Пример постаThe region of promotion: Kyiv, Kyiv region (within a radius of 20 km)

Business specificities

The medical services market is traditionally saturated with proposals. There is a very high level of competition in the health sector in Kyiv, but the demand for qualified specialists is growing steadily.

The client's wishes

The customer organized 2 visits of doctors from Israel to Kiev for carrying out medical examinations and consultations of patients. To attract customers it was necessary to develop and deploy effective advertising campaigns in the Internet, hold stable high positions in the issuance of search queries.

To achieve this it was necessary:

  • clearly define target audience and optimize contextual advertising on Google AdWords, focusing on the needs of potential clients – develop advertising campaigns and make ads relevant to the needs and peculiarities of target audience;
  • create pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and advertise them to attract people most interested in receiving medical services from Israel doctors;
  • conduct regular work with keywords, selecting the most relevant on the topic. In the niche of promoting medical services the cost per clique (CPC) is high. To reduce advertising spendingsПример поста it was necessary to avoid off-target shows and cliques by eliminating irrelevant search queries;
  • • configure ads for the target audience (gender, age, time spent in the network, etc.);
  • • conduct regular monitoring of the progress of the campaign to control the conversion rate, estimate costs and make operational adjustments in the course of the campaign.

Services used:

  • Google AdWords –contextual advertising (creation, configuration, advertising).
  • • Google search network– holding the TOP positions in the search results page.
  • • Google display network– размещение объявлений на сайтах-партнерах Google.
  • • Business Manager in Facebook – advertising service in social network (creation, adjustment, accommodation).

In our work we also used:

Advertising campaigns directions:

  • a display network campaign;
  • a videocampaign on YouTube;
  • • a search campaign.

Advertising campaigns types:

  • In general, categorical queries (advertising services)– “the reception of the therapist”, “make an appointment to the oncologist”, “orthopedic trauma from Israel”, etc. As a result, a potential customer finds ads about every specialist and visiting hours.
  • Dynamic search queries.DSA technology Google determines the most relevant landing page. It gives the opportunity to assess the site for compliance with the content demands and expectations of visitors. DSA technology contributed the maximum coverage of the target audience, increase targeted traffic, conversions. Furthermore the setting was conducted in a short time.
  • Advertising campaigns through social networks.Their goal is a maximum coverage of the target audience. Configured in this way to increase the number of impressions to people, who are the most interested.
  • Advertising campaigns on YouTube.This video hosting service is very popular, so the objective of this work is to show the video not for everybody but to strictly defined target audience.

SEOTM specialists set up ads on the most effective parameters according to the situation, and manual control of bids contributed to the retention of impressions on the desired positions of the right time.

In order to fall within the designated budget we:

  • during the setting we indicated the boundary cost per click;
  • set different bids for different ad groups and queries.
  • analyzed the income from placing ads;
  • • optimized the budget under the most clickable ads.

The works performed

The advertising campaign began just 3 weeks before the arrival of the Israel doctors.

We identified the target audience – the solvence population aged 24-35 years, presumably with diseases within the competence of the doctors coming.

Conducted a two-week test period, after which applied setting “show most relevant ads”, which allowed to raise efficiency of impressions.

In the period from 10 to 22 o'clock ads showed on the Google display network.

Bid adjustments were also used:

  • for mobile devices;
  • for the days of the week (chosen most effective days – from Thursday to Sunday).

Охват аудитории

The ad campaigns results exceeded all expectations:

There appeared more than 1500 subscribers for 2 months on the pages in social networks. Audience coverage was ten times higher, while the advertising budget was more than modest.

The client was pleased with the result, continues to cooperate with us and recommended a team of SEOTM their partners.

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