Development technologies

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Development tools

  • Redmine / Atlassian JIRA - issue tracking and agile project managing system

  • GIT - a version control system for tracking changes in code

  • phpStorm, WebStorm - integrated software development environment

  • Selenium DIE, jMeter - quality assurance


communication tools

  • skype
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • Slack

Why SEOTM Digital Agency for Startups?


    We have the experience of creating more than 20 startups and it matters. We created products in the areas of booking, education, marketplaces and others. Thanks to this, our experienced team understands the essence of the product and adds value.


    We believe in a lasting relationship. Practically for all start-ups, we continue to support and develop them, filling them with new and new opportunities.


    To create a software product people of different specializations are required. Choosing SEOTM for your product, you get: product manager, designer UX, architect, experienced programmers, QA. We ensure the right attention throughout the life cycle of the product. We have the right skills and scale to quickly and quickly create your product.


    We understand the problems associated with working with startups, including changing specifications, flexibility requirements, long and odd working time and experience in advanced technologies.


    All our work is carried out by our own team of experts to provide absolute control over communications, development methods and quality.

    From the very beginning of the development of UX, development and QA for launch, deployment and marketing, we provide you with all the services in-house. So, you do not need to juggle between multiple solution providers, but rather focus on your vision to build an excellent product as possible.

MVP development

MVP development (a Minimum Viable Product) — shortest possible way of project launch and its testing.

This is a high-quality project despite its development speed and moderate price. Developing MVP at SEOTM includes:

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    Kickoff meeting at the start of the project
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    Forming and analysis a Backlog
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    Prototypes analysis
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    Proposal finalization
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    Working on the project using Scrum 

 We are ready to deliver your MVP in a 2 to 4 months collaboration.


How do we work on projects?

We use the Agile approach with its Scrum methodology for project management. Communication and transparency is a top priority. You will always know where we are in the development process, whether your team plans, codes or tests.


Why do we use Scrum?

You get a ready-made piece of functionality that has already passed through QA at the end of each Sprint. Thus, it allows you to run the product in the early stages of its development. The Customer is also most involved in the development process. Due to the flexible approach, you can change the amount of work at any time, while maintaining the quality of the final product.

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    Flexibility to product functionality change
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    Business transparency
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    Efficiency provided by smart resource and volume of work management

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