PPC Advertising Services (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Digital advertising solutions from SEOTM will promote your business generating more qualified leads and driving sales. Our full PPC services ensure you get maximum return on your advertising investment. Hire us for launching an exceptional marketing campaign backed by proven lead generation strategies that deliver real results.

Lead Generation

Lead generation means evoking consumer interest for a certain product or service and eventually turning that interest into a sale or conversion. This process includes two steps. First, you need to work out an effective mode of attracting new users to your website. Secondly, you have to persuade them to share their contact information via a special web form. The main methods businesses use to enlarge traffic include SEM, SEO and PPC.

Leads created via PPC advertising represent the most efficient strategy, which requires payment only when a person clicks on the ad that has been successfully put on websites, or social media platforms. PPC enables companies to get to their target audience the very moment they start looking for information about a certain product or service. Thus, companies can get more leads that will eventually turn into clients.

PPC Process

The initial stage of any PPC campaign is to collect and analyze the data about the business and its competitors. The findings of the survey allow for setting particular aims like raising brand awareness, building up sales, and driving more leads, etc. Then PPC specialists should decide on the suitable platform, which will help you tailor the best plan for your advertising campaign.

Another crucial part of the PPC process is setting a budget, which can be rather limited for such sort of advertising. The next move to undertake is to research and choose the keywords that will contribute to the success of the campaign. The most significant stage involves creating a catchy advertisement that can grab visitors’ attention and hold their interest. The last but not the least stage is testing the ad to make sure it performs the way it was planned.

Name %
Identify Goals With Budget In Mind 10
Keyword Research & PPC Strategy 30
Managing PPC Campaigns 50
Campaigns Launch 80
Monitoring, Optimization & Reporting 90

The Most Typical and Effective Types of PPC Ads

The Most Typical and Effective Types of PPC Ads Innovative methods in advertising enable companies to earn at least $2 for every $1 invested. But this average ROI is not what we are striving for. Our top priority is to make certain your enterprise gets the largest potential revenue. To attain this goal, we will develop the most efficient sorts of PPC advertisements that are described below.

Search Ads

This type of advertising is an efficacious tool that implies showing an advertisement in the results of search engines every time a person is trying to find a service or product proposed by the advertiser. A search ad is sure to grab visitors’ attention and encourage them to click on it in case it corresponds to the keywords entered on the search engine.

Display Ads

The majority of marketing specialists believe that display ads are a powerful tool of catching people’s attention on various digital mediums like various sites and social media. A display ad usually contains a text, an image, or a video encouraging users to go to a landing page and perform a desired action. A bigger part of such ads are charged on a CPC mode.

Remarketing Ads

As a robust marketing instrument, remarketing advertisements foster visibility of a certain brand and persuade the prospective customers to convert to the website for a specific offer. Remarketing ads are usually sent by a company to users soon after they have visited the site, or have taken an action there. Remarketing guarantees qualified leads and incredible ROI.

Google Shopping Ads

As a majority of individuals are searching for goods mainly on Google, ads placed on this platform let you get exactly where the prospective customers can be. Shopping Ads placed on Google answer the search requests of particular users displaying a required image of the product, its price and some supplementary information. With such ads your business gets a tremendous advantage of gaining premium positions in search results.

YouTube Ads

YouTube has evolved into a platform with gigantic and unique potential where viewers get bombed with ads the very moment they turn to it. Whichever format of YouTube ad you choose, you will succeed in promoting your brand awareness, converting on sales and even retargeting viewers.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Product promotion via Gmail is a special ad type that appears in Gmail boxes of users. Such promotions run on the Google Display Network and look like ordinary emails. As people tend to check out their inboxes regularly, your target clients will see an advertisement and hopefully will click on it to know the details of the product offered.

Consider a Set of PPC Management Services We Provide

Since the emergence of search engines, various businesses resort to PPC services to enhance their online presence. SEOTM experienced digital experts offer PPC services that will showcase your brand uplifting paid traffic and creating more leads. We have a staunch commitment to deep comprehension of the business, so that our specialists can develop a result-oriented advertising campaign adjusted to your unique brand.

