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Web banner is a graphic, static or animated advertising unit that leads to the page of advertised web-site by user’s click. Banner should be aligned with company’s image and its visual design should inspire the customer to learn more about advertised product.

Display advertising is actively developing and is taking up leading positions among advertising materials online. Dynamic, curious picture attracts attention and easily conveys advertising information to the recipient.

Here is a list of Ads where web banners use:

  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Display Ads

Types of banners:

Graphic — simple, but very popular type of banner advertising online. Combination of reasonable prices and qualitative performance will help you to create highly competitive projects.

HTML-banner — banner that consists of several objects, adaptive variant of banner.

Animated banner — dynamic mini-clip of standard size. 

Animated and gif banners are often used on websites, but their development takes much time. They are different in sizes and resolutions, graphics used. Considering these parameters and time spent on their creation the price of banner placement online is formed.

Creation of animated HTML-banners has been specialty of SEOTM Digital Agency for seven years now, so we have hundreds of successful projects in our background.

Formats and Requirements

Banner format means parameters of width and height of the banner measured in pixels (px). For example, one of the most popular formats is 468x60 (width 468 px, height 60 px). There are generally accepted formats of banners that should be considered when advertising space is designed. There are no limits for banner format — any irregular version can be realized.

One of the most important characteristics of internet banner is its size and “weight” in kilobytes, it occupies. The bigger banner format is the bigger its size in Kb which directly influences download speed. Advertising sites with banners have their standard limited sizes.

Irregular Types of Ad Banners:

Rich media — banner that pops up above the site when the page is downloaded or when a certain unit is passed. It is obligatory that user should be able to close it.

Top Line — Placed on top of the website page and is page-wide.

Popunder — Banner that opens in separate window and does not lap website page.

We Stick to Certain Rules When We Create Banners:

  • Banner should be clickable.
  • Banner should be “adjusted” to adaptive layout.
  • Banner should be aesthetically pleasant and visually attractive.

Banner Must Hit the Following Targets:

  • Attract attention of users.
  • Engage visitors’ interest.
  • Stimulate to visit site.
  • Rouse to action (purchase of goods or services, contact company, etc.). 

Banner Development Process

After we discuss all project details (banner format, text, graphics, storyline, script) our designers will prepare preliminary graphical layout and will send it to the client for approval. Time of development depends on complexity and other nuances — usually it will take 1 business day.

Requirements to banners

First impression of the perspective client is formed when he/she sees banner for the first time, so this graphic element should reflect core of the advertising promotion and visually attract users.

Differences Between, GIF and HTML Banners

GIF-banner — is a raster picture, image or set of images (in case of animated gif-banner). Animated gif-banners replace each other in sequence foreseen by animation scenario. GIF (or jpg) format banners had lost their popularity lately, but still they shouldn’t be disregarded. Even one-two images finely coloured can convey advertising information.

Animated banner is a combination of vector and raster graphics. Vector graphics are characterized by a number of advantages in comparison to image graphics (gif-banners). Flash-banners have greater potential when it comes to animation, which enables better information provision, especially, if more than one shot is needed.

HTML-banner — is a comparatively new trend in banner advertising. HTML 5 banner “adapts” to HTML 5-format and is correctly displayed on devices of different format. For HTML-banner you can use text, image, video, scripts and forms as well as on the web-page. Set of files of such banner has relatively small size and allows to make corrections already after it is posted on the web-site. The fact that it adapts for any size means that any manipulation with CSS3 media-requests is possible.

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  • High CTR of our banners;
  • Professional level of our works;
  • Positive feedbacks from our customers;
  • Fair pricing.

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