Search Engine Reputation Management is a comprehensive activity directed at maintaining a company’s positive impression among users. A reputation manager identifies all factors, which destroy brand image, makes them neutral and supports users’ positive references.

There are various scales of projects. The competitors of some reputable websites and social media groups resort to black PR methods in their marketing wars.

Therefore, despite company’s transparency and honesty, an opponent's’ activity of this kind may easily spoil a company’s online image.


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We recommend to follow responds on brand’s reputation from the early days of creating a web site and its launch. As the saying goes, "A good name is sooner lost than won".

Taking care about company’s positive image in advance allows addressing the problems as they arise. Resultative communication with the customer may stop the spread of negative references on the Internet.

There are two different approaches to image management, namely constant work or ad hoc work.

There are also two situations when you need SERM services:

  • the number of negative comments and opinions about your company quickly increases on the Internet;

  • you plan to expand your communication with targeted visitors thus increasing the level of business.


Our professional services in reputation management will be beneficial for you in:

  • feedback processing, segmentation and control;

  • timely neutralizing of any negative messages in your address;

  • generating positive content about the company;

  • creating professional brand image;

  • taking relevant measures to argue within competitors’ and opponents’ attacks.


Reputation management services may differ in aims and forms.

We offer all types of brand image services.

  • SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management). This direction is connected with reviews, which appear in the search lines. Requests similar to a “company XXX reviews” will generate the managed websites TOP list with the good references. Moreover, it will form a positive opinion about your company or a product. SERM is usually combined with ORM (online reputation management) to increase significantly the efficiency of works.

  • ORM (Online Reputation Management). Using special tools, we may admit every new brand mentioning. These instruments monitor web pages, scan them 3-6 times per hour and report of any new brand comment or review.

The received data is processed, then grouped by different criteria, such as: customer problems, product questions, positive feedback. Another follow-up activity is message response, positive reviews motivation or adding.

  • HM (Hidden Marketing). Hidden marketing operates with various instruments. One of them is references or comments written on behalf of a customer or a user. Our agent writes some information or an article comprising comparison with a similar product or different models of other manufacturers. He shares successful experience of use or opinion, advises where to buy an appliance or a product. These messages look like real reviews of users and inspire readers to form a positive attitude.

Forums are also used as the websites for hidden marketing. Several agents act on them at a time. Their dialog or a content of their discussion leads a reader to the targeted company.


A reputation management strategy is developed individually. However, any project includes the following steps:

  1. 1
    reputation analysis; current reputation background audit of the company;
  2. 2
    working out targets to achieve;
  3. 3
    strategy development; determining types of services (SERM, ORM, HM), agents number, a set of tools and deadlines;
  4. 4
    monitoring and analysis; results monitor and control, analysis and adjustment of the strategy, long-term planning of reputation activities.


SEOTM company is fully responsible for your and our reputation. We demonstrate professional approach. Our work strategy is based on detailed analysis of the situation, your needs and financial framework.

We provide our customers with:

  • full reliability;

  • professional team;

  • absolute transparency;

  • adequate prices;

  • meeting deadlines.

We provide monthly reports on operations performed and results dynamics.


The cost of reputation management services is calculated individually. It is influenced by starting factors, project scale, needed activities duration, the number of employees involved. Our managers may provide you with the precise cost calculation.

Your web site will be easily promoted and your business will grow up faster, in case you have won your real and potential customers’ confidence.

You may influence the positive impressions of your existing clients by improving your internal business operations. However, potential buyers’ attitude towards your company depends on its image. We can make your reputation flawless!




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Reputation management

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is a service, which is targeted at maintaining a positive image of a company or a brand. It is achieved by constant searching, concealing, deleting of negative information, replacing it with neutral reviews, positive comments in search engines.

No competitors’ tricks, attacks will be successful if a company’s reputation is under precise control. SEOTM team monitors, reveals aggressive remarks about customer’s business, replaces them with good or neutral ones. These amended comments are subsequently shown in search engines.

We use the methods mentioned above as well as many others, thus creating a positive image of the project in the frame of web site reputation management services.


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