PPC-case for seeds and cuttings e-shop advertising

Project information:

  • Agricultural company for the production and sale of seeds, seedlings and sowing materials;
  • Service: Google AdWords contextual advertisement, Yandex Direct;
  • Topics: selling seeds of flowers and vegetables, bulbs of flowers, seedlings of trees, biopharmaceuticals and fertilizers.
  • Region: Ukraine.

Project aims:

  • Attract more target audiences to the site;
  • Optimize the advertising campaign
  • Increase the number of orders on the site;
  • Increase income from the site;
  • Increase the number of conversions on the web-site.

Before this, the main site traffic income was from the search network-from an organic search of 59%, and the traffic from the contextual advertisement was about 13%.

Ad networks and tools used

Google AdWords Display Network:

  • Google Search Network;
  • Remarketing;
  • Display Network.

Yandex Direct Ad Network:

  • advertising in Yandex search network;
  • Retargeting in Yandex.

The ads showing time - 24 hours a day, until the daily budget is exhausted.

Ads placement positions desired -  TOP 3.

Project work:

  1. We've set up a valid Google Analytics counter, connected to the e-commerce tracking module to see the transaction sources and total income. Before this, the average income on the order was imputed at level 250 UAH, which did not correspond to the actual figures. 
  2. We also have effectively set up the structure of the advertising campaign according to the sections of the site and divided advertising campaigns by type, variety, plant name and seeds.Настройка кампании
  3. Created advertising campaigns in Google Display Network and Yandex Ad Network, which lighten the store's promotional offers (cumulative discounts for goods, bonuses and gifts in order to carry out a certain amount).
  4. The ads were carefully written showing the benefits and the call for target action, and also ad extensions were used.
  5. Manual control of rates has been applied, and the maintenance of advertisements in the desired positions has been used.
  6. We constantly worked with search queries and minus-words and the lists of keywords and minus-words were expanding.
  7. Conducted A/B testing of advertisements to identify the most clickable and conversional.
  8. Distributed daily budgets for the most profitable and conversion products, constantly controlling and revising them.

Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising was done in strict accordance with the seasonality of the items in each category on the online store site.

For example, goods such as the seeds of flowers and vegetables were commercially good to be advertised in the middle of November and during winter, while tree seedlings and colour bulbs were advertised beginning with February.

These actions significantly saved the advertising budget and increased its efficiency.

График дохода

The Google Analytics graph shows a steady increase of income from October 2016 to the end of February 2017.

Financial performance of our work: Income and expenditure on advertising (period:) 14 St. 2016-28,. 2017)

Стоимость контекстной рекламы Доход и конверсии

The cost here is only data from Google AdWords. Including advertising expenses of Yandex Direct, the total sum increases by 25%.

Количество дней до покупки

A number of days from last session to purchase:

As you can see, the largest number of conversions occurred on the first day of the site-that is, the first time you visit the site.

Remarketing of Google and Yandex retargeting worked further - ads caught visitors to the online store on other sites in the context-media Google network and the advertising network of Yandex.

The largest number of transactions were from ads in Google and Yandex search engines on search queries that contained the site name or business name.

Remarketing and search campaigns with common requests for seedlings, bulbs and seeds.

In remarketing campaign we used banners with high-quality product images, a call to action, a banner for information about special shares of the online store. As a result, ads CTR amounted to 1.3%.

CMN campaign had the third place of efficiency, where similar ads were used. Although the campaigns in the CMN are more branded, we have also been able to achieve good conversion rates. The audience with the highest conversion rate (1.42 per cent) was identified as women aged 35-44 years-that's why a list of sites and advertising texts were composed appropriately to target this category of users.

The result of advertising campaigns compared to the previous year's last period:

Результат рекламной кампании в сравнени

Increase in the rate of conversion of the advertisement in the search network by 147.66%.

The increase in the conversion rate for advertisements in the CMN is 16.05 per cent.

As a result of the advertising campaign, such indicators have been achieved in the period of 6 months:

Traffic Growth - 226%

The transaction factor has increased 2.7 times

Average price per transaction: 27.5 UAH

Average check: 342 UAH

ROI - 420%

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