SEOTM Digital Agency presents an interesting project - the web-portal about employment "Promofaces" developed specifically for employers and jobseekers in order to find each other quickly and easily.

As long as the intentions of those who offers employment and those who looks for it are different thereafter the functions developed must be different for these two groups. Thus, SEOTM Digital Agency developers have done everything possible to create the most convenient website for both employers and jobseekers.

For employers:

After completing the application form the employer passes the moderation and expects the e-mail with account activation link from the manager.

Both company representatives and private employers can register.

Upon registration the user is asked to fill out the application form in which there are many interesting fields such as:

  • General information about yourself;
  • Highlighted areas of interest;
  • Suitable operational schedule days etc.

Functionality for Employers:

  • search of profiles;
  • promo calendar;
  • publish the vacancy;
  • news;
  • promo dictionary;
  • my profile;
  • chosen applications;
  • recommendations;
  • my vacancies;
  • ranking.

The following functions and capabilities are available to jobseekers:

  • search for vacancies;
  • promo calendar;
  • news;
  • promo dictionary;
  • my profile;
  • chosen vacancies;
  • choicest employers;
  • ranking.

Search for vacancies occurs in light of the filtering by different parameters:

  • company name;
  • event date;
  • position;
  • employment patterns;
  • city;
  • gender;
  • age;
  • salary;
  • business event type;
  • theme of the event;
  • special skills;
  • foreign language;
  • requirements.

Search for profiles vacancies occurs in light of the filtering by different parameters:

  • position;
  • city;
  • gender;
  • age;
  • growth;
  • clothing size;
  • last visit;
  • requirements.

Promo calendar is a calendar with events which the jobseeker has responded to.

Jobseekers have a ranking that reflects their position in the general list. Placement of their photos in the "top users" section affects both the ranking and the bonus program. The ranking rises after participating in each project that was registered in the system after the vacancy is canceled. Website manager or administrator can cut ranking on complaint or if the website rules aren’t respected.

Employers also have ranking system. The ranking rises after the employer evaluates a certain number of jobseekers by the results of their work on his projects (vacancies).

The website uniqueness lies in that fact that it’s very convenient and easy to use for both experienced and novice users despite various functionality

Isn't it the developer professional skill to create both multifunctional and easy-to-use resource? It doesn’t get cooler than that!

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