Some people can ask questions: "Is it suitable for B2B or B2C?"; "Is it efficient for a clothing store and a private kindergarten?" And some people just act decisively, because trading through a high-quality CRM is profitable and relevant anytime and anywhere - especially on the World Wide Web.

Why Is It So Relevant?

About 10 years ago, calling potential customers was the best way to sell products. By that time, cell phones appeared in all segments of the population, including those over 60. Calling was much faster than visiting customers with a commercial offer or sending an email. And there were no other ways to initiate a personal conversation with most buyers.

Everything has changed now. Many years ago the Internet was used mainly by young people (under 30). But now there is a large part of the country's population among the users (about 90%, 2/3 of them - every day). And even making calls via the Internet has become easier and more profitable for many people.

In light of these events, there is a rapid rethinking of the mobile calls function. For many subscribers the best option is to communicate through messages, and telephone conversations are accepted only among the closest people.

It makes sense. The messenger will always show whether you are online or not. And even if a message is sent, it will not be heard with a cheerful peep in the addressee's pocket during a responsible work.

As a result, a cold calling is becoming less relevant. One of the main indicators of this was proposals from telecom operators to prohibit receiving calls from unfamiliar numbers.

But the Internet has become a place where people are much more willing to make contact. It's psychologically easier for them. Many people will put the phone down, barely hearing an unfamiliar voice, as they are afraid of saying something wrong. When a potential client deals with the text he feels protected. And this is an opportunity for your manager to charm him.

The effectiveness of the new sales channel is also confirmed by the numbers: 95% of Instagram users believe that it is better to advertise products and services here. If you conduct a survey on other social networks (Facebook) - you will see the same result regarding these services. But these are tens of millions of users, this is the young generation of managers and entrepreneurs! The question is - how to successfully sell on social media?

How To Sell On Social Media With Bitrix 24?

Like any other CRMs, it is aimed at automating business processes: managing all the company's activities by using one program. Automation of trading in messengers will help you to deal with:

  • an impressive number of social networks that are not easy to follow;
  • difficulties in contracting directly through these platforms;
  • difficulties with collecting statistics.

This is exactly what Bitrix24 is geared towards. To do this it provides a simple integration mechanism.

How Do Social Networks Integrate With Bitrix24?

After installing and opening this program, you will immediately see the filter menu on the left side of the screen. The "Contact Center" icon will lead to a field where you can add any sales channel: "Instagram", "WhatsApp", "Telegram", "Facebook", "Skype", telephony, email, etc. All of them will be represented by colorful icons.

Here the manager can move to the dialog box with each of his clients. Furthermore, this field will collect messages from all social networks and instant messengers that have been used since the beginning of communication.

If during the dialogue an agreement was reached you can immediately send a form to make a deal. To do this, just click on the button - the corresponding window will open. You need to select the type of product - the entire product range of the company will also be uploaded to Bitrix24 - indicate the price and discount, if any. One more click and the form is submitted.

Most likely, the recipient will see it on the smartphone screen. He will only have to make sure that his order is understood correctly and pay in one of the popular ways. Most people find it convenient to leave a link to their bank card and confirm via SMS that they are indeed making a purchase.

As you see, the result is faster and more efficient than cold calling. After all, a client can talk to a manager in the morning and even agree to cooperate, but in the evening he can forget about your company's existence and react to a repeated call indifferently or even aggressively.

Such a problem will not arise on social networks, since there will be a history of dialogue and the client will definitely see that he has already talked about this topic and agreed that the offer is extremely beneficial. He will see the company logo with the "Official Page" icon and understand that the interlocutor can be trusted.

How Will Bitrix24 Help The Sales Manager On Social Networks?

Previously, the manager had to log in each service separately - now he will keep everything he needs for work in one place. In one click, you can send the client not only a form for making a deal, but also special information files that can be created directly in Bitrix24 - Pages.

What is it? Marketers have noticed that most of the questions are of the same type and do not require much effort to answer. For example, a furniture dealership is asked: "What material is the Model A cupboard made of?" And it is much better to write one standard answer, which will differ in conciseness and completeness at the same time.

This answer is called Page. It is enough for the manager to send it without adding anything from himself. At the same time, the possibility of a salesperson's creative answers on non-standard questions also remains. But there are much more similar questions. Practice has shown that even if the information is clearly presented on the official website, users are still inclined to ask and then ask again about the points of interest.

Therefore, it is very important for the manager to group them and not waste time on each separately. To do this, Bitrix24 has several customer filters. Highlight those who made a purchase in the last 30 days and send them an offer to rate the company and service manager on a 10-point scale. Or focus on those customers who have not made purchases for a long time, notifying them about a new line of products/services.

How Will Bitrix24 Help The Sales Executive And Entrepreneur?

All the information available to the manager will also be available to his superiors. They will be able to view the history of the deal of each individual transaction and thereby control the manager preventing deception. Many employees managed to steal huge sums from the company by negotiating with customers on one resource (for example, Instagram), and agreeing on another (in Whatsapp), which was not controlled by the business owner.

With the CRM, an entrepreneur can check where his money is going at any time, even if he is on a long trip. To do this, he just needs to download the Bitrix24 mobile application.

Also, you can check all orders of an individual person or users by clicking on the "Contact Center" icon. This will help to improve marketing strategy, develop a unique selling offer, and strengthen the weak link of the company.

You will not need to spend much time and money on the selection and training of employees. The fact is that only those who have excellent communication skills, have a well-trained voice and react quickly enough to changes in the interlocutor's mood can sell through cold calls. The sales in instant messengers only require elementary text writing, and sending Pages to potential buyers. Employees with such functions can be paid less.

And if one of the managers slipped up, you can protect especially important clients by transferring them to another manager. To prevent this from happening again, Bitrix24 has developed an interface for creating a sales funnel on social networks. This colorful scheme will describe each stage which the seller and the buyer of your particular company goes through.

What Other Pros Does Bitrix24 have?

It can be useful for every business. Many company owners are delaying the installation of the CRM, fearing to make a mistake in choosing a service and overpay. But they will lose much more by delaying business automation. There were cases in which the CRM made it possible to increase turnover significantly.

You will need to spend from 2,000 to 10,000 per month on the sales department - the exact amount depends on its size, as well as on the list of selected functions. You can place 100 orders for free.

And here are some other Bitrix24 pros:

  • Use the capabilities of the task-manager. Setting tasks for your subordinates correctly is an art. And the CRM will help you master it. Try to set a sales plan - the service will show you which part of the plan has been completed, how much time the department has left, which channels are used for the concluded deals, etc.
  • Use a calendar that makes it easy to plan the working day of your employees.
  • Communicate with them using corporate chat. And if you don't have a website yet, Bitrix24 will provide a constructor to create it.
  • Turn to CRM analytics. This is a Bitrix24 tool that collects data about leads, the number of transactions and their total amount. In the same place, this data will be distributed among managers.
  • Check out the work of an AI-marketer. It will calculate the probability of success of transactions and analyze the payback of advertising channels by comparing the income from targeted advertising (for example, on the social network Vkontakte) and its costs.


  • cold calls are in the past, sales on social networks are the present and the future;
  • To make this future colorful, it is imperative to install the CRM. It will allow you to collect all the information on an individual client and social network, group customers and automate communication with them;
  • as for Bitrix24, it allows you to get enough tools for tracking, managing and studying sales channels for a wise price.

In addition, online sales are an unplowed field that is waiting for a diligent worker who can reap a rich harvest. And you can become such an employee!