Keyword Search and Analysis

Since keywords are an indispensable part of any PPC strategy, one should spend enough time and effort on their search. A comprehensive analysis will show you the keywords applied by people when they are looking for a certain website. Keyword analysis helps us unveil queries to go after and their popularity. It also reveals the beneficial role of these words for SEO. If keywords are selected correctly, they contribute to better optimization practices resulting in the first pages of search engines for your company.

When creating a keywords list, we understand that stuffing these words into your content may be insufficient. It is more important to understand users’ intent which is the most significant factor affecting search engine rankings. Applying efficient keywords research tools, our specialists test keywords to specify a research field and enhance your competitiveness.

Custom PPC strategy

When crafting a PPC strategy for your business, we try our best to reach out to prospective customers. We assume that people get annoyed receiving loads of spam and enduring banner ads while surfing the internet every day. Regarding this fact, the PPC campaign implies sending personalized messages to the clients to achieve the desired aims.

To customize the overall advertising strategy, we utilize peculiar targeting tools through the Google Display Network allowing for showing your ads to users when they are visiting various sites. Our professionals have profound knowledge and skills to effectively implement different sorts of marketing including contextual, placement, demographic, and topic targeting.

Insights into PPC Management

Opting for SEOTM PPC services, you will be awarded with a canned solution to design, explore, and modify an advertising strategy. On top of that, you will cooperate with a skillful team that has invaluable experience in managing fruitful and profitable ad campaigns.

You can benefit from a set of services presented below.

  • Elaborating a customized approach adjusted to the company’s goals
  • Selecting powerful keywords
  • Applying Google and Gmail Targeting
  • Performing a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ advertising strategies
  • Designing and testing an ad copy
  • Managing ad bids to obtain a maximum profit on investment
  • Improving ad performance through optimization and redesign of the present ad copy
  • Overseeing and updating the account settings to better PPC efficiency
  • Tracing lead calls
  • Submitting regular reports on the advertising campaign progress

Ads A/B Split Testing

To determine the most efficient ad headlines, pictures, ad copy, and CATs, PPC specialists resort to A/B testing known as split testing as well. A/B tests mean comparing two versions of the ad and defining their performance potential. Thus, marketers can offer two variations of the advertisement to different groups of Facebook users to find out which of them is more functional.

To obtain valid results, advertisers display the A/B tests for a few weeks. As soon as the experiment is over, marketers will draw a conclusion on the particular ad option that outperformed another one. The analysis is always backed by data obtained from a statistical significance calculator. Revealing the most effective ad’s designs favored by the target group, split testing exerts a beneficial effect on the whole campaign.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Online traffic is extremely inconsistent and unpredictable these days. If you fail to convince visitors to join a conversion funnel when they come to your website for the first time, there is little chance they will come back again. A successful optimization campaign will help you avoid losing potential customers. CRO is a consistent practice of website or landing page optimization by raising an amount of visitors that perform a desired action like filling in a form or turning into a regular customer. To work out an efficient CRO plan, one should clearly comprehend which aspects to optimize and which groups to target.

Optimization services are meant to bring a steady flow of qualified leads resulting in more conversions from the current website traffic. Traditionally, the most significant pages that should undergo optimization embrace home, blog, landing, and pricing pages.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Boosting conversions of a landing page is the major aim of its optimization. To begin with, our agency detects urgent problems that cause a drop in conversion rates because of poor design or functionality. Then, we study the behavior of website visitors to find certain operation flaws.

To know which part of the landing page users are clicking on, heat maps are used. But they are not a single means of presenting valuable data. Such tools as confetti maps, scroll maps, and overlay reports can also serve the purpose.

Landing page optimization involves a number of certain practices enumerated below.

