Project information:

  • Pump equipment and accessories online store
  • Contextual advertising Google AdWords
  • Region: Ukraine

Customer Business Features

A manager who takes calls and orders must have the technical information for the pumping equipment and understand its tags and views. This knowledge is particularly important for preprocessing an order when the customer is only interested in pumping equipment.

The business has a certain seasonality: the peak of the pump equipment is in April-May. 

Customer's wishes

The customer complained that the site has few visitors, no orders, and therefore the income from the online store is small. Current advertising campaigns are inefficient, and each lead is too expensive. We have set the goal of increasing the target traffic to the site and announcing the target requests in the top shows.

For this, we had to:

- analyze and reconfigure the Google Adwords ad campaigns so that announcements match the needs and characteristics of the target audience.

- run advertisements with potentially high conversion that attract target traffic to the site;

- monitor campaign results quickly-to control conversion, cost, and quick campaign correction

- reduce the cost of attracting one customer.

The services we used for promotion:

  • Google AdWords Ad Network- creation, configuration and advertising.
  • Google Search Network- to display ads in the top search.
  • A display network- for posting ads on Google partner sites.
  • Key Collector- to collect and analyze target queries.

In the project, we have launched 5 types of advertising campaigns:

  1.  General and category queries-"buy pump", "buy circulation pump", etc.
  2. Branding requests (for specific pumps brands)-with specifications, price and special sales terms (discounts, shares)
  3. Dynamic Search Ads(DSA)- apply Google technology to automatically select the landing page on the appropriate request. With a minimal amount of time, they provide more coverage to the audience and increase the number of targeted visits and conversions. Allow you to evaluate the search engine site for content relevancy to users ' expectations.
  4. The navigational requests - "pumps * The name of the online store *", "internet store * name *". This campaign has provided an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of the previous advertisement, which is reflected in brand recognition.
  5. Remarketing (including dynamic)-for users who have already visited the site but have not purchased. Contain special offers (promotions, discounts, special delivery terms).

The manual bidding management strategy was to ads- it allowed holding ads shows on top positions, indicating the maximum amount that would be available to pay for the clique. The strategy has used the following methods:  

  • different rates for each group of announcements, brand queries, and regions.
  • the profitability of placement analysis and redistribution the budget in favor of the most popular ads.

During the campaigns setup, we used such parameters:

Show time

24 hours a day, until the daily budget is exhausted

Placement Positions 

1-3 positions

Daily budget

Up to 1000 UAH

General Content

Product benefits, online shopping benefits, call to action 


Location, call, sitelinks to specific item tags

Work that we have undertaken:

  • Customize the Google Analytics counter settings. Previously, there was a standard counter on the site that did not collect data for remarketing. We made the necessary changes to the counter code and reconfigured the targets.
  • The e-commerce tracking module connection. It was not possible to evaluate the ads correctly because there was no information about the sources of the transactions and their income.
  • Ad campaigns setup for catalog sections and product categories
  • Daily search queries analysis-to extend the list of keywords and minus words
  • A/B testing- to identify the most clickable and conversion announcements.
  • Regular monitoring and adaptation of daily budgets, distribution by the most profitable announcements.

Results of our work:

Посещения по результатам рекламы

Indicators Result

Total advertisement coverage (number of shows)

 11 261

Number of transitions on the site 

 1 381

Average ads CTR  


Conversion coefficient 


Average lead cost (order cost) 

 258 UAH

Average check

3 248 UAH

The customer is satisfied with the results, decided to continue our cooperation.

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