing its potential and opportunities. An integrated audit is the first stage of works
  2. 2
    Effective promotion strategies work out. Our professional team undergoes constant training in new SEO-technologies trends and opportunities, search engine algorithms
  3. 3
    A comprehensive approach to promotion. Your website has been optimized from the technical and commercial point of view, the content has been created around the desired semantic core
  4. 4
    Providing relevant works for TOP-ranking in search engines, maintaining the conquered positions
  5. 5
    Many years of expertise in promotion
  6. 6
    Achieving best results for all websites types
  7. 7
    Excellent prices, individual cost calculation. We meet your needs to get a noticeable result for reasonable budget

Our SEO Tools

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Integrated SEO website promotion in search engines

Our company offers an integrated approach to promotion, which means next activity performance:

  • Website audit and technical errors fix
  • Search engine SEO promotion
  • Context advertising
  • SEO copywriting
  • SMM promotion
  • Reputation management

We work on several traffic sources simultaneously, which increases the requests number and reduces the cost of each customer.

We are familiar with numerous tools, which allow making use of the most resultative income-generating resources. Intensive pace of promotion helps to increase investment returns from obtained customers.

Stages of search promotion

Search engine promotion undergoes several stages. All of them should be strictly kept.

The main stages of your site promotion:

Name %
The market, competitors, website analysis 14
Work with resource structure 28
Creating a semantic core 42
Correction of technical defects 56
Content optimization 70
Work on usability 80
External optimization of commercial resources 88

Effective website promotion

Promotion involves not just analytical work and following instructions. This is a complete creative process for professional team.

There is no universal recipe for effective promotion, as the market and demand are very dynamic; target audience’s mood and requirements change quickly.

Internet marketers and SEO-optimizers are the artists of e-commerce, who create successful projects using various approaches and techniques. Moreover, so is our SEOTM team.

We share our cases where our approaches and clients results are described.

Website promotion price and the cost of comprehensive promotion

The cost of the commercial resource promotion and advertising is calculated individually. It depends on the state of the website, starting positions, the demand for a niche, geographical location and many other factors.

We have a transparent pricing policy. We detail the cost of each type of work in the invoice.

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Obtaining TOP positions for your website will reveal your business potential. The concept of your business will find its support and further development after having reached the high lines in search results. Let your customers find the service or product you offer. Promote your website with our professionals!


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