We regularly update our website with amazing SEO case studies. This time, we would like to present a compelling case study, a detailed accounting of how we have promoted web pages in one of the most popular markets for websites, the United States. Let's take a look at the initial values and the final values.

Task details: The website GEO was in the US. SEO efforts included targeting the US market, which is a really competitive niche. Before we took over this project, an Indian company had been working with the website for a while, but the results did not meet the client’s expectations.

In brief, our project action plan was as follows:

The SEOTM team started the SEO project for the website under consideration at the beginning of 2020. The initial stages of our team’s SEO process included technical SEO, competitor analysis, and link profile analysis.

Based on the completed competitor analysis, the action items on our list included:

  • combining crowd links and backlinks from blog articles
  • accomplishing smart distribution of links on the web pages
  • determining the best dofollow vs nofollow backlink ratio
  • determining the required number of links and growth dynamics.

As a result of our professional team’s SEO efforts, we achieved a more than 2-fold increase in organic traffic. The organic traffic has grown by 76.16% in 2020-22, as compared to 2019-2021.

SEO Case Study for the B2B Website in the US Market

Before our team took over the SEO project for this website, the company’s backlink profile was mostly created by the spammy unanchored links coming from the Indian websites. We managed to replace and significantly refine the quality of the links, using powerful sources from the English-speaking regions, mainly in the USA and Canada.

SEO Case Study in the US Market

Below is the graphical representation that shows the growth dynamics and demonstrates the SEOTM’s successful efforts to significantly increase both the quality and quantity of the backlink profile:

seo for b2b referring domains

The change in the link regionality and quality had a significant impact on the quality of the traffic: 87% of the website visitors represent the target audience based in the United States. Take a look:

seo for b2b, trafic

Below is the website ranking map:

website ranking map

We aimed our efforts at refining our client’s backlink profile. We gave special attention to the preparation of the thematic blog posts, publishing high quality content. As a result, the semantic core of the website expanded significantly. Take a look:

semantic core of the website expanded significantly

The total number of organic keywords has grown from 1,500 to more than 4,000.

What are the website rankings gained from traffic and organic keywords? The screenshot below provides the answer:

in the top 3 and top 10 on more than 300 keywords

The website holds leading positions in the top 3 and top 10 on more than 300 organic keywords.


The project is in the top 5 for all queries as prioritized by our client.

All in all, here are our conclusions:

  • The niche under consideration is growing extremely well due to the natural web referencing.
  • The correctly done internal linking is super critical for SEO.
  • A mix of crowd links and blog links is the winning combination.
  • It is important to audit the quality of inbound links.
  • These types of websites demonstrate good Google E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness — three criteria used to evaluate the quality of the web pages.

Do you find our SEO case study examples inspiring? Would you like to achieve similar results to speed up your SEO success? Would you like to discuss some outstanding and effective ways to promote your website for the US market? If so, please contact us. The SEOTM team will be happy to take on new projects.

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