Region of Promotion: All over Ukraine 
Priority search engine - Google (76.5% of traffic)
Average monthly traffic (for the last 6 months) - 69 440 visitors

Business Features

A large online store with a huge product choice: from teaching literature and office supplies to toys for any taste and world bestsellers. The store has already won the love and trust of buyers, has a permanent audience in the city where it is, but also wants to expand the range of potential customers from all over Ukraine. Especially since price proposals for these products are among the most profitable in the country!

Customer's wishes

Before the collaboration with our team, the customer administered the Google Adwords advertising account himself. It is difficult to work with huge number of items and search queries therefore, so ads have been shown on many irrelevant requests. In order to avoid irrational expenses, the customer asked for showing advertisements only on target requests. As the site already had a start web-site traffic, it also had the task of reducing the price of the clique and bringing new potential buyers to the site for minimal amount of money.

For this, we had to:

  • conduct detailed audit of campaigns and reconfigure them in Google Adwords to display advertisements on correct requests to users who are looking for these items;
  • select the most relevant key queries for large groups of items;
  • reduce the cost of the clique on the advertisement;
  • lead new potential customers.

The services we have been using for promotion:

  • Google AdWords Ad Network – creation, configuration, and ads placement.
  • Google Search Network – rising context announcements to the top of search results.
  • The Context-Media Network(CMN) – placement of ads on Google partner sites.
  • Google Analytics – for results of our work analysis.
  • Google Tag Manager – simplifies the installation and configuration of tracking tags.
  • Keyword Planner – to search for relevant requests

In the project, we used:

  • dynamic search advertisements (DSA) campaign;
  • a smart display campaign in the context-media network (CMN);
  • a standard media campaign (CMN)
  • dynamic remarketing.
  • a search campaign (for sections and product groups that have not been displayed in search engine queries because of poor indexing or other reasons)

We have applied different bid strategies to different campaigns, depending on the purpose of the campaign. The simplest way for our first goal-to show only relevant ads for a large number of items-was to run a dynamic search ads (DSA) campaign. The "Increase number of clicks" strategy was applied to the DSA campaign to increase the flow of new customers. In this strategy, the system itself determines the bid per day so that we can get maximum daily budget clicks.

Show time

All campaigns except the standard CMN-24 hours a day without restrictions

CMN-campaign-working days, 12:00-24:00

Strategies Increase in number of clicks, CPC, Target CPA, price optimizer for conversion
Placement Positions The top-3 positions on the 1 page
Daily budget 1000 UAH/day for all campaigns
Number of extensions

7-maximum to reduce the price of the clique: structured descriptions; expanded information on services; additional data-links, address, phone numbers customer feedback prices of the most popular products

In all campaigns, we have actively applied manual bid adjustments for mobile devices and computers according to the conversion data. For the remarketing campaigns, the bid adjustment for the time of day and the audience was added: for the simple visitors to our store, the bid was increased by 30%, for those who were looking at an item card-by 50%, and for those who added items to the basket-by 70%, which made it possible to turn the site's usual visitor into a customer.

Works that we have undertaken:

  • Installing the Google Tag Manager-to make it easier to work with tags;
  • Google Analytics and Google Adwords linking-to analyze the results of the campaign and assess the traffic that is coming into the site;
  • Set up the campaigns structure by section of the site. Created a separate ad group for each item group
  • Using a smart campaign in a context-media network-Adwords offers all customers who have reached the "50 conversion in the last 30 days" elevation to use a smart campaign in which the system manages bids, selects targeting, and creates ads. After comparing the effectiveness of both CMN-campaigns we decided to leave the smart CMN-campaign, as it showed the best result of working with the same budget;

  • Daily search queries analysis-to help you dispel irrelevant search queries
  • 2 months of advertisement testing ("constant rotation" setting) and then change to "optimization: show the most effective ads." So we were able to show the most interesting conversion ads to users.

Results of our work:

  1. At the beginning of our cooperation, paid traffic was 5.7% of the average monthly site audience. At a low cost and in a short period of time, we were able to raise this rate by more than 3.5 times. The total monthly traffic has also increased: 36 809 to 158 298 visitors per month
  2. By launching a variety of ad campaigns and thus increasing the audience coverage, the number of clicks and impressions continues to increase.
  3. During the 6-month period of operation, the number of conversions increased by 7 times
  4. The number of new users in the last month compared to the first was 294.45% (129 507 vs. 32 832). Number of users that we have managed to return has increased by almost 368% (42 437 vs. 9 068)

We do not stop at the achievement. And the client and ourselves believe that the best results are still ahead!

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