Advanced Remarketing Services

We will set up targeted advertising and remind the potential customers about you both on the most visited websites, and on social networks to those users who have visited your website but did not make an order.

Remarketing (or retargeting) technologies allow you to customize your ad campaigns regarding your website visitors. Reminders about your products or services warm up users and encourage them to purchase.

Remarketing is extremely needed in such spheres as real estate, tourism, the automotive industry where a purchase decision is not made immediately. It is also used in other industries as many people procrastinate before buying a product, or are accidentally distracted by a message, a call, or a disconnection from the Internet. It is very important to remind the client about your company or product again and bring him back to the site.

Who Needs Pay Per Click Remarketing Services

  • Leisure, travel, and tourism companies: hotels, ticket booking systems, and travel agencies
  • Retail and online stores of all sizes
  • Educational projects
  • Real estate companies
  • Automobile dealers

Google Remarketing Services

Remarketing enables you to get traffic that gives the highest conversion. Thus, 30% of visitors who did not buy anything the first time make a purchase when they visit the site again.

We work with every user who has ever visited the site. It is rather often that sales are not closed when a user comes to the site for the first time. So, remarketing increases the number of calls and requests. To make advertising as effective as possible, we analyze the qualitative indicators of user behavior and adjust the advertising strategy according to the findings.

Ways to use your data audience segment with Google Ads:

  • Website visitors
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Data segment for Search ads
  • YouTube users
  • Customer Match

Facebook Retargeting Ads

How it works

95% of Internet users have an account on at least one social network (Facebook, Instagram). If a user has visited your site from a browser through which he enters the social network, he will get into the retargeting audience and will see the ad.

What will you get

We will identify the best audience segments, think over the ad texts, and will return to your website recent users who have shown interest in your product, service, or project on Facebook.

How Does Retargeting Work

Developing an advertising strategy %
Gathering Information about the Audience 10
Testing 20
Campaign optimization regarding the ad account 40
Campaign optimization regarding conversions 60
Audience segmentation 80
Reporting 90

Gathering Information about the Audience

To take into account all users who visit the site, we install a special JavaScript code (pixel) on the site and select a rule for collecting users. It is possible to include on the audience list those who have visited certain webpages, or specify the number of days during which the system stores data about visitors.


Initially, we test the ads to detect the one, which has the highest conversion rate, CTR, or other metrics we track.

Campaign optimization regarding the ad account

To identify the audience and its segments accurately, we formulate and test hypotheses. Thus, we bring to the site as many users from each assumed segment as possible. Our specialists collect data and carry out tests on a minimum budget. Such practices prevent you from wasting your budget on ineffective impressions that users will not react to.

Campaign optimization regarding conversions

The analysis of users’ behavior on a website and their purchasing intent is a key factor ensuring the success of an effective retargeting campaign. We single out the segments with the highest conversion rate and direct our work around them.

Audience segmentation

Reaching the audience through impressions to non-target users is a mere waste of money. Therefore, we segment the audience at all stages considering the following indicators:

  • The time of the last visit to the site.
  • Gender and age of website visitors.
  • Session duration and number of pages viewed.
  • The pages, visited by the viewers.


We constantly monitor the main metrics and prepare a report at the end of each stage. The report presents the common indicators of the advertising campaign, the average results for each segment, the detailed data by day, and a plan for the upcoming period. We agree on the form and frequency of reports with the client.

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