Attracting potential customers to a company’s web site is a fundamental task of any online business. Proper structure and useful content will effectively guide a visitor of a web site in his “journey” through the sales funnel, motivate him for targeted actions and drive to take an action. However, prior to sales funnel a customer has to find your resource and to visit it. 

An effective way to increase leads is PPC (pay per click) or context ads. A customer is attracted, when he starts actively looking for a product himself.

What is PPC or contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is an ad, which pops up first in a search engine just after a request is entered. It is marked by an “Ad” icon. It may be also a colorful banner, appearing around page’s edges. A PPC system implies that your payment is done, when someone clicks on an ad, finds your page, drops in it. 

A display algorithm of an ad campaign is important. An announcement is shown to the specified audience within exact period. When setting up impressions, you can also choose an age, a gender, a city, a device on which an ad will be displayed. 

If your web site does not provide a mobile web resource version, it makes no sense in obtaining leads or conversions from smartphones, thus spending money. A visitor is unlikely to reach an order form. On the contrary, the unsuccessful attempt and time waste will surely cause him irritation.

When is a context ad the most effective? 

Contextual advertising acts as a reliable partner for SEO-promotion.

Effective PPC campaign is important in the following cases:

  • in the start of the optimization strategy implementation when a strategy does not bring high results so far;
  • within a search program algorithm period of changes;
  • in a fixed period of launching promotional campaigns and special offers;
  • when the web site’s position has slipped for some reason while promoting new companies or web resources.

PPC campaigns will secure and help to maintain consistent results of your SEO promotion.

Contextual advertising benefits

Контекстная реклама аналитикаКонтекстная реклама скоростьаудитория Контекстной рекламыцелесообразность рекламы в интернете

  • A search engine will offer your advertisement just on a specified period, when your customer is looking for a product.
  • It elevates a web resource to the TOP immediately after starting an ad display.
  • PPC campaign may be easily accustomed to a definite audience: an age, a gender, sphere of interest, a region.
  • It may run with minimal budget. Results may be easily monitored, impression settings adjusted.
  • A campaign may increase company and brand loyalty.
  • Operational promotion of your special offers or new business directions are effective with a PPC campaign.

Our achievements 

Google Partners

SEOTM company has been working in the field of context advertising more than 11 years. We implement effective promotional campaigns and increase traffic to our customers’ web resources applying a full set of tools, a competent approach to writing ads, and getting to the target audience on a daily basis. Reasonable prices and streamlined ad impressions help us do this with a minimal budget. 

PPC marketing directions

PPC campaigns have various ways of implementation:

  • text ads format in Google or Yandex search engines;
  • text ads or graphic banners on websites, which are connected with a product advertised;
  • remarketing or repetitive ads, banners for people who have previously visited the advertised web site;
  • ads or banners, which are displayed taking into account target visitors (after targeting analysis).

Cost of services

The cost of contextual announcements depends on their clicks and quantity of your web site visits. An average price of one lead is 0.5-1.0 USD (there are also 0.05-0.5 USD rates) and depends on the competition level in the niche, an ad quality, campaign settings correctness.

Therefore, the basis for a campaign budget calculation is an average cost-per-click forecast and a quantity of clicks expected within the impression time. 

Price calculation in Seotm

The cost of each ads campaign may differ. There is a fixed monthly fee, its amount starts from $100 / month. 

According to a signed contract, we start working after 100% prepayment to a company’s bank account. The budget of an ad campaign may be paid directly to the Google Ads account or other system used. This may be agreed upon in advance. 

Request a quote for your advertising!

Initial setup 

Initial launch and PPC campaign management include:

web site analysis; keywords list drafting;
account registration;
texts banners layouts;
targeting and advertising launch;
constant monitor and adjustment of setting.

Support for promotional activity

Our company’s fundamental is respect of our client’s budget. We immerse in the customers’ business, world of targeted visitors, study thoroughly their interests, customs, way of life and lexical habits prior to ad campaign setup. We compose ad texts; customize impressions according to customers’ demands and TA. To minimize costs and increase ROI, our specialists regularly monitor statistics, quickly respond to it and adjust campaign settings to increase the impressions efficiency. 

Ad campaign management includes:

  • Constant analysis of web-resources
  • Analysis of the traffic driven
  • Ad campaign strategies creation, their result evaluation
  • Semantic core expansion
  • Query and requests monitor
  • Negative keywords selection with an aim of costs efficiency
  • Promo texts, banners creation
  • Targeting, reporting
  • Setting analytical counters and their installation
  • Bids monitor
  • Reporting on ad campaign progress 

Context ad audit

We recommend performing an ad campaign audit, in case the campaign has been launched, but has not driven leads. Our experts analyze a niche, requests, an announcement and targeting. They provide recommendations on campaign optimization. If necessary, our professionals start managing your campaign.

SEOTM contextual advertising

Our experienced team uses a full set of marketing tools to implement efficient advertising campaigns every day. Ordering context ad with us means customer focus, proficiency in ads creating, precise targeting and monitoring, quick strategic decisions. 

Systems and tools we use

When creating and managing an ad campaign, we use tools for collecting the semantic core, keywords grouping, statistic data analyzes (Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct, Key Collector, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, AdWords audit).

Contextual advertising Google AdWords
Contextual advertising Google Analytics
Contextual advertising Key Collector
Contextual advertising Google Trends

As an effective solution to increase organic traffic and company’s profit, we offer: 

  • Search advertising (including dynamic search)
  • Banner advertising
  • Remarketing (including dynamic remarketing)
  • YouTube video ads
  • Google Shopping Ads

Cost of PPC

  • Request. We start our cooperation with your request on our website.
  • Immersion. We study the niche, your business peculiarities, the target visitors’ features, their vocabulary.
  • Semantics. We collect data and compile a list of keywords to display to your customers accordingly.
  • Price calculation, contract concluding. We calculate an advertising budget and prepare a commercial proposal. We agree the terms and conclude a contract.
  • Ad campaign start. We launch an ad campaign after 100% payment. We monitor indicators, take measures to improve them, create a technical task on landing pages optimization for programmers.
Name %
Request 10
Immersion in the client’s business 30
Work with semantics 50
Budget calculation, contract 80
Ad campaign start 90

Why choose Seotm

our clients get more than 50000 users from search engines daily
they receive about 2000 orders monthly
our portfolio includes over 800 projects

Join our client’s circle to improve your business efficiency. 

We will direct your advertising to hit the target, in a proper format, in the right time and place!