Promotion of a Website of Plastic Surgery Clinic

Information about the clinic site:

  • Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology;
  • Site age - 6 years;
  • the region of promotion - Germany;
  • the pages of clinic services contain short texts and some useful information;
  • Clinic staff members run a group on the Facebook.

Aims of the website promotion:

  • first, to increase the targeted traffic from the search engines  in regions where the branches of the clinic are located, then to reach the recognizing of the clinic name throughout Germany and near regions of Switzerland;
  • to increase the number of applications from site to consultation and manipulation.

Approaches of work in promoting the clinic site.

Works on the technical optimization of the website:

Technical requirements specification has been drawn up in order to correct the errors at the clinic site. Some errors were detected immediately after development, in particular:

  • elimination the broken links on the site;
  • incorrect indexing of mobile version due to the closure of some resources in the robots.txt;
  • increase the download speed of the site.

Edit content on the site:

Much attention is paid to content, as the landing pages should demonstrate the quality of services and be the hallmark of the business. Our goal was not only to bring traffic to the site, but also to keep the visitor to form a real application. Recommendations were made according to:

  • the distribution to the addresses language versions of the site;
  • the page layout;
  • the placing photos and text display.

It is also important to inform visitors about the prices for services, at least something like "the price from..." for potential clients to have a possibility to approximately measure their capabilities.

The main complexity of the project was connected with three language versions. The German version is filled by the customer because of the limitations of German law, the process of writing the texts by the clients is very long.

Working with a reference profile:

After conducting competitor analysis, it was decided to develop a reference site profile on several channels at the same time:

  • reference city and regional portals: these sites have good traffic and are rather prestigious among users;
  • Clinic page accommodation on Google My Business - a necessary stage for the company to emerge on the Google Maps;
  • Medical portals - such sites often fall into the top 10 on the target requirements and lead to the site a significant share of traffic;
  • placing articles and press releases about clinic services in thematic portals and news sites allow to promote brand awareness, and target audience.

List of works conducted during the promotion:

  • developers introduced the changes according to the requirements specification;
  • complete structure of the site was compiled;
  • texts for parts of landing pages have been written, carefully proofread and posted;
  • the analysis of the thematic niche competitors was held;
  • clinic pages were created on regional and free medical portals4
  • clinic page has been created in Google My Business;
  • the articles and press releases on the thematic areas are being consistently posted.


  1. increased traffic from organic search and links on the websites;
  2. growth in the number of applications to the services from the  site;
  3. Raise positions of the site in regional search.
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