  • Modifying a landing page so it is easy to navigate
  • Crafting a comprehensive and appealing content
  • Testing CTA text
  • Doing A/B tests of several headlines
  • Ensuring reliability and trust
  • Reducing load time
  • Optimizing a landing page for search engines

Google Tag Manager

When running a PPC campaign, we apply Google Tag Manager to embed tracking tags that keep you abreast about conversion data. Google Analytics empowers PPC specialists with considerable advantages. When dealing with Google ads, it is possible to connect an AdWords account with Google Analytics, which gives insights into significant metrics. With these tools combined, you get a multi-channel funnels report that uncovers whether a paid advertisement contributed to the conversions.

Google Analytics also helps keep track of landing page performance and detect the pages that are not user-friendly. Executing a PPC campaign, we are selective about the audience to which your ads will be shown. Google Analytics comes here at hand as its metrics define a visitor pool that is highly likely to buy the advertised product. Data obtained from Google Analytics data will be beneficial if you are planning to launch a remarketing campaign.

What Makes SEOTM Stand Out Among Other PPC Service Providers?

At SEOTM, we have experienced PPC strategists who are always ready to work out and launch a rock-solid ad campaign that will give fast, significant, and lasting results for your company. We understand your goals and go above and beyond to make sure the PPC campaign brings you substantial profits. In case you are looking for the best PPC team, consider the following factors that may convince you to choose us.

  • image-1
    Comprehensive PPC Audit and Optimization Advertising Plan
  • image-2
    Monitoring, Optimization and Detailed Reporting
  • image-3
    Multi-Location PPC Advertising Services
  • image-4
    Dedicated Pay Per Click Specialists

Comprehensive PPC Audit

Get a qualified PPC audit from SEOTM to receive some recommendations on how to improve the performance of your advertising program. PPC audits are essential for the immediate success of PPC management since they allow for detecting inefficiencies with the current ad approach and finding ways to solve the problems. Applying a set of effective in-house PPC tools, we dive deep into the practical methods of optimizing your existing advertising plan.

Detailed Reporting

We submit a transparent and comprehensive report as we progress with implementing PPC services for you. The most essential benefit of a PPC campaign is the possibility to track the results using the analytics. Thus, you are always aware of the strong and weak points of your PPC campaign. SEOTM specialists keep you informed about the outcomes of ad testing to make sure your website receives maximum traffic and conversions.

Google Partner

Being a Google Partner, we are lucky to have gained access to powerful tools, technology and support that we leverage when offering our PPC services. This enables us to put our clients first and move their companies forward to large incomes and stability.

Multi-Location PPC

Local PPC advertising is a tactic worked out to target the ideal group of customers within a certain territory. We apply this method when we are expected to tailor highly effective personalized campaigns. Utilizing multi-location techniques in Google Ads empowers our team to communicate your message to the prospective customers regarding their geographical location. We view such a kind of PPC as a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal as it enables us to target users across countries, within a particular country and in multiple locations. Moreover, the possibility to choose a distance radius around a certain area is extremely beneficial.

Dedicated Pay Per Click Specialists

SEOTM specialists have reached a pro status in PPC. Our workers are real masters of the advertising art and their talents include various spheres of digital marketing. PPC experts from SEOTM are aware of the current marketing tendencies and are constantly monitoring the techniques utilized by the competitors. We view SEO as a crucial part of any PPC campaign. So, our specialists have profound skills of embedding SEO in PPC that produces impressive and desired results within a short term. The vital goal of our team is to assist businesses of different sizes to obtain more traffic, qualified leads, and bigger profits.

FAQs Concerning PPC Management Services

What is meant by PPC?

PPC advertising is a practice applied in online marketing that consists in placing ads on vitally important online platforms and charging a fee only on condition an advertisement is clicked by a user. Such a technique gives a possibility to advertise your products directly to desired audience that is interested in particular offers.

What do PPC management services imply?

The main advantage of PPC management services is expert help in developing, launching, and conducting a solid advertising campaign for a set fee. This range of services is aimed at fostering conversions growth and profits increase for your enterprise.

What is the cost of PPC management services?

The services cost rests on the workload associated with managing an advertising campaign of the particular business and may vary. SEOTM is a highly reputable internet marketing agency that offers excellent advertising services at an affordable price.