Project information

  • Type of company: construction
  • Service: machine plaster 
  • Priority search engine-Google (65.60% traffic)
  • Promotion tool: Google AdWords
  • Average monthly traffic(calculated for the last 6 months)-720

Business Features

Company specialization-internal finishing and mechanical work. Business is seasonal in nature. The company is considered to be a sufficiently experienced market participant, but wants to expand the range of permanent customers in the Kiev and Kiev areas. Construction and renovation of apartments in the region are actively under development. Competition is very high, so our customer has sought to occupy masthead places in the search-out-through a convincing presentation of the quality of his services.

Customer's wishes

Bring the conversion traffic to the site. Before the cooperation with our team, the company did not have promotion. The rate of attendance and income of the site were low. We have set ourselves the goal of increasing the target traffic with ads in Google Adwords.

For this, we had to:

  • set up Google AdWords contextual ads to the needs and features of the target audience (inhabitants of elite and cottage areas, multi-family houses, etc.);
  • run high CTR announcements that attract the attention of potential customers and become an integral part of the sales chain. The ultimate purpose of the advertisement is to bring the traffic to the landing page, where visitors will see the services and order the manager's call;
  • work with the relevancy of keywords to avoid unnecessary wasting of costs. The user who contacted the browser with request like "order concrete ladder Kiev" should have seen the relevant ads from our customer. It leads on the page where it can obtain more information about the service and make the order;
  • achieve the best clique price, reduce the cost of attracting a visitor;
  • monitor campaign results on a daily basis to assess the level of conversion, costs and rapid adjustment.

The services we have been working to promote:

  • Google AdWords Ad Network-Create, configure, and advertise.
  • Google Search Network- reaching the TOP positions of the search by ads
  • Google Analytics-assessment of progress.

During the work on the project, we used:

  1. Advertising campaign directions:
  2. Advertising campaign directions:
  • Google search network campaign;
  • On Google Search Partners (context-media network - CMN).
  • by general and category queries-direct advertising of services "Machine plaster", "The native plaster of the walls", etc. The user sees advertisements for specific services-including price, time of performance, guaranty on works;
  • by regional requests. We have chosen the keywords corresponding to the geography of search (Kiev).

Advertisement settings

Show time

The schedule is picked individually for each ad group.


Manual control of bids-maintenance of advertisements in the right positions, with the limit value of the clique. Different bids for ad groups and requests.

Placement Positions

Average position-2.3

Daily budget


General Content

Indicating the benefits of the service, its cost, the speed of execution, the call to the target action (order, visit a specific section of the site)

Number of extensions

Maximum - addresses, phones, refinements, additional links and information.

Works we have undertaken

  • Google Analytics counter setup and further adjust. It was done to evaluate the results better, track all sources of traffic, audience, and user behavior on the site.
  • Sctructuring campaigns by section of a site. We've created a special ad group for each type of service. Queries have been collected on topics of website sections.
  • divided campaigns into categories with different targeting. Gathered the characteristics of the target audience (age, income, interests, professional and family status) and formed ads, that met their expectations.
  • Daily search queries analysis. It is required to replenish the list of keywords and minus words because in the active construction season queries from potential customers are constantly changing.
  • A/B-test ads-to identify announcements with the highest CTR and conversion.
  • Regular control and optimization of daily budgets, their distribution to the most profitable groups. This is how we sought to avoid the situation of unnecessary customer costs.

пример объявления

Results of our work


After the end of the period of cooperation

Total advertisement coverage (number of shows)

23 994

Number of visitors

3 918

Average ads CTR


Average monthly traffic (based on cooperation period)


Average bounce rate (calculated for the period of cooperation)


Average number of leads from PPC (from the period of cooperation calculation)


Conversion coefficient


Average lead cost (order cost)

84,2 UAH

Today, the traffic from the PPC ads to the client's website is 60.5%. Other transitions-from links to other sites, social networks, and bulletin boards.

For example, traffic with contextual advertising for a month. We see that the number of entries decreases in the first few months because many potential customers are in a hurry to take vacations. Closer to the middle, attendance is starting to grow again, and by the end of August the daily traffic exceeds the starting elevation of 600 sessions.

The customer is satisfied with the progress and is now cooperating with our specialists. This project is one of the most stable and lengthy in work history of SEOTM team. We started working with the customer in November 2014 and improving the quality from month to month.


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