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Become Noticeable in Today’s Digital Ecosystem with a Personalized Website

A website is a mainstay of any business since it ensures the company’s presence in the digital market. Moreover, a website is a touchpoint for a potential customer. Just a few seconds are needed to capture visitors’ attention and form their opinion about your business. That is why a personalized website design is extremely important for creating a distinctive online experience for your site visitors and enhancing your brand recognition.

Statistics have proved that 88% of American customers search online before they purchase something or visit a physical store. Lacking a professionally designed website, you can lose a considerable number of online customers that ruins your reputation, and decreases conversion rates.

SEOTM compares favorably with numerous custom website design companies. We offer a wide set of custom website design services that will provide you with a responsive website design that gives your users a clear understanding of the brand, its offerings, and main values. Our designers know how to develop a website, which can be easily found and navigated by the target users. Investing in personalized website design can bring in the increase of your brand awareness.

Custom-Tailored Web Design vs. Website Templates: What’s the Right Choice for Your Brand/ Business?

A website is a platform where you communicate with your clients. To get the most of it, you should decide whether to opt for a custom-fit web design or website templates. A website template is a predesigned resource with a particular structure for a layout and display characteristics of any website. It makes the work of designers much easier as they need just to plug in the texts and images into a framework built through CSS or HTML. You can save money with ready-made templates but you get limited options of colors, fonts, and images. The main drawback of such a design is the absence of uniqueness.

On the contrary, a custom-tailored web design helps you start and promote an exclusive brand through thoroughly developed webpage elements that serve your company objectives. The price of custom web design may be rather costly but it is worth investing in because it has numerous advantages. Web design allows you to represent both your unique products and personality.

Custom web design ensures a personalized touch and a great user experience. Another considerable benefit of such a design is that it enhances search engine optimization and fosters higher rankings. Thus, you benefit from developers and SEO specialists at the same time. The latter implements best practices that’ll help your site rank better on search engines.

WordPress Custom Website Design

Being the most popular website creating tool, WordPress is a great solution for companies that lay a strong emphasis on the content they publish on their sites. Public and private institutions take an advantage of WordPress enjoying its constantly increasing list of plugins necessary for creating a customized digital experience. Using WordPress design and development services, SEOTM experts can set you up on a user-friendly platform that can be easily optimized for search engines.

Custom eСommerce Website Design

The importance of eCommerce business has almost doubled over the last decade. eCommerce sites have changed not only the way people shop online but the way businesses sell and promote their products. A solidly built eCommerce website is a cornerstone of any retail business operating online. Ordering a custom website design you benefit in terms of mobile-friendliness, relevant search results, better user experience, SEO rankings, etc. Our team is aware of the necessity to utilize the latest technologies to boost your profitability and sales through a robust eCommerce website design.

Custom Website Design Cost

Custom website design cost like the cost of any digital product can be tricky. No web designer can tell you the exact sum immediately. Time is needed to know your requirements that will affect the price. As a rule, custom website design cost depends on its complexity, a number of web pages, features, and whether it is a redesign of the existing website or creating a new one from scratch.

  • Custom Website Design


    WordPress custom website design

  • Ecommerce Website Design


    Customized e-commerce design

  • Web Portal Design


    Business-oriented and user-friendly web portals design


Custom Website Design Process

Following a well-structured and holistic website design process helps us to deliver successful websites fast and efficiently. The main steps in custom website design include:

Points %
Goal identification 10
Scope definition 25
Sitemap and wireframe creation 45
Webdesign creation 80
Content creation 90
Website layout 93

Customized Website Development

Custom web development mainly focuses on the target audience to put your business ahead of the competitors. Website customization involves reshaping some business ideas and strategies through advanced website development tools and optimized coding. A huge advantage of a customized website development consists in the possibility to adjust it to your requirements and goals. In the process of development, a website is tested to see how it operates on different devices.

Choosing a custom website design package at SEOTM, you get a website adjusted to your goals and brand identity.

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