Google AdWords

Advantages of Google AdWords

  • Moderate competition. Accordingly, low cost of click.
  • Addresses users on search pages already interested and those, whose interest can be caught in partner networks.
  • High analytical potential: tracking of conversions, use of Google Analytics tools, adjustable reporting.


Advantages of contextual advertising

  • More than 65% of users in Ukraine use search engine Google and about 35% use Yandex;
  • When you have contextual ads in both search engines at the same time you will be able to reach your target audience to the maximum;
  • Contextual advertising also allows you to use option “targeting” (by regions and cities, set time and days to show ads, choose audience according to demographic characteristics of the target customers). This option will not only allow you to save budget of you advertising campaign, but also enhance its efficiency;
  • Showing ads to interested users only (perspective clients).
  • Introduction of immediate corrective actions, budget control and click price for advertising;
  • Payment for click only;
  • Detailed report about advertising campaign.