If your ambitions have outgrown boxed solutions, you must consider taking other strides, such as in-house development, custom software development service, or dedicated software development team. SEOTM offers both collaboration models: Custom Software Development for Startups from scratch and Dedicated Team Model (DTM).

As an entrepreneur, you must test your business idea and determine your product value. We will build your minimum viable product (MVP) to validate your established product idea and help create better versions in the future, using customer feedback.

MVP refers to the technique of launching a basic version of software products in stages: creating the first workable version, validating it on the market, collecting post-release feedback, and launching the next versions.

Despite fast unfolding time and reasonable price, the MVP development is a high-quality project. MVP development with SEOTM includes:

  • image-1
    Project kick-off meeting
  • image-2
    Product backlog formation and analysis
  • image-3
    Prototype analysis
  • image-4
    Finalizing the proposal
  • image-5
    Accomplishing Project with the Scrum Framework

How to Develop a Startup?

We follow a proven sequence of steps to ensure your startup’s success by doing the following:

You contact SEOTM to discuss the project.
We conduct analytics and gather analytics requirements.
We create product prototypes and build designs.
We offer end-to-end solutions for your project.
We start, implement, and deploy the project.
We provide technical support and maintenance to ensure your product’s relevance in the future.
We manage organizational risks and handle technical issues.
With SEOTM, you do not bother about the administrative aspects like hiring, training, or motivating a new software team, but stay focused on more high-level business goals.

Take advantage of our team’s higher level of expertise and specialization. Use our Custom Software Development for Startups service if you need a well-performed software product launch from the ground up, or develop and release an MVP in the short term.

Actionable Steps for Startup Technical Implementation

Points %
Creating technical assignments and choosing the right tech stack. 10
Developing corporate brand identity and brand mark logo. 20
UI/UX. 30
Interactive prototypes and design. 40
Extensive tech stack in frontend development. 60
Extensive tech stack in backend development. 80
QA. 90
MVP launch. Beta version release. 100

Web Development Technologies

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  • image-5
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  • image-5
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Development Tools

  • Redmine / JIRA–issue tracking and agile project managing system

  • GIT–a version control system for tracking changes in code

  • phpStorm, WebStorm–integrated software development environment

  • Selenium DIE–jMeter, quality assurance

communication tools

  • skype
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • Slack

Fixed-Price (FP) vs Time&Material (T&M)

Given the nature and scope of your project, you can choose the right cooperation and billing model that will govern the software development for your startup: fixed-price vs. T&M. Many customers go with the FP since it is well-documented and predictable: You set schedule, scope, and budget at the negotiation stage. The FP billing model works better for small projects.

For large-scale non-standard projects, we use a T&M contract that specifies that the project is undefined and open-ended and that an accurate estimate can not be provided. The T&M billing model allows for charging a fixed hourly rate for the labor involved and reimbursements of costs for materials.

You can opt to combine the FP and T&M models.

Dedicated Software Development Team

For large-scale long-term projects, which can expand in the future, you can settle on the hybrid model, widely used in software development – a dedicated software development team (DTM). By hiring DTM, you will have a team of experts hand-selected solely for your startup’s goals. With DTM, you will pay for the number of actual hours worked.


  • The advantage of a DTM format is its focused approach.
  • DTM allows for as much freedom, flexibility, and time as you need to complete your project.
  • No worries or extra expenses on hiring, training, paying taxes, bonuses, fixing errors, etc.

Your DTM’s composition depends on your needs but usually consists of a remote project manager, tech lead, software, frontend, backend developers, QA, and testing specialists.

Note: Opting for the DTM is a good idea if your project requires 200 to 400 hours of development time per month.

Which cooperation model to choose?

  • If you are accomplishing a one-time project with an unpredictable workload or placing your MVP on the market, but lack the expertise, time, or competencies to move forward, going with the Custom Software Development for Startups service from the very beginning is the best option. SEOTM’s-delivered service enables you to flex and scale.
  • The DTM is great when you have outlined clear development plans for the next year or two, and your growing startup requires 200 to 400 hours of development time per month. By hiring a DTM, you’re asking professionals to ensure that somebody is always available to work on your project and get things done better and faster.

Develop Software for Startups with SEOTM

If your startup needs to hire a custom software development team, consider SEOTM: We worked with different industry verticals and various software components. We translate your dreams and ideas into market-ready software products. We execute web development projects of different levels of complexity. We help with the ground-up build and feature improvement projects. You have ideas, we have tech expertise.

Benefits of working with SEOTM:

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    Flexibility to changing product functionality
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    Business transparency
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    Efficiency provided by smart resource and volume of work management

If partnering with SEOTM, get ready to receive the MVP for your startup in 2 to 4 months!

  • We will create a future-proof software product to respond to your company’s needs.
  • Our methods of software development allow you to make changes or adjustments at any stage.
  • You can choose the extent of your involvement and control over the project.
  • We ensure transparency in the development process and predictable results.

Reasons to Entrust SEOTM With Startup Development

SEOTM is a reliable partner with many years of expertise in the industry. We deliver great technical quality and dedicated developers.

  1. 1
    We provide a full-cycle process, from planning and analysis through product design, development, implementation, QA, and deployment. We execute fast, with an eye for scale. We offer outstanding business prowess, tech craftsmanship, and leading-edge technology.
  2. 2
    We serve international clients in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and other countries.
    No matter your location or time zone, we will keep in touch at any time.
  3. 3
    Sometimes, businesses turn to us to complete a software development project started by other developers. We have techniques to pick up the project at any stage and deliver robust and secure software for your business.

SEOTM will help you confidently come onto the market and stay at the top of your game.

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