We are introducing a new series sites for "Digital Karma". The development of the sites preceded by painstaking work to create a design for the main site "Karma", brand AMX, Lutron brand and company’s forum. Sites are an informational sites with the possibility of publishing news, articles and other information. Each of the sites has exclusive and unforgettable design, the company responsible corporate style.

A few words about the company itself… Since 1996, "Digital Karma" is presenting the products of major European and American producers in the Ukrainian market. The company offers: professional and consumer audio / video equipment, professional lighting equipment, conference - at any level of complexity, satellite and cable television, structured cable network, home theatres, and their subsequent installation and maintenance, multirumnye sound system and lighting, integrated systems Smart House. The company's main site is located at: karmasystems.kiev.ua.

The challenges of convenient management of all light sources in the room will solve Lutron equipment from the company "Digital Karma". Features of the system are not limited to the management of artificial lighting. It will easily manage sliding, curtains in your apartment. More detailed information on Lutron delirium can be found on the site: karmalutron.kiev.ua.

For all who are interested systems "Smart House", was created a web site brand "AMX". "AMX" is a modern system of management of all household eletronics. For the user, virtually all components of the system remain hidden - the touch screen is the main interface between man and “Smart House”. The user interface is created based on your preferences. On the control panel displays the plan of any premises or surrounding area, displayed images from video cameras and intercom. More detailed information can be found here: karmaamx.kiev.ua.

Also the forum of company: karmaforum.kiev.ua.

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