Website Maintenance Services

A key to a successful tech project that leads to tangible results and generates profit is to establish a clear roadmap, continuously develop it, test hypotheses, expand functions, and provide ongoing maintenance. Besides, being quick and effective in troubleshooting, resolving problems, and fixing issues to keep the project moving forward is as much important.

Technical support for web projects is a set of services that help companies maintain the smooth performance of their websites, keeping the resources up-to-date and solving the problems in a professional way, with minimal time delays. Technical support is an important stage of the web development process that lasts as long as the website exists.

SEOTM holds many years of experience and a proven record of technical competence to develop a tailored IT solution for your business, build a sustainable future for your website, and quickly and efficiently identify and tackle errors (if any) in web operations. We are a team of professionals delivering long-term SEO projects and providing versatile technical support services. We have adopted Laravel and Yii2-PHP-Framework to handle and support complex web development projects, mainly because of the dynamic capabilities of these two platforms. We use WordPress (WordPress web development) to build and host corporate websites. We specialize in external (frontend) and internal (backend) turnkey project delivery.

The main technologies we use for the website maintenance services:

  • Laravel Framework

    Yii2 Framework


  • React.js



  • MySQL



  • HTML




We work with the following platforms:

Complex projects deal with a number of challenges, like managing websites with unique features and unusual designs. The complex projects require ongoing support, routine maintenance, and industry-leading response times that our seasoned SEOTM’s specialists are set up to render. Take the headache out of website support and maintenance. We will provide “first aid” to your website if it needs to be fixed immediately. We will support your website long-term. We will keep high-level business requirements high level.

  1. 1
    We save your time and money
    Outsourcing our team of tech support professionals will be a great way to jumpstart your immediate website maintenance: It will cost less than hosting an in-house squad and cause less hustle than working with freelancers. Normally, we assign a team of 3-5 tech support experts per project.
  2. 2
    SEOTM is about stability and predictability
    We utilize the best narrow tech stack — only Laravel, WordPress, and Yii2 — to provide faster performance and higher security for your website. Our web developers have been carefully selected. They possess the relevant qualifications and have demonstrated a vast amount of experience and solid knowledge, advanced programming and soft skills to secure and complete their work efficiently.
  3. 3
    Facing a new business problem? SEOTM is here for you to solve it
    Thankfully, through the adoption of tools and resources available in the world of web development and digital marketing, we will help you in tackling critical business problems and conflicts and finding the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. SEOTM’s tech stack provides our experts with a wide variety of tools and technologies they need to build and maintain your resource.
  4. 4
    We use high-level technical processes to ensure the stability and health of your website
    We treat web resources with care. We use either Sprint or Kanban methodology to see the state of work and evaluate what is working and what’s not. We automate deployments and web testing processes. Our backend developers do not fear the frontend, and the frontend developers will rock the backend.
  5. 5
    HR manager’s corner: Scaling teams
    Our HR manager will structure a powerful team for your business, will define and distribute work processes among the team members to align with the general goals of your project. If needed, we can expand and strengthen the work team with additional resources, such as SEO or PPC specialists.

What companies require website maintenance services the most?

Companies intending to:

  • Bring more clients and increase their customer base
  • Grow sales
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Lower costs — no need to hire an in-house team
  • Troubleshoot technical problems in a professional and agile manner.

Types of projects requiring ongoing tech support:

  • E-commerce and marketplaces
  • Information portals
  • Online services
  • Projects with personal accounts
  • Corporate b2b portals

Main Stages of Website Maintenance

Review and test the entire website 15
Website forms/checkout process testing 30
Technical SEO audit (Technical, On-page and Off-Page factors) 45
Security updates and bug fixes 60
Test browser compatibility: testing the functionality of your website when accessed through different browsers. 80
Website page speed checking 100

What are the Website Maintenance Tasks?

After the launch of a new website, you have to ensure that your site stays healthy and friendly for search engines. For this, SEO optimization, implementation of new payment systems and delivery services, improvement of UX design by influencing user behavior, and continuing updates are to be completed. With time, more ambitious project development tasks may arise, such as designing the registration and login function for personal accounts, developing loyalty programs, integrating into ERP systems, and other services.

Issue tracker

We enable our clients to use our own website issue tracking tool. Alternatively, we perform integrations with our customer's issue tracking software. It helps in estimating the timeline for website development and tech support, tracking the task progress, and changing the task priority if needed. The customers can also use a web analytics module to perform basic web analytics of their websites.

Most common problems we face

  • Frequent operational failures of your web project.
  • Poor collaboration across multiple technical support teams and, consequently, delays in identifying and fixing errors.
  • From time to time, customers run into web service failures.
  • Certain website functions, such as navigation between pages of the website, often fail due to the traffic spikes to the website during busy times of sales promotions.
  • Declining KPIs of the website project.

Common types of errors in website

  • Infrastructure errors, such as network failure, high server loads, and insufficient system resources.
  • Software errors, such as application errors when navigating to a new URL in the browser.
  • SEO mistakes - made by neglecting the requirements of a search engine during the web development stage.
  • Content errors, such as outdated price status, old-fashioned fonts, antiquated text, or intrusive images.
  • Integration errors, e.g. when data is not transmitted via API from an adjacent system.

How to Fix the Web Service Issues?

SEOTM’s tech support squad provides a suite of services to help maintain the stable operation of the website projects and professionally fix web service issues while minimizing the impact of outages. Our experts are just a click away, ready to fix any website crashes. Depending on the package chosen, our clients receive daytime or round-the-clock tech support.

Website Maintenance and Support Services Price

  • Laravel PHP developer


    web developer hourly rate

  • WordPress PHP Developer


    web developer hourly rate

  • React Developer


    web developer hourly rate



    web developer hourly rate


Assigning a team of professionals to resolve complex issues

It is absolutely not worth hiring in-house for web support. Outsourcing to SEOTM has many benefits over driving the in-house route: We have built a thriving support squad, consisting of a project manager, a business analyst, the development team (backend, frontend developers), UI and UX designers, and QA engineers (testing specialists) who are ready to take on any task, ranging from corporate web design to complete business process automation for b2b e-commerce.

We always welcome challenging and unusual tasks. If standard solutions are not for you, our developers will create custom software and web tools to implement specific functions to grow your online business better and faster.

Over the years, we have gained vast experience, tackling complex projects, high-load systems, and multifunctional services. SEOTM’s dream team comprises specialists with outstanding skills in very different backgrounds. Our specialists keep their knowledge and skills current, receiving the training they need at the best training centers.

In today’s world, customers make their business decisions before they even meet you in person. A decision to buy is based now on the online experience – more specifically, the accessibility, inclusion, and usability of your website. Maintenance, redesigning, or even rebuilding your web platform is crucial to your success. Here at SEOTM, we will keep your SEO efforts current, and your website up and smoothly running. Our expert digital team consisting of web development and Internet marketing specialists has helped many businesses dominate online, delivering top-of-the-line website maintenance services and producing powerful results.