Marketers of Digital Agencies will have to pay more attention to the strategies that include the voice search. We collected for you some useful tips on optimizing websites for voice search with a view from different reputable sources.

About the evolution of voice searchГолосовой поиск Siri

Leading SEO-experts are paying so much attention to the fact how the voice search is changing our world. Everything from the TV remote control and ending up with hotel rooms - can be controlled by voice. Until 2017, all Ford brand cars will include Apple CarPlay - a modern and safe way to use the iPhone in the car, which is supported by more and more car manufacturers. CarPlay displays onto the car multimedia system all the necessary iPhone functions for a driver and supports the Siri voice control.

Why do people use voice search:

  • it is faster than a set of words by hand. You can tell from the 110 to 150 words per minute, but the average person set speed is about 38-40 words for the same interval;
  • people want quick answers;
  • people are often busy with other things, but they urgently need information.

Specialists' opinion about the content, which is issued by the voice search

Most marketers believe that now is the best time to optimize websites according to the voice search.

The fact that is taken into consideration, is that more than 50% of American teens and 41% of adults use the voice search on a daily basis, or that in the voice search is 30 times more active queries.

How advanced snippets work for voice search

Voice Search has a higher percentage of advanced snippets. Statistics show that 43.3% of voice search results snippets have advanced compared to 40.6% of normal text.

Moreover, the Google "reads" advanced snippets "aloud" for users ranging from "according to", "in accordance with" or "We have found this information on". Google strengthens your brand in the voice search.

Use SEO tools to monitor extendedd snippets - yours and your competitors.

RankBrain and voice search 

RankBrain is a new self-learning system for constructing the issuance of Google, which is looking for relevant answers to user's request, based on factors such as history of queries, user behavior, context pages (learn more about LSI indexing technology). A few features of the behavior of search results were noticwd after applying the new algorithm:

  • with access to the algorithm impact on Google search results when the voice input has improved markedly (to 15%);
  • You can rank better dialog SERPs for keywords;
  • it is the third most important ranking signal, content and links.

How to optimize a RankBrain? Optimize the Search dialog.'

How to optimize a voice search

Google voice search

The results of voice search is longer than those of the text. The average length of a voice query is 4.2 words, text - 3.2 words.

Long queries less competitive and have higher accuracy. They are used in searching smaller but are more conversion.

Use your content to answer questions. The number of requests that begin with "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how" has increased by 61%. Moreover, almost 10% of voice queries begin with the words "who", "what", "when", "where", "why", "how" - in front of a text query the same period is 3.7%. The word "as" start voice calls 3.6% and the word "what" - 3.5%.

"As people say" - expert opinion

SEO Industry experts remind marketers that optimization for voice search begins with the standard SEO-operations:

  • Elaborate a comprehensive content that answers FAQs about your brand, service, product, etc., including content that answers the questions of "who", "what", "when", "where", "why" and "how ".
  • Structural micro mark-up depending on the type of content;
  • Work on the appearance of your brand in the Google Knowledge Graph (Knowledge Graph);
  • Ensure that content - is well structured, use headings and sub-headings, bulleted and numbered lists.

They also shared their tips on the proposal of content strategy:

  • Explore the frequently asked questions to the call center, live chat, email and reviews to find FAQs, coming within the meaning of your brand, product or service.
  • Use a third-party (independent) tools for getting into the top of search results, such as question and answer services.

By implementing all of the tips above and creating useful content, you can get branded Knowledge Graphs and advanced snippets. As it was mentioned above, getting branded the entrance to Knowledge Graphs or extended snippets make your results more prepared for voice search.