Mobile App Design Services

Custom App Design

This service allows you to get a customized app with greater flexibility. Usually, custom mobile app design focuses on a user-friendly interface bringing together the simplicity of features and clear design. Combining the best technologies in the area, we can design a successful app that meets requirements and is convenient to use. Custom mobile app design gives your business a considerable advantage in terms of boosting interest among the clients, building strong brand recognition, and raising more profits.

Mobile App Design Company

SEOTM provides efficient and comprehensive mobile app design services that put stress both on solving company problems and satisfying user needs. We create custom mobile app designs that assure a great user experience. Our mobile app design services rest on effective cross-team communication. We apply time-proven technologies that make the whole design process easy, especially the stages of creating a prototype and releasing the app.

Mobile Application UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is the core of our mobile potential. This service goes along with mobile application development. Our specialists make certain that this design is in tune with a brand image and retains the current color scheme, fonts, and graphics. However, we are ready to redesign your image or develop a new mobile app that stands out visually. Our specialists use the best designing instruments to create efficient human interface design for iOS and Android.

Mobile Application Design Process

While developing an app, whether with the help of traditional software tools or no-code systems, it’s necessary to remember about the integral purpose of the solution from the very beginning. The app’s success depends greatly on designers’ ability to combine the best practices related to functionalities and design. Simplicity, consistency, and clarity are the major requirements to follow in the design process. If they are kept, you are likely to achieve coherence of visual appearance and functionalities of the app that contributes to a better user experience.

Points %
Goal identification 10
Setting the scope 25
Design prototyping & UX wireframe 45
Software architecture 70
UI design process 90
Technical Development 93

Mobile Application Design Cost

Designing a mobile application involves a wide set of tasks including users and competitors research, UX/UI design, graphic design, logo design, etc. Solving these tasks can be time and efforts consuming. Usually, the cost of mobile app design depends on the complexity of the project, the expertise level of designers, and the number of platforms the app is supposed to operate on. One more important factor that affects the price of the service is the team you hire and its location.

  • Simple Mobile App


    Might take about 40-80 hours to design

  • Medium Complexity Mobile App


    Timestamp at around 100-150 hours

  • Complex Mobile App


    Count 200+ hours to design


Affordable Mobile App Design Services

The pool of mobile developers is constantly growing. So, you need to balance your money with experience and quality. If you hire freelancers at a low cost, it can be difficult to control their work during the whole development process. A better option is to address a professional team of designers that guarantees unique perspectives and approaches at an affordable price.

Graphic Design Services for Mobile App

Graphic design at SEOTM does not imply a standard approach to design services. the freedom for clients to implement their ideas. We do our best to combine clients’ ideas, our technical potential, and the latest market demands so you get the best-selling solution for your company. Mobile app design that has some flaws will not be very popular among users. Developing an exclusive custom layout and a rich color scheme, we can bring the uniqueness of your mobile app to life.

At SEOTM we have a tried-and-tested design process that can be divided into several stages.

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