Promotion web site development

Promotion website — internet-resource oriented at effective solving of marketing challenges, promotion of new goods or services on the market, raising awareness of the target audience about advertising campaigns or promotion actions. That is why main accent in promo-site is maid on drawing attention, easily recognizable and in addition not too overwhelming design, comprehensible and user-friendly information layout.



Promotion-page design

Design is a basis of any promo-site that complies with high standards and requirements. Interface should be designed in such a manner as to bring more visitors and keep them on your site. The best way to achieve this is to create “alive” animated promotional site with distinct and clear information delivery. Creative and nonstandard solutions not only attract attention, but motivate users to become your client.

Text content of the promotional site is usually characterized by simplified stylistics of enunciation. Information can be delivered in a colloquial and friendly form which is not typical of classical style of site.

Functional component of promo-site is also characterized by its simplicity. Here complex mechanisms are excluded, functions minimized and content reduced, because, as a rule, promotional site is developed for a certain period of time.

Promotional site development is a unique task that requires creative and nontypical approach. Primary target — engage users attention and build trust-based associative connection with promoted product/service/event. In addition to efficiency of promotional sites in developing positive reputation of the company online it is characterized by considerably low cost and time of development. Promo-site — is an excellent choice for quick target audience embracement and informing about your unique offer or event.


Advantages of working with us:

  • Non-standard solutions for site functionality.
  • Unique, creative design.
  • Qualitative, marketing content. Text can also be used to sell and we make the most of it!
  • Integration of promo-site to social networks, search engine optimization.

We apply modern technologies and standards: PHP, HTML5, JQUERY, CSS3, that help to spice up and animate site without Flash (we use Flash in exceptional circumstances). Our sites work great on various platforms, with all popular browsers and characterized by quick download.

We use a number of CMS-systems and platforms to implement such projects, as a rule: Laravel, Yii-framework.

In functional part of projects we distinguish creation of a photo gallery, contest, quiz, prize drawing, questionnaires, elements of a game, possibility to register users and personal account.


You can order your promo-site in SEOTM web-studio by using our feedback form, e-mail or phone. Precise cost of your project will be formulated only when you fill out our brief, we prepare technical specifications and approve the details with a customer.

Cost of promotional site development starts from $200.

Timeframe for project implementation: 3 weeks and more.


Stages and process of promo-site creation.

Points %
Project documentation 5
Design 25
Programming 60
Testing and content filling 80
Website optimization 90
Website launch 96

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