Social media marketing (SMM) — is a young, but deeply ingrained in promotion structure tool that has won its prominent place in Internet-marketing.

What is SMM?

Specific feature of social media marketing is that you can achieve your business targets softly (promote your business, attract people, build your brand awareness online and create image) by means of social platforms. Considering that number of visitors of social networks is rapidly growing every day you can reach to more and more people. Main task of SMM is to create such content that will be able to attract interest of a huge number of people, who, in their turn, will spread information in social networks. At present, users trust information from social networks more comparing to other means of information sharing.

Owing to advancement in social networks you can reach target audience, choose platforms, characteristic for this audience, methods of addressing the audience and avoid people that are not interested in you.

SMM is applied not only to promote company brand, but to sell goods or services. SMM-technology is often used as mass media. For this purpose, accounts are created in social networks, subject information is regularly published there and, gradually you will have subscribers who spread necessary information to target audience on-the-fly.

SMM as a tool for promotion

What do you need SMM for?

  • To promote brand and company image online;
  • To increase number of website visitors;
  • To reach to target audience timely;
  • To build trust of the audience to your brand;
  • To advertise brand, goods/services online through «direct communication» with perspective clients. 

Advantages of SMM:

  • comparatively low expenses;
  • timely reach to wide audience;
  • possibility to address “certain” users (target audience rating by age, interests);
  • gradual winning of the trust for the brand, its popularization.

How does SMM works:

  • account and groups, communities and publics are created in social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram);
  • Interest of target audience to group/community is won, new subscribers are attracted (by means of information content, quests, etc.);
  • Website promotion in groups/communities (ongoing work with bloggers and forums, direct communication with social network users, constant upgrade of articles and posts);
  • Analytics (detailed study of social networks, groups and communities, assessment of situation and development of recommendations for further promotion of the company in social networks).