The specific feature of this topic is strongly marked seasonality. Depending on the period, different groups of products are in great demand as for others.

The customer has identified the main product categories for the first (planting material: january-march) and second (plant protection tools: april-june) turn of promotion.

Site information:

  • Agricultural company for the production and sale of seeds, seedings and sowing materials;
  • web-site age - 5 years;
  • region of promotion - Ukraine;

Site Promotion Goals:

  • display the web-site in the top-10 search results on target requests.
  • increase the rate of attendance;
  • increase site conversion.

Site Promotion WORKs

We have developed the existing site functionality and added new features, including ordering of individual items in bulk and product feedback. The site was transited to HTTPS protocol.

All the sections were organically filled with quality texts, graphics, and photoes. We also worked on URL-addresses on the site. Good behavioural data was noted owing to the good site indexing, which shows that users liked the site visually and it was informative and useful. Users perceived the site as an authoritative, reliable resource, and the company was trustworthy and interested.

It is also worth noting that traffic to the site has also been attracted through such channels as PPC-advertising. The complexity of the work affected the increase the visiting rate of the resource and the position in the search results.

Technical optimization work:

  • finalized site structure;
  • a mobile version has been created;
  • bread crumbs have been implemented with structured data;
  • a sitemap is located;
  • additional sections implemented;
  • further elaboration of the item card pages;
  • images are optimized for faster loading.

Content WORK

Pages with the most popular products were written, optimized, and filled with expanded texts.

The blog section is filled with subject-specific text that directly pertains to the company's activities, making it possible to supplement the semantic core with additional queries.

LINK profile WORK

When building a link profile, preference was given to post quality resources with the following themes: Home, Family, Beauty, Women's portals. Links were also posted to the news resources with high visit rate. Sites selected as donors: Ukrainian - 90%, others - 10% (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

Work done during the promotion:

  • Conducted technical and quality audits of the site;
  • Niche and competitor analysis conducted;
  • Technical edits made;
  • Site functionality finalized;
  • Added sections;
  • SEO work done;
  • the site is filled with texts and news;
  • a large number of links have been received from the trust resources.

Site PROMOTION Result:

Increase in traffic compared to the same period last year - 27%

Аналитика посещений

There are 280 key phrases in the top-10 Google search results.

Increase organic traffic to 800 users per day (not a bad indicator, but not yet a limit)

Видимость сайта

This result is due to a number of factors (the presence of groups in social media, quality reviews of the resources visited, feedback from customers, a large number of product photos, complete information on plant care, etc.)

After all the work described above, most of which was aimed at attracting target customers, the company receives approximately 120 orders per day.

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