SEO Content Writing Services

For SEOTM, content writing is a real art of generating compelling texts that bring visitors to a website and convince them to undertake certain actions. Applying up-to-date SEO practices, we create findable content that is rearranged for success and drives qualified visitors to the site.

Professional Website Copywriter Services

If you are striving to enhance engagement, expand the visitors pool, and increase sales volume, our expert copywriter services can help your business attain its objectives. We view a copy as a crucial component of a website since it poses a strong potential to bring together your business and its target groups, making people address your company and even buy your product or service. So, it is worth investing in proficient copywriter services to get to the top of search results. Our team includes professional copywriters from different backgrounds who can deliver magnificent and persuasive copy. Consider main copywriter services provided by SEOTM.

Full-Site Content Audit

We provide a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your website content aimed at revealing strong and weak points in the content strategy. A content audit allows you to adjust the content plan to the marketing goals, detect the texts that generate more leads and improve the page rank.

E.A.T. Analysis

Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness are the core criteria of website evaluation by Google. We conduct thorough research on how quality testers assess your website. Then, we give recommendations on how to improve your E-A-T and enhance rankings.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis of your business gives the ins and outs of your competitors’ work and their marketing strategies. It helps you rank for the most essential keywords enabling your business to stay atop of the market trends and prevent the competitors from overtaking your position.

Content Optimization

If a compelling content on your website can’t be found by your audience, it drives no leads. This fact makes content optimization a crucial element of a successful marketing process. Our specialists can optimize the current content ensuring the top search results through implementing the best SEO practices and including the keywords properly.

Popular Content Types We Offer

Great content is crucial, but its types are not less important for the marketing strategy. Developing the right type of website content is a real science since what has worked for one business and audience may be completely useless for others. SEOTM specialists generate content that ensures high ROI, great engagement, and bigger conversions.

Here are some forms of content we can create for you to catch the target audience, get to new markets, and drive enormous growth.

Blog Posts

Blogging has evolved into the sophisticated type of writing that is used to build authority, trust, and establish relationships with the target audience. Blog posts are extremely shareable and are easily found by search engines which makes them advantageous in terms of enhancing search results.

Service Pages

When developing the content for your service page, we try to anticipate the needs of the customer so that after reading the text they perceive your products and services as the right solution. We tailor service pages that show your strengths and make your business look great.

Landing Pages

The landing page content we generate is engaging, marketing-friendly, and conversion-oriented. The value of such writing is determined by its relevance to the subject matter of your business and its compliance with the key principles of the AIDA marketing model.

Case Studies

Case studies have unbeatable advantages for internet marketing as they give consumers the confidence in trusting the product or service by presenting reliable evidence of its value and sharing unique customer experiences. A well-structured case study can be used as prime material to reach a bigger amount of potential customers and boost your SEO across various platforms.

Product Descriptions

Well-tailored product descriptions can considerably better the conversion rate. Such type of content affects the decision-making process of potential customers. Years of experience in content writing have empowered our writers to craft informative and persuasive product descriptions that strengthen your brand recognition and improve.

Press Releases

Press releases are an effective and affordable way of promoting businesses and their websites through immediate advertising of your product or service. A well-written press release gives you numerous benefits like sales increase, on-the-spot exposure to an established audience, a spike in web traffic, and authenticity of your brand.

Web Content Writing Process

To tailor keyword-rich content that is easily found by search engines, we cooperate with you to fully comprehend the topics and subject matter that can be most appealing to your potential customers. No great content can be created without good promotion methods and well-orchestrated procedures. At SEOTM, we offer you a turn-key content generation solution focused on informative and compelling texts designed to boost search traffic. The content writing process includes the following steps.

Concept %
SEO Brief 20
Keywords, Topics and Intents Research 45
Comprehensive Content Writing 85
Content Optimization and Promotion 100

Why Choose SEOTM for SEO copywriting

We are proud of our talented team of creative copywriters who are always ready to craft a story about your product or service in a compelling manner. Our digital marketing agency has partnered with thousands of clients from different areas, which means we know how to generate content that delivers results immediately.

Professional SEO Writers

Our SEO writers are highly skilled and passionate about generating quality content. They have already worked on numerous projects from various industries, which means enormous experience in content writing. We provide carefully crafted and optimized content that brings more organic traffic to your website.

100% Unique, High-Quality Content

Text quality and uniqueness are our priority as they influence the way website visitors perceive your brand. A great deal of research is done before writing a piece of content to make it 100% original. Plagiarism and spinning are unacceptable both for us and our clients.

Market Expertise

Content marketing expertise can help you understand what your prospective customers are looking for. So, you will know which search request your SEO copywriting should focus on.

SEO Ecommerce Copywriting

Ecommerce content writing implies creating texts with buying-focused keywords that reduce the time users spend on their way from search to purchase. In case you are an eCommerce company, you should hire professional SEO copywriters who can create engaging product pages to bring in customers who are ready to purchase.