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It is not a secret that nowadays the world is changing rapidly and becoming more digitized. That is why the modern technologies implementation determines the company’s success. Today being digital - means to survive. So it is difficult to imagine the modern company that does not use a CRM-System.

One of the best solutions in the software for sales management and customer relations market is Bitrix24, which allows you to use all the benefits of the digital world.

With its help you will be able to:

  • sell more;
  • turn up on time;
  • work smoothly;
  • make customers love you more.

Previously we have mentioned the advantages of the CRM-System using. Now we will just say that you can find a lot of ways to make your working process easier, more effective and innovative with Bitrix24.

What are the main sales department tasks in a modern company?

  • the target audience for the company's products or services accurate definition,
  • attracting a sufficient number of new customers with an optimal acquisition cost,
  • successful completion of transactions with a high conversion rate,
  • ensuring a sufficient volume of repeat sales,
  • increasing the loyalty of current customers of the company.

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a perfect tool to accomplish these tasks and even more!

Let’s examine more closely what useful tools can you find for your business in Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 CRM-Module

Let’s start from the CRM-Module. This tool will help you to sell more. All the requests (phone calls, messages, emails, open lines on the site or in social networks) will be featured in Bitrix24. So you can be absolutely sure that you fully control the clients traffic, and that the funds spent on lead generation were not wasted, since the data entry process will be automated. The sales process is described and standardized. So there is no way for employees to forget about any deal. CRM will certainly remind you if any of the transactions was left unattended. In addition, the sales process can be automated at many points. Bots will be able to send messages to your customers and much more.

Tasks and Projects

The next module is “Tasks and Projects”. This tool will help you to work smoothly and turn up on time.

You can easily set a task, track its progress. Bitrix24 will surely send you a reminder if the task is not completed on time. So with Bitrix24 it becomes really easy to control the execution of tasks. You can also choose a convenient way to work with tasks: list, kanban, calendar or Gantt chart.

Contact Center

The next module is the “Contact Center”.

This tool will help you to maintain liaison with your customers in all possible ways. So it will be convenient for both clients and your employees. The tool makes it much easier to achieve customer’s love. All communication channels, Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte pages, phone calls and email can be connected to Bitrix24. So you don't have to worry about your employee forgetting to enter the client's contact information into the system. Also, you will see the entire history of communication with clients, since all correspondence and conversations will be recorded and saved. It is convenient for clients that communication takes place in a channel that is suitable for them.

Websites and Stores

“Websites and Stores” is another valuable tool provided by Bitrix24 for the efficient operation of your company.

Want to sell online? With Bitrix24 you can create a website in its convenient constructor. Your website will immediately have an online chat, callback forms, various CRM-forms which are modern and effective ways to collect applications. Let us remind you once again that all data from applications (customers’ contact details, their requests and orders) will be automatically entered into CRM.

Company Module

“Company” is another tool that we want to tell you about.

Thanks to this module your company will be able to work smoothly. With Bitrix24, you will gain a single communication space for employees of the entire company. And along with it - an easy, quick search for information, the ability to plan a schedule together with colleagues and save all important documents and information on Bitrix24 Disk. It remains only to choose a license and an implementation package.

The CRM Bitrix24 Implementation Process

Business processes and sales department diagnosis. %
Business processes and sales department diagnosis. 15
Sales funnel construction. 45
CRM Bitrix24 setup and implementation. 80
Staff teaching. 90


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