The B2B logistics market—like any other segment of the logistics market—is an increasingly competitive environment: You have to excel in this fast-paced business of ratcheting competition and acquire as many customers as you can.

Logistics SEO, if done consistently, will place your website front and center for all of your prospective customers. Our time-tested experience within the logistics sector proves that websites that rank high on Google and generate quality search traffic are the best sources of bringing in new customers for logistics companies.

One of our clients specializes in global B2B international logistics and multimodal transportation of goods to/from the US, Europe, and China. For several years, SEOTM has been providing logistics SEO services to this B2B company to stand out in the crowd and build its own successful client base. The creation of a multiregional website, as advised by our experts, greater contributed to explicitly target new customers in various countries and grow business globally.

logistics seo domain rating

Several years back, SEOTM  started the SEO promotion of the brand new website of the company we are referring to, with a zero domain rating.

Business Tasks and Goals

Our task was to conduct a comprehensive SEO promotion of our client’s English-language website to help new customers find the company’s global B2B freight business, with a focus on the US market as a priority. The client anticipated higher ratings in the top search engines, greater traffic, and more web service requests.

The first step when starting the logistics SEO for this company’s website was to conduct semantic SEO research and develop the semantic core. The project semantic core was determined by the volume of services provided by the company. We made sure that the searches that had reached the top were related to the company's B2B freight business. The semantic SEO, as introduced by SEOTM to the site owners, made communication between our client and its customers easier.

logistics SEO keywords

SEO for our client wasn’t about stuffing the company webpages with keywords, but establishing it as a credible source of information within the logistics industry.

Comprehensive SEO Promotion

Internal Site Optimization. Key Aspects

During the internal site search optimization, 5 key aspects to work on have been identified:

  1. 1
    Unique metadata.
    We created unique page titles and meta descriptions for each landing page.
  2. 2
    Content structure.
    After conducting analysis of the top competitors, we determined the content structure of the website's landing pages.
  3. 3
    Internal linking. We established a hierarchy of internal links so that the pages with the highest priority get the maximum internal link mass. We used both internal content linking and internal linking blocks to distribute link mass.
  4. 4
    Web page load speed. Working closely with the developers, we increased the download speed to 2 s. We achieved a Google PageSpeed score of 87 points on desktop and 80 points on mobile.

External Optimization: Competitor Analysis, Link Strategy

We started the external optimization of our client’s website by performing competitive link analysis. The competitive link audit included:

  • analysis of the total number of backlinks of the top 10 logistics sites.
  • analysis of the backlink dynamics throughout external site optimization.
  • backlink type analysis. We performed a thorough analysis of the sites where links have been placed.
  • analysis of the ratio of backlink types. We identified the sites where the backlinks, including permanent article links, rental links, crowd links, and others, have been placed.
  • analysis of the anchor list’s naturalness. We identified common anchors found in the competitor's link profile.
  • analysis of the density of the main anchors. We looked at how often the same anchors are found in the competitor's link profile.

After an in-depth analysis of the top competition link profiles, we have developed a transparent strategy for building a healthy and diverse link profile for our client’s website. We added a number of outbound links to increase the count of visitors and improve the rate of returns.

logistics SEO domains from AHREFS

As a result, we achieved a gradual increase in link mass, which was an important factor for the project's success.

Content Management

Our experienced SEO practitioners conducted a detailed analysis of the English-language competition websites in the field of international logistics. Subsequently, based on the outcomes obtained and formed semantic core, the copywriters prepared unique English-language content for all webpages of the site.

The following activities were generally at the core of our content efforts for the company:

  • Drafting and publishing articles on the company's blog.
  • Conducting topical theme interviews with the company's management. Publishing the interviews on the website.
  • Rewriting and reposting interviews on external blogs.
  • Setting up Google analytics.

Over 2021-2022, we completed the following:

1. Created an expert-level content blog to fuel the publication of highly technical articles on logistics.

logistics SEO traffic regions

High-quality unique content makes the site rank better internationally, but most importantly, in the region of its intended promotion, the United States.

logistics international SEO

2. Built a uniform natural link profile for the website.

3. Achieved the website’s Google ranking on over 1,400 search queries.

TOP Keywords logistics SEO

4. Increased amount of the site traffic from 0 to 1,500 visitors per month, employing our best-in-class SEO practices.

Logistics SEO - Traffic from Google Analytics

logistics SEO organic keywords

Developing Viable Strategies for Logistics Sites’ Success with Google

SEO website optimization is an outstanding way to help any companies take the top places in Google search results. Developing an SEO strategy for your logistics business may seem overwhelming, but it’s a powerful tool used to create strong brand awareness.

Development of the future SEO projects for logistics companies will be based primarily on the creation, drafting, and distribution of high-quality content on the company's blog. High-quality blogging will keep the site alive and active, thereby expanding the target audience, attracting high-quality traffic, improving behavioral indicators, and helping you to be seen as an expert in your niche.

These days SEO is becoming more complex, transforming into integrated Internet marketing, capable of strengthening any company's position in the international market of logistics services year by year.


The history of any successful project is rarely smooth. Over several years of our logistics SEO efforts, we have survived several major updates to the search algorithm. There were reports of tremendous growth, but accounts of noticeable decline as well. Most importantly, we have always been trying to improve the project performance and move it forward.

Logistics SEO is an effective tool to communicate the value of your webpages to Google. Don't be hesitant to put fresh ideas and theories to the test. Remember, however, that success doesn't lie at the start of your SEO journey, but instead by consistent improvements that increase traffic volume over time.

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