How We Used Our SEO Expertise to Increase Organic Traffic for the Healthcare Website

Medical and pharmaceutical topics are some of the most complex and highly competitive in the search results. This is due to the presence of a large number of reputable, trust medical themed portals that have been building their capacity over the last five years, as well as a large number of online pharmacies, drug sites, clinics, laboratories and drugs aggregators. There is a fighting in this niche for each search query.

Information About the Website:

  • health portal that provides detailed information about viruses, their forms and treatment;
  • the age of the site - 2 years;
  • the region of promotion - Ukraine;
  • the main part of the site - information about viruses, thematic news.  

The Purpose of Website SEO Promotion:

  • bring the site into the top 10 for the needs of the target;
  • increase traffic and attendance.

Areas of Work at Website SEO Promotion

Our experience on the site promotion is based on both: the convenience of the site usage with a focus on relevant and interesting content with a convenient extradition. This approach makes it more effective and efficient reference strategies, website optimization and content strategy. Therefore, in the first place we eliminate existing bugs and give recommendations to improve resource.

Work On the Technical Optimization:

  • created a mobile version of the site;
  • tags have been affixed - canonical, noindex, nofollow;
  • implemented breadcrumbs with micro layout ;
  • pagination  on the sections was implemented;
  •  site search was implemented;
  • the font was changet to a more readable;
  • the redirects of outdated or missing pages were made;
  • regular updating of the site map.

Organic Traffic Increase Through Content

Since the project is informational, the bulk of the time was devoted to working with the content. On a regular basis, we were preparing and placing the latest news and interesting articles, relevant to the topics of resource. On the landing pages the seo-optimization of the texts was held, as well as text formatting for easy reading,  we placed the themed images and infographics. Also the manual relinking between pages with related topics was performed.

Working With a Reference Profile

In the construction of the reference profile we prefered to post the high-quality resources of the following themes: "Healthcare", "Pharmacy", "Beauty", "Home", "Family", "Women" portals. Also the links were placed at the frequently attended news sites. Mostly links were extracted at the Ukrainian sites.

Services Provided During the SEO Promotion:

  • audit of the site was held,as well as the analysis of niche competitors (focused on the content analysis);
  • technical changes were made;
  • site functionality was modified;
  • carried SEO-optimization;
  • the site is filled with relevant articles and news;
  • we received a large number of references to the thematic trust resources. Particular attention was paid to the formation of anchor sheet and the dynamics of getting links.


  • extradition in the top 10 of about 50 organic keywords, including 25 requests in the top-3, 1st place at the most basic one-words (search query) with a frequency of 10,000 queries per month;
  • increase in organic traffic up to 3000 people a day;
  • Trust and credibility of raising resource. The major news portals began to invoke onto the site, as an authoritative source.

График посещаемости с органического поиска ноябрь-дек 2016

Chart from organic search traffic for November-December 2017

График видимости в поисковой выдаче Google январь-декабрь 2016

Chart visibility in Google search results for January-December 2017

 When promoting large projects and portals it is important to conduct an integrated approach to project work and team work. The SEOTM Working Group consists of: Seo-Optimization specialist, Web-Developer (changes on the site), Copywriter (work content), Designer (design of infographics and images).

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