For a long time, SEOTM experts have been delivering international SEO services to GlobalMedik, a medical tourism company based in Turkey, employing advanced SEO tools and Facebook ads. Our medical SEO services to GlobalMedik have been focused on the continuous improvement of the major components of the GlobalMedik’s website, with our client identifying priority areas and services.

First, we defined a set of the project objectives:

  1. 1
    Optimize the website
    and eliminate the common technical SEO issues.
  2. 2
    Bring more organic traffic
    to the website.
  3. 3
    Increase the number of inquiries
    submitted online.
  4. 3
    Present recommendations
    on how to improve the website.

Specifics of the Medical SEO

Health care is a complex industry because of the high diversity of tasks involved in the delivery of usually expensive patient care and services. Medical service is a complex marketing product, with its own specifics if promoted online. The healthcare market is characterized by an extremely constrained competition, created not only by the healthcare facilities and clinics but by the major patient portals as well. Patient portals, general health centers, and specialized clinics compete for free search traffic in different fields of healthcare and know how to promote their specific services effectively.

With the introduction of Google's Medic Update that affected health-related businesses, significant consideration is to be given to the authority of the content uploaded on the medical website. The target audience of the medical services are usually people who don't have a medical degree. Your website pages must have all the information a patient requires to make an informed decision and select your company as their ideal provider. The medical website should showcase your unique services and convert a visitor into a patient.

SEOTM knows how to get the medical companies in front of prospective patients and accelerate their business growth with exceptional SEO strategies. The process of medical content creation is a very particular field associated with highly specialized terminology. Ultimately, the goal is to make your website content more visible on Google and bring in new patients. Medical SEO, as implemented by SEOTM, drives traffic to your website — and patients to your doors.

Our SEO for health-related websites begins with a detailed, page-by-page optimization of our client’s title tags and H tags to ensure they are properly structured to improve search rankings. Next, our experienced SEO copywriters prepare content that gets results: They know how to use medical keywords effortlessly.

Besides, we recommend our customers to regularly post new content on the website in the form of blogs: It is an effective way to reach new patients and is a part of the digital marketing plan we outlined for GlobalMedik.

SEO Strategy Implementation

We delivered a well-rounded marketing growth strategy to our partner, GlobalMedik, and completed the following:

Comprehensive SEO audit.
Semantic core compiling; semantic clustering.
SEO guidelines for the new GlobalMedik website.
Troubleshooting tips and techniques for the current site.
Content creation and improvement.
Link building.

GlobalMedik Project: How we did it

We have used actionable tactics and figured out where and how to increase organic traffic to the GlobalMedik’s site, bringing it to the top 3 and top 10 of the most popular search queries. A key to success is to develop a realistic SEO content plan, stick to it and produce high-quality written content consistently. These efforts, doubled by the overall website trust evidenced by trust signals, had contributed to the success of the project, raised brand awareness, and helped the company’s website to survive search engine updates. A signal was created for the search engines that GlobalMedik's website is continuously producing great content that needs to be crawled.

Typically, a copywriter writes the text on the instructions of our client, adhering to the technical tasks (TORs) provided by our team, with GlobalMedik’s medical professionals further editing and proofreading the text to ensure its accuracy. This method helps us to make sure that the text contains the information our client’s audience is looking for and the produced text is unique, specific, and high-quality in terms of expertise, trustworthiness, aesthetical attractiveness, and readability. However, this is a very time-consuming method that does not allow us to produce a significant amount of texts in a short time frame. To make the work more efficient, we prefer to draw up the TORs several months in advance to ensure that the new content is produced and posted regularly.

Since the project has been implemented within a large-scale website structure, with a significant number of anticipated categories to work with, the client had been regularly identifying certain medical services as the fields of priority and defining areas for more intense SEO operation. First and foremost, the website's structure was developed and implemented with all types of pages in mind, allowing us to effectively scale the website and get great search results from Google.

Global medic website

Medical Site SEO: Key Aspects

An important key step in creating high-quality content for a medical site is to establish a sound page structure, and then fill it up with original and compelling subject-matter content blocks that will add value to the content and boost the overall search relevancy of your pages. Here are the links to the website’s best examples:

  1. 1
    One of the important aspects of building the overall information structure of the site is to develop the structure of the individual pages describing medical services or specialties. A link to the website’s hair transplantation page:
  2. 2
    Individual content blocks displaying information about medical clinics and the top physicians of these clinics are considered the most important commercial ranking factors of any medical tourism website.

SEO Project Results

Our SEO project for GlobalMedik drove successful results: The organic traffic of the company’s website climbed to 634,172 sessions per month from the beginning of 2021 to July 2022.

The site has a wide link profile that allows it to get a lot of traffic and cover a large number of keywords.

Medical SEO Services AHREFS

Backlink Profile of Medical Website

The site has a continuous positive increase in the number of inbound links, which strengthens its profile:

Backlink profile of Medical website

Domain Rating

The domain rating of the site is constantly growing:

medical website domain rating

Organic Keywords

The TOP-10 contain more than 500 keywords.

Organic keywords of Medical Website

Organic keywords Medical SEO

Organic Traffic

Over 2021-2022, both general and organic traffic has been constantly growing.

Organic Traffic has been constantly growing

GlobalMedik's search traffic has increased dramatically since the implementation of the SEOTM-developed SEO strategy. In face of high competition in the field of medical tourism services, GlobalMedik's website got to the top of search results. 85% of the total website traffic comes from Google's organic search and it is the result of the consistent and well-defined SEO efforts shown by the SEOTM team. The effectiveness of our SEO efforts with GlobalMedik’s website is largely due to the well-established relationships with the customer as well.

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