We will run a thorough SEO audit and make specific recommendations to improve visibility of your search engine. Trust our expertise: we have been doing professional SEO services since 2006. In our time of auditing and improving dozens of websites, our experts attained a wealth of knowledge in many web-based activities and computing-related fields.

We give an overall score to a website as a whole and also scrutinize individual pages. With our own SEO audit experts and SEO software available, we are perfectly equipped to uncover and remove the SEO issues from your site and start making you more visible to the audiences that matter to you.

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Why to Run an SEO Audit?

The following are some reasons why you should do an SEO audit on a regular basis:

  • Perform technical SEO audit to expose technical errors.
  • Check if your site is compliant with the best SEO practices and ever-changing search engine webmaster’s guidelines and algorithms.
  • Improve conversions.
  • Find traffic growth points.
  • Make adjustments to outdated content, or missing meta tags, or broken images.
  • Improve UX.

Look at the technical component of your site: Fix issues plaguing your site to get indexed by Google faster and bring higher rankings. You should not miss out on valuable traffic. Enlist professional SEO audit services to optimize your site for search properly.

What to Expect From an SEO Audit?

Following the audit findings, we will deliver a detailed SEO audit report outlining all foundational issues hurling your site, along with actionable recommendations which areas should be overhauled. You will make your website more competitive if you follow our advice. Besides, our specialists will provide more active guidance, if needed.

What is Included in a Technical SEO Audit Services?

The technical SEO audit is examination of site's technical components that relate directly to ranking factors. We crawl your pages to find 404 errors, missing content and meta tags, perform backlink audit, test speed, review keywords, assign pages, turn site indexing on. Once an audit is complete, we deliver recommendations on how to improve your website for better performance.

Duplicate pages is an example of the issues that may be tangibly destructive to your website. We employ specialist software to find doubles and remove as many of them as possible.

Main Types of SEO Audit

Below are the most common types of SEO audit:

  1. 1
    Technical SEO Audit
    Technical audit covers the site's technical aspects: architecture, server response, page loading speed, indexability, URL code structure, presence of duplicates. Site architecture simply means, “The way information is organized.” Google detects which pages are the most important by looking at the site’s architecture. Your site’s loading speed is also an important ranking factor for Google.
  2. 2
    Local SEO Audit
    Local SEO audit is centered mostly on a website's performance in local search results.
    An example of the local audit is when examining whether a business’s NAP is presented correctly across major business listings.
  3. 3
    SEO Link Audit
    This type of audit looks at a site’s backlink profile to determine potential opportunities and problems.
    No SEO audit is complete without formulation of suggestions to build site-specific internal and external hyperlinks.
  4. 4
    Mobile SEO Audit
    Mobile traffic is responsible for 60% of Google searches.
    We utilize specialized software to determine if Google considers the design of your website mobile-friendly.
  5. 5
    SEO Content Audit
    This helps us determine which content brings the most traffic and conversions, which pages need a refresh, and which should be removed.
    This type of analysis employs user behavior metrics.

Main Steps of the SEO Audit Process

Values %
Receiving request 5
Project evaluation by SEOTM specialists 10
Work and cost estimates* 15
SEO audit depending on the chosen service package 30
Assessment of the website content 50
Analysis of the backlink profile 75
Draft technical assessment to eliminate detected errors 90
Support at the stage of technical assessment implementation 95

Work and cost estimates*. The key factors of estimation are current state of the website, specialilty in business, projected scope of works. The average time for the search analysis of the website is 5 days.

The cost of the evaluation does not include the cost of removing any errors, if discovered. After the technical assignment for website errors has been produced and the price has been negotiated, SEOTM experts will immediately perform necessary adjustments to your website.

We Make Use of the Greatest Tools Available.

SEOTM experts employ specialized tools to expedite the auditing process and eliminate the risk of human error. Most SEO audit software works in the same way: it crawls all of your website's pages to check for technical and on-page issues. However, understanding the data provided by these tools may be complicated, and implementing technical changes can be as tough, so hiring a professional SEO auditing firm can help you improve the results you achieve from the audit.

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