What is remarketing?

According to experts in sales, remarketing - a set of actions designed to increase or renew the demand for a certain product or service. With the advent of PPC advertising and online advertising as a whole, this concept is quickly fit into the system of Internet marketing and is actively used by marketers in the global network. Particular attention is paid to the remarketing system Google Adwords PPC advertising, allowing the specialists on advertising on the Internet opens up new possibilities.

In using Adwords remarketing to reach people who have already visited the site, and then work with them. Covering some users can create an audience of people segmented by their required parameters. Subsequently, it will send relamnuyu activity on the group of people whose members are potentially interested in the advertised products and services.

Examples remarketing

A prime example of using Google Adwords Remarketing Remarketing is the time. For example, a visitor came to the online store, selected items, but for some unknown reasons failed to perfect the application for purchase. This user is logged in a remarketing list, and you can now show ads that are interested in or might remind him to him that

Remarketing can be perfectly used for a variety of sites, however, it works best when carrying out an advertising campaign for an online store. With remarketing, you can attract the attention of the user who has visited the site. It allows the client to inform the constant that is now undergoing the action and have the opportunity to buy goods at a discounted price.

Benefits of Marketing and expert advice

The main and most important advantage is the ability to create remarketing segmented audience. In the future, for different audiences, you can show different advertising thus covering the largest possible number of visitors. With remarketing, you can win regular customers.

Just for the visitors to make a purchase or order, show ads on discounts, promotions, contests that might interest him. As the figures show 80% of visitors, next time you come to the site within the first month. So why not remind them that you need to go, that there is a pleasant surprise for the customer in the form of new products and discounts?